Monday, May 31, 2010

Your Reward.

Congratulations my darlings, your fantasies were extremely pleasing and your punishmnets will finally have been worth it.

Is there a someone you desire from afar? one you wish knew your secret? I bet there is. Maybe its that gorgeous woman at work, that hunky male neighbor of yours or someone you've know for years and you've always wanted to tell them what you really are. When you talk to them and look them in the eyes I bet you wonder, "Do they have any idea?" *grin* I would if I was them, I'd be able to see it all over your face. If you don't have anyone like that then you may imagine me.

Well tonight, because you've been good, you get to have what you've been thinking about non-stop for the last week: an orgasm. Oh I'm sure you're excited, but you'll only get to have one my way or not at all. This wont be some quick little jerk-fest. Your going to have an orgasm like I do. We're going to take our time, make it last as long as we can. Do you have a picture of that person I mentioned earlier? If so, get it and set it up where you can see it while you play. If not then just write their name down somewhere you can look at it. I want you to stare at that picture or that name the entire time your selfishly pleasuring yourself. Your going to start fully dressed and standing up. You have some rules to follow and only a certain amount of time to do each.

1. You'll be rubbing your body through your clothes, anywhere except your crotch. Do this for five minutes. Be sensual. Be sexy.

2. After five minutes of that you can get undressed but keep on your underwear, now four minutes of standing and rubbing your body again, but no touching your genitals still. Be feminine.

3. Now after those four minutes *grin* touch yourself wherever you want but keep your underwear on and no reaching inside either. I bet you'll trembling then, won't you? Do this for three minutes.

2. Next step, For 3 minutes get on your knees and now your only allowed to touch your crotch outside the underwear, nowhere else. Do not come yet. Will you last the three minutes? You better.

1. Ok, the final step, take off that underwear and get to work. Jerk that cock or rub that clit as fast and as hard as you can. Remember you only get two minutes this time, make them count. And yes, you can come now.

Finally, after that big intense orgasm. You will stay totally still for one minute, your not allowed to clean up the big mess I'm sure you'll make or to get dressed or even to move. Sit there on your knees for that minute, look at the mess you made, and think about what a slut you are. Then when your time is up thank me -outloud- and you can get up.

Mistress B.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Persuade Me.

Hello my Darlings,

Excited about tomorrow? I should think so but I was mulling it over and I decided that I am enjoying withholding your release so much that I can’t imagine any reason why I should let you finish. When the only thing that matters here is my pleasure, why would I bother? So tonight (after you complete the task my Pet assigned to you) you are going to play my new game.

Frightened? You should be.

Use your mirror and see what you’re doing like my Pet commanded, looking into your own sissy eyes and watch yourself. For at least 20 minutes. Then clean up and begin to persuade me. I want you to take out every sissy, slutty, submissive thing you have. Think of the dirtiest, filthiest things you’ve ever wanted to do or be done to your body. Are you thinking, darlings? Good. In order to win your release tomorrow you must do your worst to your own body and tell me what things you have done. And if you really want to please me you can tell me your wildest fantasy. Submissive fantasies almost never fail to please me. Your only restriction is that you cannot come. I am still furious with my Pet and frustrated that I cannot punish him in person for two more weeks so you will have to do.

Do you think you can please me? You must be more submissive and feminine than you have ever been in your entire life if you plan to please me. If you fail to persuade me you will suffer an even worse fate than my Pet. I actually hope you fail because then I get to keep the rights to your orgasms all to myself. Good luck, darlings. *grin*

SissyD, do you think I haven’t noticed what a submissive little girl you’ve been? How hard you’ve been working for me? I’ve noticed. You could quite possibly redeem everyone and please me enough to allow your orgasms tomorrow. Good Girl.

I hope you moan for me tonight, Darlings,
Mistress B.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Sorry Mistress.

I am Mistress B's pet. She is very upset with me. I disobeyed and my excuses do not matter to her. She is pre-occupied today and part of my penience to her is that I must post for her. As you know, I am locked for the next 13 days until I return and even then I can't be sure she will unlock me. Though she does believe that my situation does help me know how to best continue your punishment.

You only have two days left and believe me when I say you do not want to break her rules now when you are so close. She has left me in an impossible situation. I must decide a punishment for you today that will live up to her standards but also I must ask you to give her your ideas for punishing me. Please be kind.

You still are not allowed to finish tonight, of course. But your allowed to touch yourselves inside your underwear, though your not allowed to take them off while you are. Hopefully you have a mirror or something reflective because you will be watching yourselves the entire time. If your mirror is too to be on your knees then you will stand and play. Watch your hands and what they are doing then look into your own eyes and know what you are. You'll do this for at least twenty minutes or longer if you think you can last without finishing. The longer you make yourselves go the happier mistress will be, and please be kind in your suggestions to her. Oh and trust me DO NOT forget to thank her, always.

