Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello My Darlings,

How have you been doing? Hopefully, if you are properly being my slaves, you have been slutty, sissy, and submissive while thinking of your dear mistress. I have been thinking of you. I have been released (mostly because I refused to continue with therapy) and have been itching to take my whip to someone wearing my stilettos. I plan to try them out tonight. *grin* I don't even care which person is receiving it. I might just go to my Mistress' house and ask if I can play alongside her. She usually has some wonderfully wicked amusement park in her basement. All of my playthings are away for one reason or another and I will be sure to punish them when they are back for not being at my beck and call.

I am feeling a little frisky today. But sadly, wherever you are you little submissives, it is not with me. If you were next to me, I would push you into the next room and take off my lacy, black panties (a little wet, I must admit) and force you to wear them all day. I might even put you in my toy cock lock. You would be ashamed because you would know that you don't deserve the privilege to wear my wet underwear, and I would punish you at the end of the day for being unworthy. Maybe even put them, stained with your own juices, into your mouth as I whip you.

Enjoy and edge for me Darlings.
Mistress B.


  1. Mistress i so wish i were there for you to take out your wants on me and punishe me. i would cherish wearing your damp panties then put through you punishments at the end of the day. It pleases me to hear you feeling much more like yourself.

    Thank you Mistress B