Saturday, May 28, 2011

Katrina in the blog.

Hello Darlings,
This is another one of my favorites because it was my dear friend, Katrina's, first dominationg session.
Mistress B.

Hello Darlings,

So something interesting happened last night. Katrina was sitting in the corner sketching me and my Pet. He was on all fours and I was sitting on his back reverse cowgirl, whipping his behind. She paused and I noticed. She had her head tilted, staring at my Pet. Here is something about Katrina for those of you that joined after her introduction. She has never been a mistress. She has never dominated anyone. She has, on occasion, allowed me to dominate her and also, on occasion, to sleep with me. The closest she has ever come to domination has been her many nights sitting in the corner of my playroom sketching, watching.

For some reason, I got the feeling last night that her interests might have changed. She was no longer sketching but just staring at my Pet's bruised body. I got off my pet, telling him to stay and walked over to her corner. I laid my whip on the table between us and just sat there, unmoving. Eventually, without a word, she picked up the whip and walked over to my Pet. I saw his eyes flicking over to me and then to her red heels. I watched as his cock strained against the chastity lock he still wears. (he hasn't told his cousin yet.) I watched Katrina test the flexibility of my whip, bending it back and without notice, snapped the back of my Pet without mercy. A slow smile spread over her face as she told my Pet to turn around and lay on his back.

I watched as she took one of my cock toys off the wall and strapped it across my Pet's hips. My mouth watered as she smacked his face and lowered herself on to the toy. I can't imagine the impotency he must of felt not being man enough with the lock on to satisfy her. She touched herself, she moaned, and she smacked him any time he tried to touch her.

My lovelies, to put it simply, she was hot.

Until next time.
Mistress B

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A year Recap.

Hello Darlings,

I have decided to celebrate the birthday of this blog by re-posting some of my favorites. After meeting my Pet on a business trip in Chicago it reminded me of this post which will always hold a fond spot in my memories.
Also, I am reading your fantasies. I will post a winner when I am done. If you haven't sent yours in yet- Bad Girl! and send it in immediately.

Mistress B.

Hello Darlings,

Last night I read your pleas, your confessions, your stories and I was thoroughly pleased. So pleased in fact that read them over and over as I used my huge blue vibrator. I screamed so loud, Darlings. That’s what you do to me. I have never moaned so much or said such wicked things in my life. If only you could have seen it.

I realized that my Pet hadn’t pleased me as much as you all pleased me in a long time. So, for your enjoyment, darlings, I drove up to see my Pet last night to punish him and reward you. I knocked on his hotel door and when he opened he was happy and frightened because he was happy to see me but he also knew I was not pleased. I began walking in the room and my Pet started backing up without breaking eye contact. I calmly took off my jacket and met his eyes again. I pointed to a spot on the floor and when he got there (on his knees) I bent over and whispered in his ear, “very bad girl.” And then we began.

After an hour of whipping and cock sucking from my pet I finally stopped and asked if he knew why I was displeased. After multiple incorrect answers, I pulled up the blog and pointed to all your wicked, filthy fantasies and told him that him he could never please me like that. So I kicked him over where he was and started fucking him while I shoved his face into the carpet. I imagined you all there, darlings, watching me fuck another. You would have seen the pleasure on my face over thinking of you and the key to my Pet’s chastity lock dangling between my bare breasts.

Two hours later I sat in a chair pleasuring myself while my Pet was handcuffed to the bed helpless to only watch. I eventually checked on him and he was restles and anxious to please me. He begged me to release him. I stood up on the bed and allowed him to please me with his tongue. I braced my hands against the wall and arched into his face. When I was finished, I leaned down and licked his lips with my taste on them.

For you, darlings, I turned around, put my coat on, and left the key on the table at the end of the bed. His eyes went wide when he realized what I was about to do and he begged me to reconsider. I didn’t. I left him there for the night wearing makeup, thigh highs, my five inch stilettos, and lacy pink lingerie. I wish I could see the look on his face when the maid opens his door. *grin*

For your reward, darlings, you can have as many orgasms as you like. Your only requirement is that you post comments to taunt my Pet over how much you PLEASED ME and how you enjoyed your orgasm where he could not.

