Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I want a sissy girlfriend.

Hello Darlings,

You tell me that you are sissy. That you are feminine. But how feminine are you really? Could you really be my slave girlfriend? You'd have to dress pretty and frilly, put your makeup on correctly and beautifully, and most importantly you would have to be girlish, sweet, and feminine.

I have been dying to have someone at my side that I could take to my luncheon date with the girls (Mistress Katie and Katrina) and have my slave girlfriend sit at my feet on a leash. To have her at my fingertips would be ... exhilarating. But alas, no slave has come close to being able to fit my needs. They always do something incorrectly that needs punishment or they can't meet my simple demand to belong to me body and mind. *sigh* If only a slave were out there somewhere.

Mistress B.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday fun for Mistress.

Hello Darlings,

Did you enjoy your orgasms? I know you did. Now ask me if you get to orgasm tonight. *grin* No, you don't. Put your sissy cocks back in your sissy panties for the night and dream of me.

But, since I am feeling generous, I will tell you about my orgasm last night. While on vacation I wasn't able to don any of my Mistress B. nighttime attire and I missed it. So, last night I called my little slut over and made him my playmate for the night. My Pet was very grateful because he was in his chastity lock while I was away as a good slave should be. He walked into my play room and I was in the middle of the floor standing in six inch heels, leather, and all necessary domm accessories. He dropped immediately to the floor like he knew he should and crawled to me with his head bowed. I simply took out Wynonna and pointed to the floor and he took position: all fours with his legs spread. I bent over and kissed the small of his back- a huge sign of affection from me and got to work.

His screams sent chills down my spine and orgasms through my body. It was the best welcome home I could have asked of him. He never said anything but thank you and please don't stop. *grin* Eventually, I tied him to my specialty cuffs. I was very excited about this addition to my play room. They are shackles that hang from the ceiling and I had them installed right before I went on vacation. The woman that installed them just laughed and told me to have a good time. I simply smiled and told her I would.

Those shackles were wonderful and added a whole new level to punishments with my Pet. Can you imagine being tied up with my shackles you little sissy?

Mistress B.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting back into dominating.

Hello Darlings,

I didn't imagine it would be difficult getting back into my old routine. Before I left for vacation I had everything set and teaching my sissies proper behavior came naturally. After my sunny vacation, I have to remind myself that my sissies need constant teaching. Last night I didn't even remember about training you because I am so out of the habit. You should be very grateful that you have a mistress that has put so much time and effort into your teaching.

Did you enjoy your orgasm? I know you did. Tonight you will get another but as always, you have to do it my way.

Get on your knees. Make sure it is in front of a mirror and take off all of your clothing. Look at your sissy little cock. Do you think for one second that cock deserves to be in my possession? My hand? Mouth? (Don't even think of it going anywhere else near my body.) No. It doesn't deserve my attention, my possession. It doesn't even deserve my passing notice but... guess what? Today is your lucky day. Because that little cock is on the forefront of my mind. I'm thinking about it right now. You are the luckiest little sissy there ever was because your cock belongs to me. Is it hard? Watch it and start stroking it. Slowly so you can appreciate my property. I want you to orgasm. I want you to orgasm from that cock so I know my property is being fairly treated.

Will you do that for me sissy? Of course you fucking will.

Mistress B.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from a lovely vacation.

Hello my lovely Darlings,

I am finally settled back in and back into my routine. Did you miss me? Well, here I am. I gained a few freckles on my nose, a few streaks in my hair, and have a slightly less pale complexion.

Have you all been good? Have you edged like I commanded? You better have. Do you deserve a reward for being good little boys and girls? Hmmm.. I suppose. *giggle* oh yes, I'll give you a reward but of course, as always, it has to be my way. I want you to get on the ground on all fours like an animal. Smack your ass, open your legs, and call yourself Mistress B.'s little slut. Orgasm hard for your mistress.

You are welcome.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A fantasy for Katrina from Alen.