-Her Pet.

Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Days Left.

Hello my Darlings,

Getting desperate? I know you are. Next time I give you a task to do I bet you’ll complete it won’t you? Yes, I believe you will. You have three days left of your punishment and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. My whip is twitching more than usual because my Pet is out of town for two weeks. Do you think you desperate Sissy’s can step up (or kneel down) and pleasure me to my satisfaction? I’m not sure, I need a lot of pleasure. Because my Pet is gone, you will have the added responsibility. Will you please me, Darlings? You fucking better.

Tonight is number three of the countdown to your freedom. Unfortunately for you, my Pet has left town AND disobeyed me. He left without wearing his panties and I am furious. His punishment is severe because he KNOWS BETTER. I made him bring all his submissive toys so I could give him nightly assignments. But no, we aren’t going to play. He has to wear her chastity lock tonight. I told him I packed the key in his luggage but when he wasn’t looking I took it back out. He has it on now but hasn’t discovered that he is keyless. He will be wearing it for two weeks. Now you get to suffer even more because I am so angry and can’t play with my Pet.

Get on your knees and serve me.

You won’t be pretty tonight. You won’t be my little girls or my darlings. Tonight you’re just going to be my filthy little sluts on their knees. Take everything off your body (except Kathi) and lay the panties in front of you. Look at what you’ve been wearing. Those have been on your body haven’t they. Dirty, dirty, slaves. You task tonight is simple: the edge game. I remember how much you all loved it the first time we played. Well, tonight you have to play it on your knees looking at your panties. Do not touch them and do not finish. You will work yourself up for as long as possible but if you come I swear I will whip you raw.

Mistress B.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be Pretty.

Hello my Desperate Darlings,

Are you throbbing? Suffering? Good. This is your deserved punishment for not obeying me and completing five simple orgasms in 24 hours. I could do 10 mind numbing orgasms in 12 hours and you couldn’t accomplish 5 little ones? So you are going to serve out your sentence (it ends on Monday) and you are going to thank me for every minute of it. Maybe after that -maybe- I’ll let you finish.

My pet got dolled up for me today and took me out to dinner. She was my sweet, innocent little slave girlfriend for the night and she look oh-so-very pretty in her shoulder length hair, backless dress, and my blue stilettos. She looked even prettier in the bathroom, on her knees, sucking my dick. She always pleases me on her knees. She pleased me so well in fact, that I pulled her to her feet, flattened her against the wall, and pushed my dick into her body. I had to put my hand over her mouth because she moans like a porn star.

Do you think you deserve this treatment? Of course not darlings, that’s why you aren’t going to finish tonight either.

Are you feeling pretty today in your panties, Darlings? You’re going to let the most feminine parts of yourselves out for me. Strip down to just your panties and pick up your extra pairs- the most colorful and most delicate. Wind them around your wrists so you can have feminine, delicate bracelets. Let them chain you to your feminine side- be pretty. Do you look pretty darlings? Run your hands through your hair, caress your nipples. I want you to get on the floor on your knees and put on women like me teaching girls like you how to behave. Stay there, on your knees, watching these women dominate and know you won’t be coming tonight. Rub the panties along your body and let your body awaken. Arouse yourself, tease yourself, run ice along your body to feel the cold. Do not touch yourself. Do not finish.

Hope you have half the fun I will imagining your frustration,
Mistress B.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Haven't Earned My Trust.

Hello Darlings,

How was your night of adult entertainment? I'm sure you nasty little slaves enjoyed it. I don't watch porn myself, its only for dirty little boys and girls like you. Did you play while watching too? I already know you did *grin*. You better not have finished. All I keep hearing from you is how hard it is not to come while enduring my punishments and because I am so kind to you, I want to help. Tonight you're to be naked for two complete hours and one of those hours will again be spent watching your nasty little porn entertainment, but this time no touching. No touching, thats right, after you read this you are not allowed to touch those little dicks or vaginas until you read my next post tomorrow. I hope that makes things easier for you *grin*

Oh and when you turn off your porn, thank me for my kindness.

until tomorrow,
Mistress B

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Schoolgirl Slave.

Hello Darlings,

How was your first night of punishment? Five hours of walking the edge? I know I enjoyed imagining all of you panting, slutting with ice in your hot little hands. Did you want to finish? Would you have begged? I bet you would you little sluts. This is your punishment for displeasing me so bend over and thank me. Mmmm- makes me wet just thinking about it.

Remember my pet? Remember how I told you that he would get all of your lost rewards? Would you like to know how I rewarded him today? He and I played sexy teacher and naughty, naughty student. He was my plaything in a too-short plaid skirt, white knee highs, and pigtails. I tied him to my desk- face down, walked around to face him, and make him suck my lovely, thick dick. He has trouble sometimes with his hands tied so I ended up just fucking his mouth. This brought me great pleasure so I untied one of his hands to allow him to give me an orgasm as I fucked him. He was very grateful.

