Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creative Adjustments.

Hello my Darlings,

I see that I have some new members lately. Welcome. I hope you like submitting as much as I like having you submit.

Are you still strapped into your sissy attire? Good. It turns out I will be having surgery soon but that will be fine, the people at therapy are tired of trying to tell me what to do. Apparently, I am not a very good patient.

Although, in some ways this accident has been good for me. I have learned new ways to dominate and pleasure without being able to stand for long periods and without my stilettos. I have found creative new ways to bruise my Pet. Did you know how painful it is to get whipped repeatedly on the back of the knee? *grin* Lately, I have tried weights. If I make him stand in front of me (while I am, of course, comfortably seated)I can hang weight from his pathetic little cock and balls. Usually, I have avoided weights for a more hands on approach but desperate times come for desperate measures. And by the way, his cock still has a chastity lock on it. He is getting closer to caving and telling his cousin his sissy secret.

I will admit that I have taken out some of my frustration at my current predicament on my Pet. Don't worry, he enjoys every second of it. He is more bruised than he ever has been and (fortunately for him, I am still able to strap on Wynonna and fuck him into submission- I just have to be creative in my ... approach)he is unable to sit properly.

For you sissies, that have been constantly under my care, how many of you have actually been fucked in the ass? If you have, do it again. If not, give consideration to how you can make this happen to please me.

-Mistress B.


  1. i have not and am currently looking for a way to make it possible
    Thank you Mistress B

  2. I also have not mistress, but it is something that both excites and scares me.

    I hope you recover and are back to full health soon mistress. I'm sure the people at the hospital don't know who they are dealing with.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  3. Mistress B, it is so nice to have you back. i have so missed you and thankful that are doing better even if your going to have surgery. You know my thoughts are with you.

    i have been assed before but its been a very long time. it will make me so happy to do this for you.

    i cant say it enough. i am so happy your back.

    Thank you Mistress B