My fantasy with you and Katrina:

I will wear very sexy and shiny underwear so that my ass looks very curvaceous, and my dick very tempting and big. Then I will come to your place. At the beginning you talk to me normally, but as time goes by the topics get sexier and you start acting and talking in a very sexy way. Then you take off my clothes and start slapping me and playing with my nipples. After a while I become so aroused and start acting like an animal. Then you put me down and start riding my back like a donkey and slap my ass, you would love slapping my ass because it will look very sexy with that shinny underwear. After you finished riding my back, you will start playing with my nipples and clench my head between your legs. You will also rid my head. You play with my nipples so much that they become very swollen. Katrina plays with my ass and fingers me and slaps my ass, I will become so weak and submissive and very crazy, you won’t let me move till I loose my mind and become completely brainless, then both of you will bring your strapons and start fucking me and hitting me in turns and make me scream like an animal.

I will also kiss your legs, kiss your asses and lick your pussies so much that both of you will become very aroused. You will also make me fuck your pussies with my dick very hard, I will fuck one of you and the other one will push me from back and make me to fuck even harder, you will ride my dick so wild till my dick gets sore and while you are riding it you will slap me and hit me like an animal.

Hope you enjoy reading my fantasy Mistress.

Thank you Mistress

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slave Worship

"Automatic Body Change

I was on vacation in the islands, enjoying the beach and getting a tan while drinking beer. Checking out the women as they strolled by in there bikinis. One lady with long dirty blond hair tied back in a pony tail stopped and introduced herself to me as Belinda and I offered her a cold beer. We sat and chatted for a few hours then she invited me to join her at a club later that evening. Belinda walked me back to my room and said she would pick me up at 7, giving me a little kiss on my cheek. I offered her dinner before going to the club and she accepted.

Belinda picked me up and she drove us to a nice restaurant, and after we ate we went on to the club where my whole world changed. This was not your usual nightclub but a club of dominant woman specializing in capturing and tormenting men. Before I knew what hit me, I had been striped of my clothes and tied to a frame. A ball gag was put in my mouth to quiet me. Belinda then told me her name from now on is Mistress B and she chuckled at me with a devious grin on her beautiful face. Mistress B and another Domme then put shaving cream on me from head to toe and shaved my body completely of all hair. When they finished I was whipped by Mistress B for moving to much and making it difficult to shave. After 50 lashes she started dressing me in panties, nylons, garter belt and a bra. She then locked 6 inch heels on my feet.

I was escorted to a strange looking chair when I was strapped down. My legs were strapped, my arms were strapped and my torso and head were strapped. I could not move one inch. Mistress B just smiled down on me and my predicament. She then lower the front of my panties exposing a ridged clit and put lotion in her palm then started stroking me getting me on edge. When she was satisfied that she was driving me mad she reached out to a stand next to the chair and pulled a hose over and covered my clit with it, this tube was sucking in pulses and kept me on edge. I then felt something coming from the bottom of the chair pressing into my male pussy and then stopped when in. Mistress B then reached for another hose and it had a mouth piece on it which she placed into and over my mouth with a strap pulled tight and buckled to the head rest of the chair. Mistress B then told me she was all set to start my permanent life change and pushed several button. The dildo in my pussy started moving in and out and the hose on my clit was sucking harder and a fluid was trickling into my mouth, Mistress B explained that the fluid was going to change my body and I will grow tits and produce more cum than normal.

I wanted to scream but couldn’t. She just laughed at me and sat down to watch. After a few minutes I started cumming from all that was happening to my body and cum was being sucked into the hose. I could not stop cumming, cum just kept coming from me, the dildo pumping in and out I was swallowing the fluid and my chest started to itch. I was growing tits. I was desperate to stop cumming. I was going mad from orgasm after orgasm. Sweat was poring from my head. I wanted to scream for this to stop I was totally out of control and could not move. Mistress B stood up and said she would be back after awhile to check my progress. I was so turned on with raging lust I wanted to die but all I could do was keep changing into Mistress B’s feminized sissy slave.

Thank you Mistress B"

Friday, August 20, 2010

One From a Slave.

This is a delicious one written for Katrina from SissyD.

My two mistresses, Karen and Beth, were arguing oer me. They had been roommates when I started dating Beth and after Beth had broken me down into her submissive I was often shared between them. Karen was moving out and to a new town and insisted that I belonged to her while Betty was very stubborn saying that she was the one who had broken me and so owned me.

