Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling better.

Hello Darlings,
I still haven't gotten to your emails but I feel strong enough to post on the blog today. I am getting better each day but I will admit that my life would be easier with many slaves or even just one to do my work for me. My Pet has been on a business trip since my accident and has been unable to return. (He still hasn't told his cousin what the key is for by the way and is still wearing the chastity lock.) My muscles are stiff and I would even let a slave touch me today -all over- to massage out the stiffness.

But alas, you are there and I am here. So, what I can do is tell you a story. Would you like that, my little sissies? When I was a fledgling mistress and my teacher, lover, domme -Mistress Katie- had control over me I was in a similar situation. My Mistress had her appendix taken out. The surgery went well and she recovered nicely but during the recovery my mistress was very stubborn and vindictive. She would sit in her mistress chair (at the time it was pimped out with pillows to accommodate her healing body)and told me to stand in the middle of the room. As I did, the door opened and at least half a dozen people walked in: friends, other toys, a mistress friend of my mistress. They all came to support her in her tough time .... and to help punish me. They didn't need a reason, they just knew it would make Mistress Katie feel better. The stood around the edges of the room and snickered as my Mistress told me to undress. I was hesitant with these people watching. One of the other slaves got a nod from my Mistress and took the whip off the wall and smacked my quads. Do it, she said. Then I stripped. They took turns punishing me for her amusement, sometimes at the same time. Would you let me do that to you, Darlings? I'm sure you would.

Until next time Darlings,
Mistress B.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hello Darlings,
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I was unfortunate enough to be in a car wreck recently and have been in the hospital. I'm out now and bed ridden with a few extra scars and a broken arm. I'll keep you posted as I recover but just bear with me as I get back to dominating health.
Mistress B.
I will get to your emails soon, lovelies.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Katrina and Pet.

Hello Darlings,

So something interesting happened last night. Katrina was sitting in the corner sketching me and my Pet. He was on all fours and I was sitting on his back reverse cowgirl, whipping his behind. She paused and I noticed. She had her head tilted, staring at my Pet. Here is something about Katrina for those of you that joined after her introduction. She has never been a mistress. She has never dominated anyone. She has, on occasion, allowed me to dominate her and also, on occasion, to sleep with me. The closest she has ever come to domination has been her many nights sitting in the corner of my playroom sketching, watching.

For some reason, I got the feeling last night that her interests might have changed. She was no longer sketching but just staring at my Pet's bruised body. I got off my pet, telling him to stay and walked over to her corner. I laid my whip on the table between us and just sat there, unmoving. Eventually, without a word, she picked up the whip and walked over to my Pet. I saw his eyes flicking over to me and then to her red heels. I watched as his cock strained against the chastity lock he still wears. (he hasn't told his cousin yet.) I watched Katrina test the flexibility of my whip, bending it back and without notice, snapped the back of my Pet without mercy. A slow smile spread over her face as she told my Pet to turn around and lay on his back.

I watched as she took one of my cock toys off the wall and strapped it across my Pet's hips. My mouth watered as she smacked his face and lowered herself on to the toy. I can't imagine the impotency he must of felt not being man enough with the lock on to satisfy her. She touched herself, she moaned, and she smacked him any time he tried to touch her.

My lovelies, to put it simply, she was hot.

Until next time.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New assignment.

Hello Darlings,

I am still craving some feminine pleasure. Here's what I want you to do. Question if you can be feminine enough to be mine? Strip down. I want you wearing what you were born with and nothing else. Do it. Run your hands over your body as I would do if you were my feminine sissy playmate. Imagine yourself putting on my fantasy miniskirt and tying your hair up in pigtails. Can you do that? I want you to picture me, as best you can, taking off my black, lace panties and sliding them up your legs and settling them over your cock. I wouldn't restrain you, I would be in the mood to play.
So, here is your assignment. Do everything I listed above and also I want you to get on your knees like a good little sissy girl and show me how good you can be. Moan, giggle, be as feminine as possible put on a show for me. Please me.

I know you can do it.

Mistress B.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Female Salve.

Hello Darlings,

How sissy have you gone before? A pamper session? A bubble bath? Well, I get in my moods and today I'm craving woman. Katrina is out of town and Mistress Katie is preoccupied with an unfortunate slave. Could you be sissy enough, girly enough for me? I'm not sure you could. You see, women get treated differently under my boot. I am more sensual with my female slaves than my male slaves. Men get a whip while women get a tongue. I can picture my ideal slave now. Chained from my ceiling shackles wearing a mini skirt, delicious makeup, and pigtails. I'd get down on my knees to check and see if she were wearing proper underwear. The would of course have to come off so I'd have a gag for the screaming later. Once they were off I'd take my hands and explore every region of their body because it belonged to me. I might take out Wynonna or my midnight blue vibrator but a lot of the times (with women) I enjoy using my hands.

Could you be that sissy?
Tell me what you would do to earn this honor.

Mistress B.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My pet's punishment.

Hello Darlings,

I told my Pet what his punishment was and he was not very happy about it. We both know that his cousin will accept him but he is still shy to do it. It will probably take him awhile to work up the courage to tell her he is a transvestite.

