Saturday, July 31, 2010

Response to your pathetic attempt at submission.

Well, that effort was laughable. Nope, I do believe I will take a few days to myself if I am just wasting my time here trying to train you to be proper sissies. It is unfortunate because some of you were doing so well.

Mistress B.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Why should I bother?

Hello Darlings,

While you sometimes amuse me, my lovelies, I must pose the question, "What have you done for me lately?" I feel like you are forgetting to worship me like the mistress I am and I have so many important things to do throughout the day. *yawn* Some days it seems like too much effort.

Do you want me to keep dominating? Of course you do. But why should I? Leave a comment on how much of a good little submissive, sissy you are to tantalize me into posting tomorrow.

Mistress B.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not A Good Day.

Today was not a good day for me. At. All. I won't give you the details except to say that: Why can't every man understand that he belongs under my heel?

I was happy to come here and remember that I have all of you who know your place. All of you take your punishments and thank me properly, thats the way it should always be, isnt it?

You'll happily let me take my frustration out on you, won't you darlings? Tell me how much you enjoy taking my punishments and returning with "Thank you ma'm, may I have another?"

Some of you have been slacking on commenting here and even forgetting certain rules at times. I feel like I must crack the whip more harshly for all of you to remember how lucky you are to have me. So brace yourselves my darlings.

I want a marathon of edging as long as you can and slapping your asses with those rulers. I want you all to get those painful clothespins, at least ten. The wooden ones. When you clip them on I want big amounts of skin in there so that they can really hang on. There will be one on each nipple, one on each inner thigh, one just below each arm pit. Then you can choose where to put the last four. Be creative and make sure its somewhere that will please me. Leave those pins on for at least six minutes and then slowly take each one off and thank me outloud when you do.

This is just the beginning until I feel like all of you have learned your place again.

-Mistress B

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Science fiction / Fantasy.

Hello Darlings,

As you well know, I haven't told you much about myself because well... you're slaves. But today I will. Lucky you. I am a big fan of movies- especially science fiction or fantasy movies. Today, I saw inception. I won't bore you with a synopsis or rant on my opinions. I will, however, give you a new assignment inspired from the film.

I want a fantasy, situation, or device that would work in a science fiction or fantasy world. I am giving you a lot of freedom with this assignment because I want you to take it and make it your own. That way you have the best opportunity to please me. It can be as simple as a body switch or as complex as a whole new world. Put a lot of effort into it, Darlings, if you need more time- request it and it will probably be granted.

Oh, and do make it up to our usual sexy standards, my lovelies,

Mistress B.

Monday, July 26, 2010

No more toy.

Hello Darlings,

It appears I have worn my toy out. She doesn't want to play with me anymore- sigh. I can't seem to keep a playmate. Oh well, more time for you, Darlings. Want to play a game? I do- so I know you do. But which one? I would say dice but I haven't given Amy her reward for the last game. Or graded SissyD's essay. But I can't finish Amy's if she is not here. She hasn't been keeping up like a good little girl. Hmmm...

I could make you play with your rulers again - you know how I love the rulers. Or edging. Or my game with a minute only orgasm. No, let's do something new.

All right- I want you to take off all your boy clothes and dress yourself up. Take a bath, use perfume, makeup, whatever you need to be pretty and pampered. Then I want you to dress up in your most fun/sexy sissy clothing and get in front of a mirror. Look at yourself and be pretty for me. Be delicate. Slowly, begin to touch yourself- lightly at first. Keep looking at your sissy self in the mirror. I want you to last at least 30 minutes like this. -Longer if you really want to please me-

Mistress B.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello Darlings,

I really did mean to take more pictures of my toy's bruised body but I got distracted with whipping her. But I found the idea of pictures amusing and took a few of myself for you as well. I admmit I was initially rusty with the clothes pins but I remembered very quickly. My new riding crop makes sweet music and leaves lovely calling cards as you can see in the picture below. That was after ten minutes.

My new toy's back.