I hope you have half as much fun tonight as I will with my toys,
Mistress B.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello Darlings,

I just realized that in two days it will be the one year anniversary of the start of this blog. That seems bizarre. A whole year of meeting new sissies and getting new submissives. As well as all the other Dommes I have met. Over a year ago I didn't even know what a blog was, how long ago that seems. I will think of a way to celebrate so keep an eye out on the 17th for what is to come.

Come for me, Darlings.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arousing Picture.

Hello Darlings,

How are your fantasies coming? I am always pleased by a good fantasy. A follower sent this image to me and I found it very arousing. I thought you all would enjoy it as well. You have one week to complete your fantasy and send it in to be graded and judged by me. I will read them all personally (and if they are good enough, I might find inspiration and play with my toys a little as well.)Put the subject as "Whip Me" so I know what the email is for.

Good luck, My Darlings,

Mistress B.

The image is not me and I do not have the rights. I included the site where it was down below. If the artist takes offense to me reposting it, just email me and I will take down your work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Dutch Slut and story game.

Hello Darlings,

You are all in for a treat today because I am feeling frisky. I rewarded one of my slaves, My little Dutch Slut, with the chance to decide if we play a game. He was honored and submissive, as he should be. He decided for a story/fantasy game.

You all have a two weeks to write a deliciously submissive, slutty story or fantasy and send it to me. At the end of the two weeks I will cut off submissions and will read them all. The winner will have the honor of being posted on my blog. Make the subject "Whip Me" so I know what it is.

Entertain me, Darlings. That is your only goal.

Mistress B.

(My email is

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello Darlings,

I have been bored lately with my usual playtime rituals. I recently read a fantasy sent in by one of my slaves and it used a flyswatter and a webcam for all his friends. It did give me a giggle. I might consider using new innovative punishments such as these. Although, working a webcam seems tiresome to me.

I did recently read about something that has been apparently used for awhile. A cock slap? This is a technique where the slave would be on their knees in front of their mistress and the mistress punishes them by hitting them in the face with their cock? The idea made me tell my Pet to come over tonight. I will let you know how this goes. Of course, I will have to fuck him afterwards. I am feeling a little stressed today and the idea of pounding him from behind is already making my nerves loosen. I will use my latest acquisition, Mystique. She is my largest yet.

I do hope this ennui leaves me soon. Tell me darlings, have you orgasmed in the name of Mistress B. lately? Here is what I want you to do. I want you to get on your knees (as you should be) and kneel in front of a mirror. I want you to run your hands over your sissy little cock and just jack yourself silly. Imagine me behind you: watching, grading, getting ready to punish you if you do anything wrong. Right before you finish I want you to say, "Thank you Mistress B."

Can you do that, Darlings?
Mistress B.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Darlings,
I recently discovered there was something wrong with my computer and I have not been able to see your emails. I do belive the problem is fixed and if you have sent me an email within in the last month, resend it and I will respond.
Mistress B.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silly Little Boy.

Hello Darlings,

Hope you have been good for me lately because I am considering rewarding you. How does that sound? I haven't decided what kind of reward but I will figure it out. Maybe pictures, a game, or just a fantasy of my own. Would you like that?