I am still playing with him but I would like to ask your opinions. With my pet carrying a handicap, I have more attention for all of you. Would you like to play more games? Hear more stories/fantasies? Or be given more direct orders? I am up in the air and am giving you the opportunity to pick how the blog goes for awhile. Free choice, what?! Yea, Don't worry- I'm not getting soft, I'm just feeling generous. *grin*

You have my permission to express your opinions and thoughts openly.

Mistress B.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello Darlings,

With the help of Amy and SissyD, I have decided on a punishment. I will keep my Pet locked up and give the key to his cousin. She likes me and will listen to me when I tell her she can only give it back to him if he tells her why he needs it. He is private about his preferences but he also loves to orgasm. We will see which desire wins out.
Also, another reminder. I haven't looked at my email in weeks. Do not fret if I have not responded. I will soon.

Mistress B.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want your suggestions.

Hello Darlings,

Yesterday my Pet disobeyed a direct order. It was the last problem in a long line of problems. I am finally sick of being disappointed in his unacceptable behavior. I am giving his sentence to you, my darlings, as his punishment. He has to suffer knowing his penis, his orgasm, and his fate lies in the hands of other men, women, and sissies. For the moment, I have him locked and am wearing the key to his chastity lock around my neck. He is awaiting my command and I am waiting on you. Tell me, lovelies, what should I do to my Pet?

Mistress B.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello my lovelies,

Guess what? Your mistress is a little tipsy tonight. *grin* I don't do it very often because it makes me wild. I am always a fair and balanced mistress except for the rare occasion when I drink. Now I don't care- not even a little- about your wants and desires. All I am thinking about right now is how much I wish I could get my hands on all of you right now. Put you on your knees before me and show you how dominating a mistress can be. I wouldn't heed your screams, pleas, or bargains. The only voice I would heed was my own as it was laughing at your sissy discomfort. The last time I drank and played was with my Pet. It will forever be a night he remembers. He was on all fours in my playroom for hours as I had my way with him. I never even spoke to him. I used Wynonna. *grin* I used him. I did everything and anything I wanted. Katrina watched that night and the next morning when I woke up beside her she told me that I had never been more scary. We did some things that morning because my performance the night before had rattled her so.

So, I apologize darlings because we are so far away. If you were here you would have the night of your life.

Mistress B.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sissy yahtzee: Round 4.

Hello Darlings,

Yesterday was my Pet's 23 birthday and I had to give him a special celebration. *grin* But I will tell you about that another day because tonight is about your sissy yahtzee results. What ever your number make sure you please me and show your gratitude for being your mistress.

1- Find a temporary vending machine tattoo of something "girlie" and put it somewhere on your body. Wear it for at least two days and send your mistress a picture of it. (I would prefer it on your lower back or on your hip area but you may place it as you choose.)
2- Pamper yourself tonight: Lotion, self massage, foot soak, bubble bath- whatever is most relaxing for you. Then comment for everyone to see how you spent your night being feminine and sweet.
3- Congratulations! You get one orgasm tonight.
4- Go to a video store and rent a movie. But you must go up to a female associate and ask for help picking out a "chick flick" or "girlie movie". Pick whatever one she suggests, rent it, and watch it. Comment for the rest of us how your trip went, how she reacted, and what you got. (If she asks you can't lie. You have to say it is just for you because you like those kind of movies.)
5- Play the edge game every night for three days. No orgasm for you.

Mistress B.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Play with me, sissies.

Hello Darlings,

Guess What? I'm feeling a little wicked tonight and I want to play. I have made a list with Katrina for another round of Sissy Yahtzee. Do you feel up to the challenge? You better because it is what I want. Below is a website where you can roll for your number.

Roll and I'll post the list tomorrow. If any sissy doesn't know what Yahtzee is just scroll down to previous games or ask another sissy in the comments. I have to go back into my playroom. I left my Pet with Mistress Katie and I don't want her to damage him too much. *grin*

Mistress B.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to be a slave girlfriend?

Hello Darlings,

Amber posed the question asking what I needed in a proper sissy/slave girlfriend. I will address that because it is a good question. An ideal sissy girlfriend would wear proper sissy attire during play times or any time I took them out with me in public. Unlike some mistresses, I do not require 24/7 sissy attire to satisfy me. I do not wear Wynonna everyday to work (although that would be quite a sight) and it does not make me any less of a mistress. In truth, I do not need any adornments to be your mistress. I just enjoy them but that is a story for another day. Playtime panties and correct attitude are necessary. I must always be addressed as Mistress B. no matter where we are and the sissy girlfriend must do as I command.

Seems simple? Apparently, it is not. All of my sissy girlfriends seem to be addicted to my punishments and will occasionally disobey so I will string them up. I usually take to putting collars on my sissy girlfriends when I take them to my luncheons so they are constantly reminded of my unquestionable control.

Mistress B.

ps- no orgasm for you tonight. I have fallen dreadfully behind on my emails and will get to them soon. Do not fret sissies, I am not ignoring you.