Me with my harness and riding crop. You can't see in the picture but I am wearing Wynonna- my latest cock.

Me and my riding crop again. If you look closely you can see my piercing in my left ear.

Mistress B.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A challenge.

Hello Darlings,

I am feeling generous tonight and I want you to orgasm. Take as long as you possibly can to do it.

I have a challenge for you. I want you to find something for me. Anything that will shock me or thrill me. I want a new toy. Go out on the internet and find me something fun. Comment your findings and I will see if I can be shocked or excited by your gathered information.

Good Luck,
Mistress B.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New toy.

Hello Darlings,

I am very pleased with all your efforts and have decided to give you the night off. I will tell you a short little story. I was conversing with a friend from work and we were getting into our private lives. She mentioned she enjoyed being submissive and my ears perked up. Submissive? I asked. And she went into detail over what she had always wanted done to her. By the second sentence my hand was twitching for my whip.

After she finished explaining her unfulfilled desires I simply grinned. She thought for a moment that I was laughing at her but I held my hand up to explain. I just offered her my services. At first, she thought I was kidding but eventually she believed me. She is mostly into pain and worship and I haven't done purely pain for quite some time. I will be a tad rusty but I'm sure it's just like riding a bike.... or a sissy slut. *grin*

We will play sometime this weekend.

Enjoy your night,
Mistress B.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Final Decision: Punishment.

Hello My Darlings,

My anger has started to fade and I am more myself again. It could be because I punished my Pet today for his disobedience. I called my Pet over to cook dinner for me. One of my favorites: Fiesta Lime Chicken. Grilled chicken with lime sauce, sprinkled cheese, seasoned rice, tortilla strips, and alcohol of my choosing. Mmmm. Delicious. It always puts me in a good mood. So I decided to tie him up and whip him senseless. *grin*

I took out my handcuffs and rope. I never use them anymore because he never resists but today I wanted him strapped down and helpless. So he was. I took out my whip and used it continuously until he was begging. And you know how much I hate begging, so I reared back and hit him across both cheeks- hard. Unfortunately, I broke my whip in half. *sigh* So, I bent over and snapped his lingerie before turning around to leave him strapped to my table while I went out to buy a new one.

I went to a store that sells riding supplies and found a riding crop. I wanted there for durability AND for pain so I had to try out a new product before I bought it. I smacked my inner forearm- softly at first. But I knew I wouldn't hit my slaves softly so -being the fair mistress I am- I reared back and hit my arm as hard as I could. My eyes crossed. It was much more effective than my last whip and the resounding smack traveled throughout the aisles. A few male employees were near by and their eyes widened in shock then they started laughing together. I just winked and blew them a kiss on my way out.

My Pet was very appreciative of my new toy. *grin* -His screams told me so.

So- your punishment. I decided to give you options since you are all at varying levels of sissydom. That seems more fair than you deserve but what can I say, I am a fair mistress. You may choose one or more of the following.
1) Punish yourself for me with your ruler. The longer, harder, and more painful the better.
2) Go into a lingerie store and browse until you find something to your liking. Look at it, imagine yourself in it, and buy it if you really want to get on my good side. If you can't bring yourself to buy them you must write me a fantasy involving lingerie shopping.
3) Do the assignment I gave you with wax that caused my anger in the first place.

I want these completed as soon as possible,
Mistress B.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another night of Edging.

Hello Darlings,
Edge tonight. Be grateful I haven't made you bring out the rulers again. My Pet has not decided yet so I will sentence you tomorrow. He deferred to my judgement for the proper use of my control over you. I agreed with him but I still had to whip him for disobeying my orders.

Await my commands
Mistress B.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another night of punishment.


Obviously, my Pet has not reached a decision on your punishment because he has not shown you your sentence. I will allow him more time to decide. How does it feel knowing that the right to your own orgasm lies in the hands of another man? A slave man at that. My guess would be that it is frustrating and possibly humiliating. *grin*

You may not orgasm tonight. Edge again. Think of me. Maybe by the time my Pet decides your punishment, my anger will have worn off.