It's true I had dated Beth and she was the first one to ever tie me down and torture me so pleasantly. After a few months I had moved in with them and soon treated as there pet. Betty was the one that always administered my punishments but Karen was always a little more kinder to me. I would often be allowed to sleep at the foot of her bed instead of on the floor in Beth's room. I was still her pet and she could still crack the whip when she felt like it but I worked to please her because I wanted to more anything. And after the constant cruelty from Betty I only worked to please her out of fear of being punished. Beth had tamed me but I belonged to Karen. When Karen would discipline me with her hand, paddle, or whip I took it gladly because I saw the delight on her face but when it was Beth's turn I merely suffered through it.

Neither one wanted to start over with a new slave so they were argueing over who got me. I had no say in the choice, I usually not allowed to speak at all except for the occasionel "please, thank you mistress, more mistress," so I sat on the floor watching them argue. Beth being the meaner and stronger of the two was winning slightly. The screaming finally finished with the slamming of doors. I was tied on the couch by Beth soon after so that I would not crawl to Karen's room and sleep at her feet again. Beth whispered in my ear, "If she likes you so much then I'll make sure she gets to spend plenty of time with you."

The next morning Karen woke up tied to her bed to the sound of her closet being emptied into boxes. Beth explained to her as she struggled against the bonds at her wrist and ankles, "Turns out its pretty easy to make you disappear. I called that new out-of-state you got and quit for you but everyone here still thinks your moving away so no one will even guess you didn't leave, especially after all your stuff is gone." Beth's plan was to keep me and get a brand new pet all by keeping Karen here. It took weeks to break Karen and I'm sad to admit that I was excited for her to join me as another slave in the apartment so I was persuaded to help. You'd amazed how the mind works, weeks of being severly punished when you misbehave and then being so greatly rewarded after you obey with orgasms or light kisses. It can really change the chemistry of your brain, that and constantly being locked in the apartment prevented Karen from escaping.

I lost track of the number of times Beth would come home to find Karen and I huddled together on the couch. All the defiance trained out of her and she still enjoyed playing with me. Sometimes we would do it on purpose to provoke Beth into punishing us together. Some nights Beth would tie us together face to face and leave us that way overnight. I'm always locked in chastity so there was no chance of anything sexual and the frustration was almost unbearable most of the time but spending so many nights with my face so close to hers and my body tight against hers was still better than sleeping on Beth's floor.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mistress B, still on vacation...

This is an older fantasy from Kathi involving myself and Miss Katrina.

Mistress B called me this morning and asked me to report to her in 30 minutes. I dropped what I was doing and walked down the block to her house. Arriving on time I knocked on the door, Mistress B saw me on the security cam and told me to come in over the intercom. Mistress B met me at the door and undid my pants making a panty and nylon/garter belt check and smiled saying good girl. She told me to freshen her coffee and clean the kitchen. A few minutes later the door bell rang and Mistress Katrina came in, hugging Mistress B hello and they both sat on the couch. Mistress B called me into the living room. Sissy kathi, Mistress B said. We are going shopping this morning and your coming with us. I love going shopping with Mistress B but I didn’t know the kind of shopping we were about to do.

We stopped at a small dress shop on the way to the mall, Walking inside, Mistress B and Mistress Katrina both walked me straight into the lingerie department. Holding up panties to me and slips seeing how they may look. The store owner walked over and asked if she could be of help. Mistress B said yes that I needed to be fitted for a bra, I about fainted when I herd this and turning red and wanted the floor to open up. The clerk then smiled and started measuring me for the proper size. Mistress B and Mistress Katrina both picked through the bra’s until agreeing on one, a pink satin bra with lace across the bottom that matched the lace on my panties. I was told to remove my shirt and hold my arms out. I asked them please to not put it on me but there was none of that. The bra straps were pulled up my arms and the back was closed before I knew it. Smiling and laughing they both said, pink to match your panties and matched it did.

