Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the sunshine.

Hello Darlings,

Would you like to hear an interesting story? One of my once in a while playthings came through town and we decided to celebrate. A room in my home is getting painted and unfortunately, my whole house smells like paint. We got creative. I had him strip down to nothing and put on a pair of my pink lace panties and carry out some toys for us to play with. I am lucky enough to live in a wooded area and was able to actually handcuff him to a low hanging branch. (No worries you shy dears. We were completely alone and no one could have seen from any direction.) I have never tried anything outdoors because when it comes to sex, I prefer luxury over .... I almost said roughing it but that wouldn't be true would it? ;)
I'm getting off topic, so this was my first time outdoors and it was quite... exhilarating. I've played in public before, as you well know, but this was somehow different. It was ... carnal and dirty, literally. He definitely had a few bruises, scratches, and mud patches when I was done with him. I very rarely make my toys bleed but this time I did it on accident. His lovely body was covered with scratches from the tree when I shoved Wynonna into him. I might have even yelled a little.
Afterwards, we went inside and I let him bathe me to get all the dirt off my body. It was quite a fun day. Do any of you have experiences outside that you would like to share? I'm considering trying again sometime.

Have a wonderful day, dears.
Mistress B

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