Sweet dreams,
Mistress B.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Have I been too easy on you?


I am furious. Do you think a few pitiful emails or comments with soothe me? I have been way too lenient with your punishment and your obedience has become lax. You do what I say WHEN I FUCKING SAY IT. I am not your friend, your lover, or your pal.

I am your mistress! You are my pathetic slaves. Obviously, you have forgotten your place.

Edge tonight. Don't even think you are getting an orgasm any time soon. My Pet will decide your fate for the immediate future. Pray he is feeling kinder than I am.

Mistress B.

Friday, July 16, 2010



So, you don't want to play with wax? Or even comment? Then why should I bother?

Edge tonight.

Your displeased Mistress,
Mistress B.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bathroom Inspiration.

Hello Darlings,

I am alone tonight and I am enjoying my solitude. I took a bubble bath earlier with candles lit all throughout the room. Music was playing and a glass of amaretto stood next to the tub. My eyes were closed and a bit of candle wax landed on my hand hanging over the lip of the tub. I opened my eyes and my gaze flicked down. It burned, it hurt,..... it was wonderful. I drained the water in the tub and gathered up all the candles. I slowly poured the wax from every single candle on my body. By the time I was done, I had wax covering a large portion of my body. I rubbed the new wax to cover the gaps on my inner thighs and torso.

Guess what? You are going to do it too. Tonight, I will let you finish but you have to use hot wax on your body. Oh. Yes. Tell me all about it tomorrow.

Mistress B.

Mistress Katie's visit.

Hello Darlings,

I did plan on posting last night but I was deliciously detained. I was in the middle of whipping my Pet on all fours- A current favorite punishment of mine- and I get a call from my Mistress. Pleasure runs through me and I sit on his back to answer. She asked what I was doing and I just put the phone up to my pets mouth and smacked him as hard as I could with my other hand on his ass. The ensuing squeal was enough information for her.

Mistress Katie had been modeling for Katrina and twenty minutes later they came over together. Katrina went to her chair in the corner and began sketching my poor little slave on the floor while Mistress Katie asked if she could join in. I laughed and simply handed her my metal ruler. She was pleased and bent forward and kissed me once on the mouth before moving to my Pet. She asked if I would show her his training- so I put on my dick and forced him to his knees in front of her.

I was so proud of him as he moaned, sucked, and slurped my cock like the wanton slut he really is. I kept eye contact with Mistress Katie over his quivering form and I could see the growing look of desire on her face as she whipped my slave. Finally, ignoring the slave between us she came up behind him and grabbed me and kissed me like she used to: possessive, aggressive, and ignoring my Pet squished between us. She yelled at my slave to stand in the corner and watch as she took out my restraints. (I never needed them anymore because my slave wouldn't dare resist but my Mistress knew I was not very good at following orders.)

She locked me up and pushed me to the ground. She let me leave my cock on as she mounted from behind with her sparkly pink cock. She leaned over and placed a single kiss on my back as she grabbed both of my breasts and shoved herself inside me. It was so arousing, Darlings, that I came right then. I was in a fit of arousal and I lost all control of myself when she started stroking my cock. I completely forgot about my Pet watching in the corner. Later Mistress Katie told me that Katrina stopped sketching to watch and my Pet was shaking with the need to release but didn't dare touch himself.

I want you to edge tonight thinking of this like my Pet did. But you are not allowed to come.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello Darlings,

Are you recovering from last night's assignment? You told me you smacked it raw -but- I know for a fact if I had done it to you it would be twice as bad.

Do. It. Again.

Mistress B.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Naughty Schoolgirl Pet.

Hello Darlings,

While I was sick I had my Pet wait on me hand and foot. It was pleasant to see his cute little tush sashaying in and out of my bedroom teetering in my five inch heels. Yesterday he mentioned that I might feel better if I tried punishing someone else. I found it sweet that he was willing to be punished just to make me feel better and I agreed with him.