After he finished sucking my dick, I got behind him and rode him as hard as I possibly could. Eventually, I let him finish but he begged me to let him please me more. Being a kind mistress- I agreed and tied him to my bed (face up) and rode him, bit him, whipped him, punished him until even I was near exhaustion.

This could have been you, darlings. But no. You chose to fail me so now you must pay the price. Tonight you must spend at least one hour –two if you really want to please me- watching submissive and feminizing porn. Pretend that each Dominatrix is me: Owning you, pounding you, devouring you. You can stroke yourselves but if you even think about finishing I will be furious. Imagine what I did and will do again to my slave. Envy his multiple orgasms with me on top of him while you sit, frustrated, watching other people have orgasms that you can’t have.

While you are watching your filthy porn I will be forcing my pet to giggle, twirl his pigtails, and put his makeup on. When he is fully my little schoolgirl again, he will be worshipping me from his knees.
Until tomorrow,
Mistress B.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Am Not Pleased.


I am VERY displeased. I give you a simple task and you can’t complete it? You were begging me to let you orgasm and when I give you the opportunity to prove you deserve it-YOU FUCK IT UP. My pet was able to complete 12 in three days and you couldn’t give me five little orgasms? I may never let you finish again because I am so angry. I had such wonderful rewards to give you but no- obviously you don’t deserve a single one. I’ll use them all on my pet instead. You’re sore? You’re tired? Well, I don’t care.

When I tell you to do something- you fucking do it.

But because I am so angry, for the next week you must wear sexy, lacy underwear under your clothing at all times. If you don’t have any, you should buy some. If you are too much of a sissy for that, then you don’t get to wear underwear at all. Believe me- If I were there beside you, your punishment would be unimaginable. So rejoice in this simple punishment you sissy sluts.

No orgasm for a week? That was the deal- just feel lucky I didn’t make it longer because I’m so angry. This, of course, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to play together, darlings. Where is my pleasure in that? MY PLEASURE IS ALL THAT MATTERS HERE. I really hope you didn’t forget that, darlings.

Tonight, I want you to suffer. For five consecutive hours (an hour for each orgasm you were supposed to have) I want you to get yourself hard (if you have a penis) or wet (if you have a vagina). Once an hour this needs to happen and if you fail one hour you must start over. Obviously, you don’t get to finish- you just have to make your body think it will. My pet just asked if I would add a small addition to my new game and because he is such a good boy- I will. After you’ve gotten yourself hot, worked up, and throbbing use ice on your genitals to stop yourself from disobeying me. Five times. Thank me for even bothering to try to discipline such sissy sluts as yourselves.

Will it please me? Yes.
Stop pissing me off, darlings,
Mistress B.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Wondering.

Darlings? Did you think I forgot about you? Of course not, I've been wondering how those orgasms I let you take have gone. Did you complete my task? How did it go, my darlings? Did you stroke yourselves with me on your mind? Were you on your knees every time like good little sluts? How can I know if you deserve a punishment or a reward if you don’t tell me? I’ll give you until tomorrow to confess. Oh and if you did suceed, don't think your reward is going to be easy. The rewards I give are for my pleasure, not yours.

Until then, Mistress B.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So you want to finish?

Hello Darlings,

All your pleas are so amusing to me. "Please let me finish, Mistress. Please." You should know that begging just makes me mean. So- you want to finish? You're desperate to let your body go to that wondrously naughty place?

Fine. You can come, darlings, but it has to be my way.

You have 24 hours to have 5 orgasms. Your clock starts ticking the moment you read this. Each orgasm must be on your knees like the submissive slut you are. If you fail to complete all 5 in 24 hours, you cannot finish for A WEEK. If I were there I'd bend you over and show you what a real orgasm feels like because you beg for them so often- but your 5 will have to do. Good luck, darlings. I'm already planning wicked things to do to you if you fail. (or if you don't.)

I'm a fair mistress and I ask for so little. If you comment on my posts, observe the proper way to address your mistress. I have commented back to remind you but you still continue to disrespect me. Do not let it happen again.
Mistress B.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Pet.

Hello my darlings,

How did you like my game? I know that I loved imagining all of you torturing your bodies, denying release for as long as possible. How long did you last I wonder? Mmm. Probably not very long you desperate little sissies. Do you want to know what I did last night? I took out the biggest strap-on I own, tied my sissy slut submissive to the bed, and screwed him till he could only scream my name.

He loved my dick and begged me for more but I didn’t let him touch himself. Since I made you all play the game he had to play it too- I’m a fair mistress. I was kind enough to let him watch from his bonded position as I took out another toy and gave myself as many orgasms as I desired: I lost count after ten. I made a mess thinking about you, darlings. For your one minute of touching yourselves, I spent an hours.