Mistress B told the clerk that she would like me to keep it on and I pleaded not to have to wear the bra. Mistress Katrina said me, put your shirt back on sissy and pay for your new bra. I knew I had better do as told and do it now. We continued our trip to the mall and I pleaded not to go inside, Mistress B told me to get over it and start walking. We went to ladies shops and I felt like every one was looking at me. Mistress B started holding up dresses to me and skirts making comments as to how I would look, Mistress Katrina came up with a sundress and handed it to Mistress B who held it up to me again. I noticed some women looking over at us with smiles on there faces.

I was mortified as Mistress said I want to see you in this, go change now. I begged her not to do this but she just pointed to the dressing room. Hanging my head in shame I went to the dressing room and stripped down to my matching bra and panties, nylons and garter belt. Holding back my tears as I stepped into and pulled up the pink sundress, everything was pink, pink lingerie and pink sundress. Mistress Katrina asked what was taking me so long and opened the door. She pulled me out in front of the mirror and zipped up the back stepping back to look and asked Mistress B what she thought. About this time a lady walked up and asked if she could help and Mistress B said yes that she could ring up the sundress and that I was going to keep it on. Tears were filling my eyes now and I begged not to have to wear the dress. I was told that if I beg any more I was going to be punished.

We all then headed to the shoe department where Mistress B and Mistress Katrina both agreed to a pair of pink high heals which I had to put on and keep on. I was now completely feminized from head to toe, inside and outside. After paying for my new ladies wear, the clerk asked if there was anything else and Mistress B asked if she could please through out my males things as I was not going to need them anymore. I was completed changed into a simpering sissy in public and no where to hide. Mistress B and Mistress Katrina held my hands and pulled me with them to as I reluctantly walked with them through the mall displaying me for all to see as we window shopped for the next few hours. People were pointing and laughing, woman were clapping there hands and saying things like You Go Girls. I just wanted to die and wished this wasn’t happening to me.

We finally left the mall and headed back to Mistress B’s home and they explained that this is my new life, not a fantasy anymore and would never change, I would forever be Mistress B’s sissy slave. When we got back to the house Mistress Katrina looked me in my eyes and said, sissy kathi, you have one hour to bring all your male clothes back to this house. I pleaded for them not to keep me like this but all fell on deaf ears. I knew I had no choice and walked to my house and collected all of my clothes and bagging them up, brought them back to Mistress B’s home. Mistress Katrina then told me to put them in the outside fireplace, I begged some more not to do this and Mistress B just pointed, saying nothing, picked up the fire starter. I knew there was nothing I could do and stuffed my male things into the fireplace and was then handed the starter and told to light them up.

I cried for them to change there minds as I watched the last of my maleness disappear into smoke as I was being strapped to the spanking bench. Both Mistress B and Mistress Katrina picked up riding crops and reminded me I was not to beg anymore and that now my punishment for disobeying them was going to start. I never was allowed anything other than feminine clothes and lingerie from that time on and never allowed any more orgasms, I was milked once a month. I always had panty checks to see if I had any cum stains, if I did I was punished. I was a ladies maid for both Mistress B and Mistress Katrina from that day on. Being constantly trained and corrected when needed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Fantasy.

This is another email slave.

One day when I am at work I would receive a message that a lady was for me on the Phone and that it was urgent. So the colleagues where of course amused and wondered what was going on. So I went to the office from my female supervisor to answer the phone. Red cheeked trying to hold my composer I heard your voice commanding to go to a certain villa and I must be dressed as a maid, without knickers on. Politely I asked my supervisor to leave the side. To my surprise she give it to me with a wicked smile. So I hurried home to redress myself and went to the place as ordered.

It was a older big house with a neglected wild garden. One huge dog barked at the entrance gate.

After parking my car I went to the front door to ring the bell. Your voice told me then that servants slaves and worms needed to the servants entrance. So I did ringed again the doorbell. A camera was following my moves while your voice commanded me to turn around and to show myself good. I needed to lift also my skirt and to expose my balls and whiny.

Then I was granted to enter. I needed to take my shoes off and needed to wait barefoot on the cold floor. Then I heard you coming. You where carrying a whip and looked not amused. So slut why are you standing up. At your knees bitch and lift up your skirt. I did as fast as I could. On all four, I was on the cold floor. Only seeing your black boots beside me. You poked with you whip at me. Asked question and checked me out. Then came your dog whom started to sniff at me. He explored me and then mounted me. His sperm explode at my leg. After that I must say thank you Mistress B and needed to clean it all up. While you where watching from a comfortable sit.