And believe me I did feel better when I had my little submissive all decked out in pigtails, knee-high white socks, a short plaid skirt, and a Brittany Spears white button up shirt. I told him to get up on my kitchen table and I duct taped his forearms to the front of the table and legs -wide open- to the back half. He was stuck on all fours in that submissive position I love. I asked him if he deserved what I had planned, if he was a naughty little boy, if he wanted it in the ass.... the answer, my dears, was a resounding yes.

So I clicked around his body reaching out and quickly snapping uncovered skin. I laughed as the ruler left a perfectly symmetrical mark on his skin. Wrist, neck, chest, thigh. I tipped my schoolteacher glasses down my nose as I inspected each growing bruise. My hair started falling out of its bun as I continued whipping him with my ruler. By this time I was feeling much better and I lifted his adorable little skirt over his ass. He only had the chastity belt on and the sight of his upturned rump made my fingers twitch. I am not a woman to ignore an impulse- so I reared back and snapped my ruler as hard as I could across his ass. His scream made me shiver.

He knew better than to beg so he simply shouted over and over. Sometimes screams sometimes, "I'm a naughty little school girl." Both pleased me immensely. I just sat back and laughed as I repeatedly flicked the ruler over his red, swelling, and tender ass. I eventually broke it and had to switch to a small paddle I got in college as a joke. My pet sure wasn't laughing but I was. When he was weak and limp on the table, when he thought he could take no more, .... I crawled up onto the table with him.

I wiggled underneath him and looked up to his panting form. I smiled very sweetly as I asked how much he wanted me to get better. Very careful not to let sweat drip on me he lowered his lashes and said he would do anything to make me healthy again and that his body was my play place. I was so pleased that I went as far as to stroke his cheek before I wiggled out and behind him. I put on my midnight blue strap on and lubed it up. I was way past finesse and I just grabbed his raw cheeks and shoved myself inside him.

It was better than any medicine a doctor could prescribe, Darlings. Tonight- no orgasm for you. I want you to find a ruler if you can or just some sort whipping device and look at your bare ass. Whip it. Whip it for me and I want everything that escapes your lips to be girlish and sexy. Do it for me. Because if I were there, I would be doing it to you.

Mistress B.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello Darlings,

I am slightly ill and have been in bed for most of the weekend. I am not feeling up to showing you how to be a proper sissy today. But since it is Sunday I will share something with you and command something as well.

One of the many sites I frequent is called postsecret. Ever heard of it? It is an online art community where people send in their secrets on a postcard to an address. The man started it as a simple art project and now it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. I have been tempted to send in a few secrets of my own. New secrets are uploaded every Sunday on the website and he has come out with multiple books filled with these secrets.

I want you all to check out the site:

And after you have finished looking at all the secrets I want you to think of a secret you would send it. Get as deep, as artistic, as dirty as you little girls like. And then... I want you to make it and send it in. This will please me greatly, Darlings. Do not fail me.

You are welcome to send your secrets to me as well but you are not obligated to.
Mistress B.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Dream.

Hello Darlings,

I had a dream about all of you, my lovelies. It. Was. Delicious. I wanted to share it with you because it amused me so. My dream was about a party. We were all invited to a Katrina's home with all of her friends. It was a masquerade and none of us knew what the others looked like. You were there in all of your fine sissy clothing dancing and flirting with all of the guests. I didn't know which of you were my slaves so I just watched everyone swirl and giggle while I sipped on champagne.

None of you knew who I was. It was fascinating watching people search as they danced. After awhile I slowly picked you all out. It was thrilling to know you and stay unknown. I was pleased with your outfit choices for the masquerade. I was dressed in a simple black gown with a lace up corset over the silk. My hair was down and I had a simple lace mask over my eyes. I spoke to a few of you but it was impossible for you to know who I was. One of you even asked me for a dance but I declined and danced only with Katrina.

I never realized how exciting it would be to know you, watch you. I just kept thinking, "those girls belong to me." I wanted to come up to you and make you known. I couldn't though. It was too arousing to know you without you knowing me. So I watched the rest of the night.

