Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Everyone.

I am Mistress Katie. My precious little girl, Mistress B, is still focused on gettin better and she asked me to look in on you. It really is darling the way she asks me for favors, I'm still the only person she submits to. Anyway, I've gotten to looking around on here and I've begun to see how kind she is you, her little "darlings" haha. Count yourselves lucky that she feels so affectionate of you all. I've had many talks with Mistress B about all of you, she loves to brag about the praise she recieves here. It arouses my jealousy I must admit. But for tonight, at least, she has left you in my able hands.

When was the last time you had one of your orgasms? Today sometime, I bet. I bet you can't go even a day without touching yourselves. Well don't worry, you get to do it again now for me. I'm going over to Mistress B's very soon and we're having alittle self-pleasure party while her pet watches from the corner, poor thing his cock is still locked up. Can you imagine being in his situation? So wonderfully embarrassing for him. Anyway, let's get back to you.

When I visit her I want to be able to tell Mistress B that you all suffered very much for me and I don't have the time to walk you through every step so I hope your naked and on the edge already.

For those of you with cocks:
If you can call them that haha, I want you to wait until you are right on the edge of spurting that little load and then Take Your Hand Away. DO IT. Let your cock just hang there, throbbing. Now run one finger around the head of your cock and give the shaft a nice firm squeeze so the head swells up for me. Then I want you to do exactly what I would do if I was there with you. Take your hand and flick the head of your cock as hard as you can. It stings, doesnt it? You still want to come? Flick that cock Ten more times and say outloud "Thank You ever so much, Mistress Katie." Then you can come.

Alittle something extra, just in case you don't have a cock to stroke:
You slaves with cocks can still play along with this one though. I want you all to do the same thing. Work yourselves up to the sweaty edge, but I want you to practice a bit of spanking. Have you ever spanked yourselves? It's so embarrassing and makes you feel so silly but its so amusing for me to picture. I want you to spank your own ass so loud that it echoes. I want your neighbors to hear it. Give yourself Ten sharp raps across the ass or even more if you feel the need haha. Then you can have that orgasm.

-Mistress Katie

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creative Adjustments.

Hello my Darlings,

I see that I have some new members lately. Welcome. I hope you like submitting as much as I like having you submit.

Are you still strapped into your sissy attire? Good. It turns out I will be having surgery soon but that will be fine, the people at therapy are tired of trying to tell me what to do. Apparently, I am not a very good patient.

Although, in some ways this accident has been good for me. I have learned new ways to dominate and pleasure without being able to stand for long periods and without my stilettos. I have found creative new ways to bruise my Pet. Did you know how painful it is to get whipped repeatedly on the back of the knee? *grin* Lately, I have tried weights. If I make him stand in front of me (while I am, of course, comfortably seated)I can hang weight from his pathetic little cock and balls. Usually, I have avoided weights for a more hands on approach but desperate times come for desperate measures. And by the way, his cock still has a chastity lock on it. He is getting closer to caving and telling his cousin his sissy secret.

I will admit that I have taken out some of my frustration at my current predicament on my Pet. Don't worry, he enjoys every second of it. He is more bruised than he ever has been and (fortunately for him, I am still able to strap on Wynonna and fuck him into submission- I just have to be creative in my ... approach)he is unable to sit properly.

For you sissies, that have been constantly under my care, how many of you have actually been fucked in the ass? If you have, do it again. If not, give consideration to how you can make this happen to please me.

-Mistress B.