Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Friday.

Hello Darlings,

Just so you know, if therapy doesn't work, I may have to have surgery. But do not fret just yet because we don't know.

But, I will get on here as often as I can to mold you in to the sissies I know you can be. I love Fridays, don't you? Sometime during the weekend I want you to be pretty for me. Can you do that, lovelies? Strap on you pretty shoes, your panties, your makeup- whatever you have and spend an evening pampering yourself. Use lotions if you don't have any sissy attire. There is no catch- I just want you to be as feminine and beautiful as you can be. You may send me a picture if you really want to please me-

Have a wonderful, sexy, beautiful weekend my darlings.
Mistress B.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knees. Now.

Hello Darlings,

I have been a little .... annoyed... lately starting physical therapy and did not want to deal with training my submissive sissies. I am still annoyed but I do know that you must be trained. So, while I am in not a pleasant mood I do remember my obligation in your sissy training.

I bet you've been feeling very smug lately, huh? Getting to orgasm here and there. Orgasms for everybody! Well, not today, not tomorrow, and probably not the next day either. If you were here you would be under my boot and I would not let you out from under it until you were my. little. sissy. bitch.

Get on your knees like you should be, sissy. And edge. You will do this every night until I tell you to stop. You are not allowed to finish or even THINK about finishing without my permission.. which you do not have.

On your knees. Now.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Assignment: Mirror.

Hello Darlings,

I read your comments, Good Gils. I am able to walk a little bit more smootly now which is just one more step towards being a fully functinoing mistress again. Did you enjoy your orgasms, my lovelies? I bet you did. Well, maybe it is the drugs or the lack of sex for me but for some reason I want you to have one again. This time I want you to dress in wickedly sissy attire and get on your knees. (The way I prefer my sissies to be at all times.)And as some of you have figured out, I like to occassionally just watch my sissies pleasure. You are all so cute when you get worked up. Obviously, I can't be there but I want you to do it for me. Once you are dressed up and on your knees I want you to look into a mirror. (preferrably a big one) I want you to watch your sissy hands run all over your sissy bodies. Be as dirty and as slutty as you possibly can be for me.

Mistress B.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello Darlings,

I couldn't sleep so I got up and thought about you. I've been frustrated lately because I can't relieve my tension through the normal route: solitary or with company. So, It got me to thinking about your own tension. Been enjoying yourselves? *sigh* I know I have a good bunch of sissies but you are all wanton sluts. All right, tonight but it to my advantage. Have the release I can't have because we all know that your orgasms belong to me. Each of you will have at least two, three if you want to please me.
I want them done in the sissiest, sluttiest, sexiest fashion you could possibly imagine so you may please your bed ridden mistress.
You will do this.

Mistress B.