Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silly Little Boy.

Hello Darlings,

Hope you have been good for me lately because I am considering rewarding you. How does that sound? I haven't decided what kind of reward but I will figure it out. Maybe pictures, a game, or just a fantasy of my own. Would you like that?

I have an amusing story for you. I was at lunch with Katrina in my daytime attire. We were laughing and chatting like we always do. My dear Katrina has just been given a wonderful promotion and we were celebrating over a glass of wine. I saw the waiter keep eyeing me and I let it slide because I was enjoying my time with Katrina. And in the middle of one of her stories, a man quite a few years younger than us pulls ed out a chair and just sat down at our table. Katrina stopped talking and I rose my eyebrows waiting for him to state his purpose. He scooted in closer to the table and in a round about way to take us both to a hotel room. If he had done it straightforward in a way that Katrina and I respond to, we might have accepted. But his pitiful attempt at sexy control with us fell far short. Katrina winked at me and told him we didn't have time for a hotel but there was a bathroom in the restaurant. I simply followed along and when we eventually all three got into the single bathroom with a lock she closed the lid on the toilet and sat down, gesturing for me to continue. Oh, how Katrina loves to watch. I was unprepared because I left my toys in the car but any true woman of power knows that the only thing she really needs is something you can't buy. The poor panting boy tried groping first but a slap to the face let him know that wasn't how this was going to go. He wanted to get angry but I simply shushed him and pushed him to his knees. I winked at Katrina and pushed up my pencil skirt and took off my panties. They were black with grey stripes. I threw them to Katrina and she bent down and tied the man's arms behind his back. He was confused for a moment until I leaned back in the corner of the bathroom and spread my legs, waiting. Like the pitiful thing he was, he knew exactly what to do and crawled forward on his knees. I braced myself against the handrail as he licked, sucked, and kissed all around me. He was pitiful, untrained, and simply waiting for what he called "his turn". As you all know, this is not how things go with me. I raised one leg and with my stiletto on his shoulder, pushed him onto his back. With his hands behind his back it was an awkward fall. I asked to have Katrina's underwear -she gave them willingly and might I just say they were a little wet- and I tied his feet as well. I walked above him and with my stilettos on both sides of his face, came while he watched.

Katrina and I both washed our hands, blew him a kiss, and left. I'm not sure if he ever got out of the pantie restraints or if he had to have outside help but Katrina and I had a great time.

Hope you're all being good little girls.
Mistress B.

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  1. Wow, Mistress B, this is so hot. Wish it was me.

    Thank you Mistress B for sharing your story.