Now bitch tell me how is the weather outside. A bit chilly Mistress B, I answered truthfully. So slut good working weather is that. Go to the side room and undress. Then when you are fully naked you come back to me on all four. And don’t worried I send the dog away. Your smile was sexy and evil.

I did all you ordered me. Back to you I received a black leather collar. With a short chain. Then you pulled me and checked out the dressing room hat I left. The clothes where not tidy enough folded. So with spreaded legs and bended over I received then lashes. One time I miscounted and you started all over again.

When the punishment was finished you caressed me a bit. And played with my arse, digs and balls. Then you send me out to the garden dragging me on the leach and

giving your orders. You watched me a bit and when all went well you left me naked alone in the garden to work. I did so very hard. After four hours you came back with a empty bowl. I needed to carried it while you dragged me to a hose. There you showered me with cold water until all the dirt was gone. Then I could drink from the bowl doggy style.

Now we entered inside back to the little dressing room where I could make me dry and put back on the maids clothes. After I cleaned up all the wet floors. I heard that I needed to go to the main door and let people inside. You where giving a small party and I needed as maid without knickers on to serve the guest. What I faithfully did.

At about two am the party went away downtown for clubbing I needed to clean all up and tide up the kitchen. At 7 am I needed to walk the dog in the garden. You came home at about that time.

I needed you to follow to your boudoir. Where I needed to help to remove your boots. Sitting naked on my knees and holding the ashtray while you smoked. After you took a few pics of me as a sissy maid I could go home. And wait for your next orders.

Thank you Mistress B

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fantasy.

This is a fantasy from a slave that emails me.

My fantasy starts with me tied to a bed. It is just the way life is for me. I am eager at every sound that moves through the house hoping my mistress is back to punish me more. The door opens and there she is standing in the shadows. I wish I weren't tied so I could jump to the floor and kneel at her feet but I am tied down so I can't even move. The ball gag in my mouth doesn't allow for anything more than a whimper.

She moves to the bed and checks my bonds and tightens a few. She brushes the hair from my face and then grabs all of it in one fist. She yanks my head back so my throat is exposed. She places one kiss on the side of my neck and tells me that if I come she will punish me until I can't even remember my own name.

She pulls out a toy from her bag and wraps it around my waist and lets it trail down to my vagina. Then she sticks it in and I know I am in trouble because I am already wet. She turns it on and my eyes roll back in my head fighting the need to orgasm. She senses my need and smirks as she stands up, towering over me on the bed. She opens her legs wide and I can see every single part of her. She reaches down and starts stroking herself while I watch.

I am starting to lose control and I close my eyes so I do not disobey. My mistress leans down and slaps me hard across the face. I am not allowed to close my eyes, she says. And she starts touching herself again. Her other hand trails her breasts while she starts to moan from her own pleasure. Tears fall down my eyes as I do my very best not to finish. She starts to move faster and moan louder until finally her head falls back and I see her orgasm fall onto my body.

I can't help it. My body shakes, I cry out. I cum.

Mistress is not pleased.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My plans for the week.

Hello Darlings,

This will be my last post before vacation. All next week my Pet will be in charge of posting what I have laid out for him. It will be a week full of your own fantasies but I have given him free reign. If he chooses to post something else it will be his right because I have granted him that privilege. Enjoy them while I am lying on a beach with my ladies.

Last night I decided on just the whip. It is more enjoyable for me and leaves lovely bruises. I always like to mark my sissies before a long absence. He won't be forgetting our last session soon. Especially since I fucked him so long he was waddling this morning... *giggle*

Think of me while I am gone, Darlings. Oh, I almost forgot your last assignment before I leave. You are not allowed to orgasm while I am gone and you must edge every night.

Mistress B.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pet Play.

