Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aww, Such Pathetic Slaves.

Mistress Katie again, dears. All I keep reading is how much you miss your precious Mistress B. Well guess what, she's not saitisfed with all your pathetic whining for her to visit this blog again anytime soon. What have you done for her lately? Is it her responsibility to make sure you all stay subservient and loyal?

I think you all need to prove to her why she should even think about coming back for a visit. oh and it isn't my job to tell you how either. Think outside the box, that shouldn't be hard for perverts like yourselves haha.

I will give you a bit of inspiration though, just think about being locked up in one of these while Mistress B holds the key. She could hang it from her necklace or from an ankle bracelet or just loan the key out to her friends to tease you. Or Maybe, just maybe she'd lock you up and toss the key in the garbage disposal! haha! Now that would be wonderful wouldn't it?

Haha So long for now, pathetic perverts.

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