I have an amusing story for you. I was at lunch with Katrina in my daytime attire. We were laughing and chatting like we always do. My dear Katrina has just been given a wonderful promotion and we were celebrating over a glass of wine. I saw the waiter keep eyeing me and I let it slide because I was enjoying my time with Katrina. And in the middle of one of her stories, a man quite a few years younger than us pulls ed out a chair and just sat down at our table. Katrina stopped talking and I rose my eyebrows waiting for him to state his purpose. He scooted in closer to the table and in a round about way to take us both to a hotel room. If he had done it straightforward in a way that Katrina and I respond to, we might have accepted. But his pitiful attempt at sexy control with us fell far short. Katrina winked at me and told him we didn't have time for a hotel but there was a bathroom in the restaurant. I simply followed along and when we eventually all three got into the single bathroom with a lock she closed the lid on the toilet and sat down, gesturing for me to continue. Oh, how Katrina loves to watch. I was unprepared because I left my toys in the car but any true woman of power knows that the only thing she really needs is something you can't buy. The poor panting boy tried groping first but a slap to the face let him know that wasn't how this was going to go. He wanted to get angry but I simply shushed him and pushed him to his knees. I winked at Katrina and pushed up my pencil skirt and took off my panties. They were black with grey stripes. I threw them to Katrina and she bent down and tied the man's arms behind his back. He was confused for a moment until I leaned back in the corner of the bathroom and spread my legs, waiting. Like the pitiful thing he was, he knew exactly what to do and crawled forward on his knees. I braced myself against the handrail as he licked, sucked, and kissed all around me. He was pitiful, untrained, and simply waiting for what he called "his turn". As you all know, this is not how things go with me. I raised one leg and with my stiletto on his shoulder, pushed him onto his back. With his hands behind his back it was an awkward fall. I asked to have Katrina's underwear -she gave them willingly and might I just say they were a little wet- and I tied his feet as well. I walked above him and with my stilettos on both sides of his face, came while he watched.

Katrina and I both washed our hands, blew him a kiss, and left. I'm not sure if he ever got out of the pantie restraints or if he had to have outside help but Katrina and I had a great time.

Hope you're all being good little girls.
Mistress B.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the sunshine.

Hello Darlings,

Would you like to hear an interesting story? One of my once in a while playthings came through town and we decided to celebrate. A room in my home is getting painted and unfortunately, my whole house smells like paint. We got creative. I had him strip down to nothing and put on a pair of my pink lace panties and carry out some toys for us to play with. I am lucky enough to live in a wooded area and was able to actually handcuff him to a low hanging branch. (No worries you shy dears. We were completely alone and no one could have seen from any direction.) I have never tried anything outdoors because when it comes to sex, I prefer luxury over .... I almost said roughing it but that wouldn't be true would it? ;)
I'm getting off topic, so this was my first time outdoors and it was quite... exhilarating. I've played in public before, as you well know, but this was somehow different. It was ... carnal and dirty, literally. He definitely had a few bruises, scratches, and mud patches when I was done with him. I very rarely make my toys bleed but this time I did it on accident. His lovely body was covered with scratches from the tree when I shoved Wynonna into him. I might have even yelled a little.
Afterwards, we went inside and I let him bathe me to get all the dirt off my body. It was quite a fun day. Do any of you have experiences outside that you would like to share? I'm considering trying again sometime.

Have a wonderful day, dears.
Mistress B

Friday, February 18, 2011



I have gotten the feeling lately that all of you think that I am your play thing when reality is quite the opposite. Some of you email, send me fantasies, then email again when fancy strikes you. I just want you all to know, Mistress is not amused.

Mistress B.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello My Darlings,

How have you been doing? Hopefully, if you are properly being my slaves, you have been slutty, sissy, and submissive while thinking of your dear mistress. I have been thinking of you. I have been released (mostly because I refused to continue with therapy) and have been itching to take my whip to someone wearing my stilettos. I plan to try them out tonight. *grin* I don't even care which person is receiving it. I might just go to my Mistress' house and ask if I can play alongside her. She usually has some wonderfully wicked amusement park in her basement. All of my playthings are away for one reason or another and I will be sure to punish them when they are back for not being at my beck and call.

I am feeling a little frisky today. But sadly, wherever you are you little submissives, it is not with me. If you were next to me, I would push you into the next room and take off my lacy, black panties (a little wet, I must admit) and force you to wear them all day. I might even put you in my toy cock lock. You would be ashamed because you would know that you don't deserve the privilege to wear my wet underwear, and I would punish you at the end of the day for being unworthy. Maybe even put them, stained with your own juices, into your mouth as I whip you.