Hello Darlings,

Tonight my Pet got home and I was able to play. If you were in the room with me you would be able to hear his muffled moans through the door. The very first thing I did was force him to his knees and tell him to strip on the ground. He is now tied and gagged on my bed awaiting punishment. I am here checking my email and chatting with a friend while I decide. It should be something severe because he has been gone for awhile and I will be gone for a week. I can't quite decide if I want to use the wax, whip, or cane. ..... *grin* maybe all three?

He is spread out like a big X on by bed. A very vulnerable position. He is currently locked up in a chastity lock but I may let him out so I can have my fun. I guess I will just decide on the fly. I will tell you about my decisions tomorrow.

Tonight I want you to edge again, my lovelies,

Mistress B.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation is approaching.

Hello Darlings,

Remember when I mentioned that I was going on vacation? Well, that day is creeping up and I have a few assignments for you. I will only give you two of them today. While I am gone I will have my Pet post fantasies that you have sent in. I will prepare everything before I leave. I am not quite sure I have enough for the full week I will be gone so your first assignment of the night is to send in another fantasy- as dirty, sissy, filthy, or as wicked as you like. Your only goal is to please me.

Your second assignment is to edge for me. You haven't edged in awhile so I want this one to be particularly brutal- I don't care how. Get creative.

Tonight, I went to dinner with a very old friend from my high school days! She mentioned she was going to be near me and wanted to catch up. Well, I will say it was an interesting dinner. She wasn't surprised by my realization that I was a mistress. She said knew it was something I would enjoy- my only response was laughter. This was the girl that taught me how to kiss, to seduce, the secrets to sex and she knew I was a mistress before I did! What a night, Darlings, it is wonderful to be seen for who/what you are without having to explain or defend.

I will give you more assignments tomorrow.

Mistress B.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be my little girlfriend.

Hello Darlings,

How are you lately? Good? I hope so. Slutty? Of course. Sissy? You better be. I realized recently I haven't given you instructions lately in your sissydom. Silly me, a sissy needs a good strong hand and guidance. Well, here I am.

I want you to put on any or all sissy items you have. Hopefully you have panties at least, yours or borrowed, and I want you to twirl and flounce. Giggle. Be pretty. Touch yourself. Be delicate. If I were there, I would want you to prove to me that at least for one night or one hour you could be my little slave girlfriend. One I could put a collar on and take in public: to a dance club, to dinner, to a show. Could you be that slave? Do you think you could cut it?

Prove it. Be beautiful. Be my little sissy girl.

Mistress B.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Amy.

Hello Darlings,

My last post reminded me that I still owed Amy a personal fantasy with the both of us in it. Her only request was that it involved us and my strap on from behind. -Granted-

I was very displeased. My slave had disobeyed me again. She was told she wasn't allowed to finish. That she had to sit there, look pretty, dress feminine, and watch another suck my cock. Simple, direct, easy. But no- she wanted to touch herself- Amy always wanted to touch herself. I glanced over and her hips were moving and she was reaching under her skirt.

Very. Bad. Girl.

I stopped the slave sucking my dick and I stared straight into Amy's eyes- something I never did. Immediately, she knew I was angry. Seemingly calm, I moved over to where she was and braced one sharp stiletto on her shoulder. She winced but didn't move or speak, afraid of what was next. I pushed and sent her sprawling backward. I sat down in my chair and pointed for the slave that was pleasuring me to tie Amy up for punishment. She started to put the shackles on while Amy was face up for a whipping like I normally did but I shook my head. This was one time too many. I twirled my finger in a way to mean that she was to be turned over and spread for me.

I didn't bother speaking because she knew she deserved punishment. She even thanked me, (Thank you Mistress B.) for the trouble. But I didn't just jump on. I kneeled down on the ground next to where she was on all fours. Her eyes widened as my hand reached for her and she whimpered thinking I was going to touch her cock. I laughed at the absurdity of the thought and snapped my chastity lock in place. I stood again and then circled her bent over body. Snapping my riding crop on her inner thigh, waist, back. Each spot earning me a moan or a wince for my trouble.