When I woke up I was smiling, aroused, and happy.

That's a dream I'd like to come true.
Mistress B.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Results.

Hello Darlings,

First, Let me say that I am thrilled at all the orgasms you have all been putting out. It is very exciting for me to imagine all of you huffing and puffing on your knees to squeak out one more orgasm in my name. Mmmm, gives me chills. This was a wonderful birthday for your Mistress, Darlings. I am pleased. In total, you had 93 orgasms in my honor. That is fantastic.

Dying to know who the winner is? I know I was. This morning I tallied up everybody's orgasms -an arousing experience for me- and found out the winner had 27. That 27 is with being out of town the first day and being docked 3 orgasms for disobedience. 27 is quite possibly the most any slave has had for me in a week and I am very pleased with her.

Congratulations, Amy.

Very Good Job and thank you for the wondeful birthday present.
Mistress B.

Last Day.

Hello Darlings,

Busy, busy, busy. Strain for those last few orgasms, my lovelies. Today is the last day to have them for the contest in honor of my birthday. Email me your final results before midnight tonight and I will post the winner in the morning.

Good Luck all,

Mistress B.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inspiration #7.

Hello Darlings,

I have decide to give you until tomorrow at midnight to get all your final orgasms in for the contest. It is very close and anyone has a chance to win. I am very pleased at all of your orgasms in my name.

I am getting very tired at offering inspiration for you but I will inspire you for one more night. I have an interesting story from my college days that might be of use to you. I first met Katrina when I was modeling in her painting class. It was always amusing to me when I took off my robe and people just stared at my body. Men. Women. Professors. They forgot about professionalism and just stared. I -of course- enjoyed every minute of it and had to stop myself from getting completely aroused.

One day Katrina approached me and asked about my ankle bracelet. (It was the one Mistress Katie, my mistress, gave me and I refused to take it off even for modeling.) I laughed and asked if she really wanted to know. She said yes so I told her. I was as close to shocked as a mistress can be when she only laughed and said that was wonderful. We immediately became good friends. She doesn't care for dominating others but she does like to watch and sketch while I do. A few weeks later she tagged along and watched me punish my Pet for preparing dinner incorrectly.

It was a fascinating experience. I almost ignored my Pet while I was whipping him. I just watched Katrina's wide eyes fill with pleasure at the sight of his upturned ass and girlish screams. She asked if she could ask my Pet some questions and I allowed it.

Do you enjoy being vulnerable?

Do you like being dominated?

Do you like it up the ass?
- *small hesitation* ..... yes

Then she turned to me and said, "Do it." From that moment on we have been very, very close. Can you imagine her in the room while I fucked you in the ass, Darlings? I know she can.

Good luck with your orgasms.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspiration # 6.

Hello Darlings,

Unfortunately, Katrina is not satisfied enough by your pathetic attempts at inspiration so I will not post what happened on the second half of my play date with her. I am VERY displeased with you all for not following her simple instructions.

When Katrina isn't happy- Mistress isn't happy.

Since I cannot go to each of your houses and whip you all raw I will do the next best thing- take it out on my Pet. He always emails me his responses to the blog but guess what? He didn't yesterday so that puts him at the same low level as the rest of you. Tonight I am going to show up at his home wearing a leather, knee-length coat to cover my leather outfit. He will immediately know I'm angry because I only wear leather when I intend to punish.

I will handcuff his hands behind his back so he doesn't even have that amount of free will. He will be pushed to his knees and bent over for me. I won't even say a word. Ill just kick his legs wider and throw off my coat. Underneath I will have my strap on and my whip. Will I use it on him? Fuck yes I will. When he is bent over like this I use his body as my pleasure ride. I don't ease up when he moans and I only use lube as necessary to keep going. This is the only time he can't seem to groan or orgasm like a sissy just because I am fucking him so hard.

I will reach around and grab his balls -hard- and his penis -even harder- and tell him to scream for me. Will he? Of course he will. Can you imagine how this feels, Darlings? How you would feel tomorrow if I could do this directly to you? Just be grateful my Pet is the only one under my dick tonight because I'm sure you wouldn't like it.

