Saturday, May 28, 2011

Katrina in the blog.

Hello Darlings,
This is another one of my favorites because it was my dear friend, Katrina's, first dominationg session.
Mistress B.

Hello Darlings,

So something interesting happened last night. Katrina was sitting in the corner sketching me and my Pet. He was on all fours and I was sitting on his back reverse cowgirl, whipping his behind. She paused and I noticed. She had her head tilted, staring at my Pet. Here is something about Katrina for those of you that joined after her introduction. She has never been a mistress. She has never dominated anyone. She has, on occasion, allowed me to dominate her and also, on occasion, to sleep with me. The closest she has ever come to domination has been her many nights sitting in the corner of my playroom sketching, watching.

For some reason, I got the feeling last night that her interests might have changed. She was no longer sketching but just staring at my Pet's bruised body. I got off my pet, telling him to stay and walked over to her corner. I laid my whip on the table between us and just sat there, unmoving. Eventually, without a word, she picked up the whip and walked over to my Pet. I saw his eyes flicking over to me and then to her red heels. I watched as his cock strained against the chastity lock he still wears. (he hasn't told his cousin yet.) I watched Katrina test the flexibility of my whip, bending it back and without notice, snapped the back of my Pet without mercy. A slow smile spread over her face as she told my Pet to turn around and lay on his back.

I watched as she took one of my cock toys off the wall and strapped it across my Pet's hips. My mouth watered as she smacked his face and lowered herself on to the toy. I can't imagine the impotency he must of felt not being man enough with the lock on to satisfy her. She touched herself, she moaned, and she smacked him any time he tried to touch her.

My lovelies, to put it simply, she was hot.

Until next time.
Mistress B

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A year Recap.

Hello Darlings,

I have decided to celebrate the birthday of this blog by re-posting some of my favorites. After meeting my Pet on a business trip in Chicago it reminded me of this post which will always hold a fond spot in my memories.
Also, I am reading your fantasies. I will post a winner when I am done. If you haven't sent yours in yet- Bad Girl! and send it in immediately.

Mistress B.

Hello Darlings,

Last night I read your pleas, your confessions, your stories and I was thoroughly pleased. So pleased in fact that read them over and over as I used my huge blue vibrator. I screamed so loud, Darlings. That’s what you do to me. I have never moaned so much or said such wicked things in my life. If only you could have seen it.

I realized that my Pet hadn’t pleased me as much as you all pleased me in a long time. So, for your enjoyment, darlings, I drove up to see my Pet last night to punish him and reward you. I knocked on his hotel door and when he opened he was happy and frightened because he was happy to see me but he also knew I was not pleased. I began walking in the room and my Pet started backing up without breaking eye contact. I calmly took off my jacket and met his eyes again. I pointed to a spot on the floor and when he got there (on his knees) I bent over and whispered in his ear, “very bad girl.” And then we began.

After an hour of whipping and cock sucking from my pet I finally stopped and asked if he knew why I was displeased. After multiple incorrect answers, I pulled up the blog and pointed to all your wicked, filthy fantasies and told him that him he could never please me like that. So I kicked him over where he was and started fucking him while I shoved his face into the carpet. I imagined you all there, darlings, watching me fuck another. You would have seen the pleasure on my face over thinking of you and the key to my Pet’s chastity lock dangling between my bare breasts.

Two hours later I sat in a chair pleasuring myself while my Pet was handcuffed to the bed helpless to only watch. I eventually checked on him and he was restles and anxious to please me. He begged me to release him. I stood up on the bed and allowed him to please me with his tongue. I braced my hands against the wall and arched into his face. When I was finished, I leaned down and licked his lips with my taste on them.

For you, darlings, I turned around, put my coat on, and left the key on the table at the end of the bed. His eyes went wide when he realized what I was about to do and he begged me to reconsider. I didn’t. I left him there for the night wearing makeup, thigh highs, my five inch stilettos, and lacy pink lingerie. I wish I could see the look on his face when the maid opens his door. *grin*

For your reward, darlings, you can have as many orgasms as you like. Your only requirement is that you post comments to taunt my Pet over how much you PLEASED ME and how you enjoyed your orgasm where he could not.

I hope you have half as much fun tonight as I will with my toys,
Mistress B.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello Darlings,

I just realized that in two days it will be the one year anniversary of the start of this blog. That seems bizarre. A whole year of meeting new sissies and getting new submissives. As well as all the other Dommes I have met. Over a year ago I didn't even know what a blog was, how long ago that seems. I will think of a way to celebrate so keep an eye out on the 17th for what is to come.

Come for me, Darlings.
Mistress B.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arousing Picture.

Hello Darlings,

How are your fantasies coming? I am always pleased by a good fantasy. A follower sent this image to me and I found it very arousing. I thought you all would enjoy it as well. You have one week to complete your fantasy and send it in to be graded and judged by me. I will read them all personally (and if they are good enough, I might find inspiration and play with my toys a little as well.)Put the subject as "Whip Me" so I know what the email is for.

Good luck, My Darlings,

Mistress B.

The image is not me and I do not have the rights. I included the site where it was down below. If the artist takes offense to me reposting it, just email me and I will take down your work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Dutch Slut and story game.

Hello Darlings,

You are all in for a treat today because I am feeling frisky. I rewarded one of my slaves, My little Dutch Slut, with the chance to decide if we play a game. He was honored and submissive, as he should be. He decided for a story/fantasy game.

You all have a two weeks to write a deliciously submissive, slutty story or fantasy and send it to me. At the end of the two weeks I will cut off submissions and will read them all. The winner will have the honor of being posted on my blog. Make the subject "Whip Me" so I know what it is.

Entertain me, Darlings. That is your only goal.

Mistress B.

(My email is