Eventually, I gestured to my other slave to lift Amy's hips up so I wouldn't have to get on my knees like a lowly submissive. When she was teetering on her own with her ass high in the air, I walked up behind her knowing she could only see my feet. I pushed her legs farther apart. I didn't have to say it, because she knew she was being punished for being a very bad girl. I flicked her cock all locked up and limp and positioned myself outside of her. I slowly bent over her back and opened my mouth. I sunk my teeth into her back at the very same second I pushed myself inside of her.

Some of you have called me a kind Mistress, caring. Not tonight. I pounded her again and again lifting her feet off the ground. I held onto her hips so she couldn't move away from me. I used her body as my play toy because that was exactly what it was. I kept pushing harder and harder into her body until I was nearing orgasm. I threw my head back and laughed as my body shook from the power.

When I was done I walked around to the front of Amy. She had collapsed to her knees in exhaustion. She already had a bruise on her back from my bite as well as finger marks on her hips. I tilted her chin up with my riding crop and asked if she was going to misbehave again. She shook her head and I was pleased again.

I smacked her ass on the way out.

Mistress B.

Monday, August 9, 2010

One of my old punishments.

Hello Darlings,

Mistress Katie reminded me of one of my old punishments at dinner tonight with Katrina. To everyone's amusement, Mistress Katie loved telling the story of how I again proved I was a terrible slave and needed constant discipline. Most of you are good little slaves and wouldn't dare question your mistress. I, on the other hand, hardly ever did anything but challenge my mistress. It wasn't on purpose, I just wasn't a good slave. The following punishment was one that has never left my wicked mind and I have used it on multiple slaves on multiple occasions.

After so much punishment one night, Mistress Katie grew tired of disciplining me and stopped in anger. She slapped my face once before clicking out of the room on her treacherous six inch stilettos. Half an hour later, her lover walked in and set up a chair in the side of the room. My mistress followed and sat in the chair and crossed her legs.

"Do you know what is going to happen to you now, slave?"

"No, mistress."

She smiled her twisted, pixie smile. "My lover," she nodded to the very large man towering over me, "has asked for a go to discipline you since I am so tired today."

My eyes widened because I knew why my Mistress chose this man as her lover and my gaze fell down to his large, hard cock. "Please, Mistress. He is too big, I couldn't take all of that in."

She laughed and leaned forward, "Oh you will." And for the rest of the night the only sound I heard from her was soft, deadly laughter. I couldn't tell if I was more afraid or aroused as her lover mounted me from behind. I had no control of myself because even though I knew he was too big to fit inside of me, I was widening my legs to accommodate him. He slapped my ass and grabbed my hair to pull me against him.

"You will scream for me before the night is over." He positioned himself outside of me, "You will scream again," grabbed my breast, "and again," smacked my ass, "and again."

And then he thrust himself inside of me.

Believe me, Darlings, I screamed. That was the first time I had ever been fucked so hard for so long in my life. After that night was through I begged Mistress Katie night after night to bring her lover back in. Some nights she agreed and I was fucked over and over. It. Was. Delicious.

Mistress B.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A small rant on beliefs.

Hello Darlings,

I was standing in my kitchen today cooking dinner and thinking about all of you. You please me so often and make Wynonna twitch with your submission. You are all very good girls and boys. An email I got recently made me think about the society we live in and I wanted to post something more broad tonight.

I have always, always been an advocate for sexual freedom and equality. I have always supported gay rights and fetish acceptance. Anyone who would make you feel wrong or dirty for expressing who you are or what you want should be ashamed- not you. I can imagine some of you have had difficulties in your lives with accepting yourselves, let alone getting others to accept you. I know I have. I have never hid who I am or what I do and have run into many bigots along the way. DON'T LET THEM HURT YOU! You are all beautiful in your own unique ways. Even coming to this site means you have accepted or at least acknowledged a part of you that some people would look down their nose at. Good for you! Be who you are and just be happy. Just know there are so many people just like you- you're not a freak, what you want isn't weird, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I didn't mean for that to turn into a long, soap box speech. All I wanted to say was that you are beautiful and all you should strive to be is happy.

Mistress B.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

An interesting night.

Hello Darlings,

I am not sure who was more surprised last night- him or me.