Enjoy and edge for me Darlings.
Mistress B.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello Darlings,

I have been in a better mood lately with my ongoing recovery. Have I ever told you I have a thing for cheerleaders. Well... cheer leading playtime rather than cheerleaders. The "real" cheerleaders with their acrobatics and ra-ra's are just sideshow entertainment for me. I do on occasion imagine myself in one of those unpleasant crowded school bathrooms during a college football game with one of those delicious little professional cheerleaders on their knees in front of me. I'm sure more than one of you have considered this from my point of view or even the cheerleaders.
Tonight as you touch your little cocks I want you to imagine yourself in this situation underneath me.

Have fun,
Mistress B.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a few things.

Hello My Darlings,

First, I would like to say that I am doing well. I am itching for my stilettos but I have been good (for once) and have stayed away. It won't last much longer. They just belong on my body.

Second, I have been getting a lot of new emails from slaves asking for special attention. Oh, little playthings, I will play with you but depending how interesting or submissive you are will determine how much play and what kind -grin- you get. My loyal followers will continue to get first serve with my time and attention but you newbs may work your way up.

Third, I usually like to hear the screams and pleas of my toys but I recently thought about trying gags. I bought one on a whim and was not as pleased as I feel I should have been. If any of you feel particularly informed on the subject I invite you to send me links or pictures on the subject for my pleasure.

Fourth, Edge for me tonight, Dears.

Your Loving Mistress,
Mistress B.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pet Released.

Ready for a fun story, Darlings?

So, my Pet finally caved and told his cousin about his preferences. Isn't that delicious?? I wasn't there (it would be harder for her to deal with while a leather clad domm was staring at her) but my Pet ran to me immediately after and told me everything that happened. (A little back story for my newer readers: He and his cousin have been friends for a long time and I put a chastity lock on him and refused to give him the key until he told his cousin about his secret. This was quite some time ago.)

Desperate, he finally asked her to dinner at his house and he just said it. I believe the word some might use is spaz for his approach. As they were eating, he simply paused, said her name then, "I'm a transvestite." Oh, how I would have loved to see her face. Her initial reaction was laughter that died down to confusion. Then they talked about it and (as I knew it would) ended well. He showed her his panty collection and she asked if he wanted to go shopping with her. (Like I said, they were good friends to begin with.)

I was so proud of him as he was pressed up against my breast telling me the story. It had a good ending but he had never told anyone and needed comfort. So, my dears, I did something I have never done as a Mistress before. I took the key to his lock from my ankle and released him. I stopped him before he slipped to his knees and let him sit on the chair I was in. I put my silk gloves back on and felt him with my hand. He didn't last long (he was denied orgasm for a long time and he was being touched by a mistress) but now he is buying me new gloves and is very happy he told his cousin about his secret. I mostly like to watch my slaves touch themselves but after my Pet's long service and great personal triumph, that was his reward. Lucky? Oh, yes. Not only does he have a shopping buddy now but he also has her support.

You may orgasm tonight, Darlings,
Mistress B.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year.

Hello Darlings,

I have just caught up with all my emails, lucky you. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are now ready to get on your knees for your Mistress. I have a couple things in mind to do to start off the new year. *grin* I am feeling much better, walking more normally, and maybe even getting closer to slipping on my stilettos. You know what that means, Darlings? More play time for you. I do feel that to start the new year off right you should do it on your knees. I want you all to get on your knees for me three days in a row and edge. Do it and please me. Take as long as you think will please me and if there is even a slight doubt on whether or not I will be pleased, do it again.

Would you like a story?

Last week I left my desk with my tab for the blog minimized and when I got back a computer tech was updating something. I had forgotten I had emailed him permission to update my computer over lunch. I just grinned and thanked him as I sat down. He sent me an email later commenting about the blog and asking if it was really me. No one at my work knows my ... private fun but that has never been out of shame. I have never told anyone at work because I have never gotten close with my colleagues and never deemed it necessary. So, as I am emailing my tech I thought what the hell and told him all about my life outside of work, laughing all the way. He said he had read my entire blog and asked if he could watch the next time I got with a slave. I told him to email my mistress account and that might be possible. It was interesting to be found out by someone I know that pictured me completely differently. It just makes me laugh thinking about you and your secret being found out by someone who wouldn't know.

Have a lovely sissy day, Darlings

Mistress B.