My pet was very grateful and you should be too- knowing you gave me this pleasure.

This morning my pet disobeyed me. He was on day three of banned sexual activity on his own and you know what he did? –He had an orgasm without my permission. I. Was. Furious. For punishment this week, he is wearing lacy underwear 24/7 and my stilettos when he is home. And because he is such a wanton slut and likes orgasms without permission, I am forcing him to have twelve orgasms in the next three days: each one exactly how I tell him to. He’s only on 3 of 12 and is sore, exhausted, and dying.

I’m still furious at my pet so no orgasms for anyone tonight, darlings. (Besides Myself, of course) Play all you like but you can’t finish.
Mistress B.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Game.

Hello My Darlings,

How are you feeling today? Frustrated? Desperate? I sure hope so. I bet you’re ready to do anything I say, beg me for the rights to your orgasm. Well, Darlings, it just so happens that I had a blissfully orgasmic night imagining you all pitifully pulling back from yours last night and I am feeling generous today. Lucky you.

So, tonight, you get to finish but, like always, you have to do it my way because all that matters at the end of the day is that I am pleased. I have a game I like to play with my slaves and now you are going to play it too, darlings. The game is pretty simple and extremely entertaining for me. You can do whatever you want, wear whatever you want, even stick something up your own ass if you choose. The dirtier the better because I want everything you do to scream sissy slut. There is only one thing you cant do- touch your pathetic little cocks/vaginas.

What? How are you supposed to come? Read on little darlings. You get yourself good and desperate until you can’t take it anymore then –and only then- are you allowed to touch yourselves in that wonderful, dirty little place. But the moment you touch yourself, you have only one minute to finish. If that one minute passes and you still haven’t finished- you have to stop completely and you do not get to orgasm tonight. Like my game, darlings? Here is the side problem- I want you to last as long as possible. So, in order to please me, you have to do the most creative, wicked things to your body with out touching your little pathetic dicks/vaginas for as long as you possibly can. I’ll be imagining your orgasms tonight, darlings. DO NOT fuck it up.

Thank me out loud ("Thank You, Mistress B.”)
Good luck, darlings,
Mistress B.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Did you have fun?

Hello my darlings,

Did you have fun? I can just picture you now: panting, straining, dying for release, and stopping right when your body is screaming for more. Mmmm- Gives me chills. I had a good laugh over it while I was pleasuring myself last night thinking of you on your knees with your cute little ass in the air. It makes my strap-on twitch.

Now, I bet you’re asking yourself, “Is she going to let us come?”
To that I say, “Do you deserve it, darlings?”

No. No, you don’t. You sissies need to know who is in control here: I am and DO NOT forget it. Because I took so much pleasure in withholding your release last night, I am going to do it again because all that matters here is my pleasure. You do want to please me, don’t you? Tonight, do the exact same thing with one small addition: imagine my eyes on you. Imagine me in the same room laughing, touching myself, enjoying your suffering. With every moan, every whimper that you let out- imagine me having an orgasm that you aren’t allowed to have.

Finally, thank me out loud (“Thank You, Mistress B.”), get dressed, and go about your day. Pray I’m feeling more generous tomorrow.

I’ll be thinking of you tonight, darlings,
Mistress B.

(A small addition to my post: SissyD? Your comment pleases me. Good little bitch.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please me.

Hello Little Darlings,

Have you missed me? I’ve been thinking about exactly what I want to do to you. At first, so many wicked things came to my mind but I decided against all of them. You don’t deserve any of those delights just yet. Dirty little boys and girls need to be punished, not rewarded because it doesn’t matter what you want or need. All that matters is that you please me and do what I say.

Are you going to do what I say, darlings?
Of course you fucking are.

What is your favorite thing to do, my lovelies? Watch porn? Wear something naughty? Use some toys? Whatever your treat of choice- I want you to do it tonight. Touch your dirty cocks, dirty vaginas and stroke yourself till you are wet. Moan, scream, think of me but here is the twist- you are not allowed to finish. Get yourself good and worked up and stop right before the end. You better be throbbing, dying, dripping when you finally walk away from the edge or I will be very disappointed.

You don’t want me disappointed, darlings.

Finally, thank me out loud (“Thank You, Mistress B.”), get dressed, and go about your day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you play some more if you please me enough.

Until tomorrow,
Mistress B.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello Little Darlings,
In a first post, I should tell you what I expect from you. After this I do not want to remind you about manners or following my two main rules. When you address me I expect you to use my proper name, Mistress B., and I expect you to say please and thank you at all times. Failure to comply to these simple demands will make me very angry. Also, when I say something- you do it.
I don't care who you are. Man, transvestite, woman, bisexual, homosexual, transexual, etc. If you are here, give it up and let me control you. You have no free will here.
Until we meet again,
Mistress B.