We started kissing and fumbling with our clothes like normal. The atmosphere changed the moment he took off his belt and tried to hold me to the bed with it. Hold ME to the bed? Oh no. I simply shook my head and threw the belt across the room. His eyes started to change at that moment and I laughed. I asked him if he trusted me with his body and he said yes. I purred and pushed him back on the bed and pulled my restraints from the sides of the mattress. There were sputtering protests but I just shook my head and got a ball gag out, too. *grin*

Then I left the room to change. When I came back I was in thigh highs, stilettos, lace panties, and my blue corset. He watched as I pulled my hair back into a braid and I started to smile again. I tsked and he quickly learned how to obey. And here is the point where we were both surprised- he liked being my submissive. As I was punishing him he moaned and his little cock got harder.

He thought that I was going to get on top of him (haha) but of course you know that isn't how I do things. I turned him over and took out Wynonna. I reached around to feel his little cock as I fucked him from behind. Amused, I stroked it lightly as I pushed into him and his whole body shook as he came. Eventually, I stopped, took off my panties, and made him wear them tied to my bed.

I had some lovely orgasms as the night progressed and am satisfied for a short while.

Mistress B.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Surprise Visit.

Hello Darlings,

Remember how sad I was yesterday that my Pet was gone and I had no one to play with? Well, no more. An old lover called me earlier and asked if I still lived in town and asked if I wanted to ... "get together." I, of course, agreed. But here's the thing, my lovelies- I was his lover before I realized I was a dominant, a mistress. He has no idea what I have evolved into .... and I don't think I'm going to tell him. Well, not going to tell him until I have him tied to my bed and wearing my panties.


It will be a challenge to make him submit to me but you know your mistress- She always loves a challenge. So, I am off to go play and you all will be without orgasm tonight so you can think of me atop my lover having many. I will tell you of my success or failure tomorrow.

Good night, Darlings,
Mistress B.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Encounter.

Hello Darlings,

You would not believe it. My Pet has gone on vacation again and I am left with no one to punish! I may just go up and give him a surprise visit someday soon. *grin* But SissyBabyAmber's fantasy reminded me of a person I met a few years ago. I was sitting in the food court of a lovely group of second hand shops and I was people watching as I often do. The food court held a handful of patrons each with their own solitary pursuits. There was one man in the corner reading a book- I forget what it was now- and his legs were crossed in a way that made me give him a second look. His clothes were all perfectly pressed and everything matched exactly. He seemed very delicate and charming with each of his movements.

Thoroughly curious -and not at all shy- I moved over to his table and sat down. He blinked up from his book and I'm flattered to admit his jaw dropped a little. I leaned in and took a sip of his coffee before I asked him what his name was, his profession, his hobbies, .... how long he had known he was a transvestite. The last was just a guess and not one of my cleverest digs but it got the job done. He sputtered and looked around to make sure no one heard. I simply smiled and leaned a little closer and said in a voice not meant to be mistaken as questioning, "Show them to me." And I got up and lead my way to the bathroom not bothering to look back because I knew he would follow.

When we reached the bathroom I told him to take off his pants so I could see his panties properly. I was still a little new to this world at this point and slightly jittery but the look in his eyes of arousal and total submission settled my nerves. I took off my jacket and I locked the door. Half an hour later, we calmly walked out of the bathroom smirking a little. Underneath his now somewhat untidy shirt was a set of scratches and under mine were bruises forming into lovely finger shaped designs. I never saw him again and didn't care to but for that one hour he was mine- and that was enough.

Until Tomorrow, Darlings,
Mistress B.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post your fantasies?

Hello Darlings,

I would like to give you forewarning- soon I will be leaving for a vacation. But do not worry- I will prepare posts for you and leave them in the edit spot. Each day my pet will click post and give you my words. There are still a few days before this happens and I think I will post a few of your fantasies I have liked. How do you feel about this, my lovelies?

Also, I want you to get out your rulers for me tonight. Smack it raw.

Mistress B.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Change of heart.

Hello Darlings,

I have decided that I will not punish those who follow my orders as they should. It was wrong of me and I will apologize. Enjoy that apology because it won't happen again. I am so annoyed at my own poor decision that I will reward those who are loyal with another picture of myself from my session with my toy.

Mistress B.

Me and Wynonna