Do try to please Katrina or my anger will continue.

Mistress B.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another country heard from...

Good evening, boys and girls.

You've previously met me vicariously through some of my latest work, but never quite as intimately as now.

My name is Katrina.

I know Mistress B has already filled you in on the beginning of our playdate from last night. Unfortunately, I think I may have worn her out a little. She's only just on her way home now, slightly bruised and perhaps a bit wobbly, but she's still the Mistress you know and adore (though maybe a bit more satisfied). You may have earned the right to hear all the tantalizing details from Mistress B, but what have you done for me? Nothing. Not a fucking thing.

Not that it matters. I think your sissy slut minds can come up with plenty of agonizingly immoral scenarios to play out. You see, I don't care about you. I am not your Mistress, and your pleasure means little to nothing to me. However, I do care about, above all else, my work. You have a chance to make me care about each and every one of you. And I have discovered that you, Mistress B's harem of sissies, have become my muses.

I want you to inspire me. Tell me your best fantasy about two wonderful mistresses and yourselves, either in the comments or to Mistress B's email. Make me need your Mistress as much as you do. Make me want my own devoted group of enslaved sissies. If your stories turn me on enough, you may just get some more lovely artwork to ponder.

Make it good, boys and girls. Your Mistress depends on it.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Inspiration #4.

Hello Darlings,

Guess what, my lovelies? I am having a sleepover with my dear friend Katrina. She has been moved by your posts and responses that she agreed to try something with me. She is a very dominant personality and it was difficult for her to submit to me. She is stunning on her knees. Mmmm.

Last night I just made her close her eyes. -An exercise in trust. Would I hurt her? Take advantage? -Of course not- but being vulnerable doesn't come easy to women like us. I moved closer to her body and let her feel my approach. My fingertips grazed her knee and moved slowly up her thigh. I watched her eyes flutter and her breath caught. At that point- she was mine. Both my hands ran up her shoulders and I eased my body down on hers.

I asked, "Katrina? May I touch your face?"
She responded with only a whimpering nod.

I did and let my hands roam over her body. Then I picked up her hand and cupped myself with it. Showing her how how I liked being touched. After a moment, she didn't need my help and I just rode her hand. My head dropped to her shoulder as I came. I leaned back and asked if she were okay. I touched her face and told her to open her eyes. She did and they were amused and willing. I stilled as I watched her lean forward tentatively and stop a breath from my lips.

I just laughed and took a fistful of her hair and snapped her head back. I leaned in next to her hair and said, "You think it's that easy, Bitch?" And then we really started to play.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday,
Mistress B.

Yesterday's top number was 6. Two slaves are tied with ten.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inspiration #3

Hello Darlings,

I have researched a wonderful site for you all today. When you go to this one, imagine you are the cheating schoolgirl being punished.

Mistress B

Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspiration #2.

Hello Darlings,
Tonight a friend you don't know is taking me out for some fun so I must be brief in today's inspiration.

Does brief have to mean meaningless? Oh, hell no.

Here are some facts about your mistress.
-She has a personal vibrator that only she uses. It is purple and is referred to as Mr. P.
-She once set out to find how many orgasms she could have in an hour and a half.... 66.
-Since becoming a mistress, she has only given blow jobs to her own mistress.
-Her breasts are size D and get in the way often when punishing her slaves.
-She sleeps with women more often than men.
-She is most sexual with men but is turned on by both genders.
-Her hair is past her waist and one of her sexiest accessories.
-Once she kissed a slave for pleasure. (but only once)

Do these help, Darlings? I hope so.
Mistress B.

-since I posted earlier than usual i comment the winning number at the bottom of this post.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspiration #1.

Hello Darlings,

Tonight, my inspiration comes from my own personal computer. Sometimes to entertain myself I make command captions. These are mine so enjoy.

Mistress B.

Todays winner is 3. Keep up the good work.