Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pet Released.

Ready for a fun story, Darlings?

So, my Pet finally caved and told his cousin about his preferences. Isn't that delicious?? I wasn't there (it would be harder for her to deal with while a leather clad domm was staring at her) but my Pet ran to me immediately after and told me everything that happened. (A little back story for my newer readers: He and his cousin have been friends for a long time and I put a chastity lock on him and refused to give him the key until he told his cousin about his secret. This was quite some time ago.)

Desperate, he finally asked her to dinner at his house and he just said it. I believe the word some might use is spaz for his approach. As they were eating, he simply paused, said her name then, "I'm a transvestite." Oh, how I would have loved to see her face. Her initial reaction was laughter that died down to confusion. Then they talked about it and (as I knew it would) ended well. He showed her his panty collection and she asked if he wanted to go shopping with her. (Like I said, they were good friends to begin with.)

I was so proud of him as he was pressed up against my breast telling me the story. It had a good ending but he had never told anyone and needed comfort. So, my dears, I did something I have never done as a Mistress before. I took the key to his lock from my ankle and released him. I stopped him before he slipped to his knees and let him sit on the chair I was in. I put my silk gloves back on and felt him with my hand. He didn't last long (he was denied orgasm for a long time and he was being touched by a mistress) but now he is buying me new gloves and is very happy he told his cousin about his secret. I mostly like to watch my slaves touch themselves but after my Pet's long service and great personal triumph, that was his reward. Lucky? Oh, yes. Not only does he have a shopping buddy now but he also has her support.

You may orgasm tonight, Darlings,
Mistress B.


  1. Once again mistress I am jealous of your pet for both his friendship with his cousin and the kindness you've showed to him. It is nice to see how caring you can be towarsd your slaves mistress./

    Thank You Mistress B.

  2. I will never doudt that you will do as you say. You kept your word with pet and made him finaly give in and expose imself to his cousin. Though the thought of you being leather clad is very exciting to me.

    Thank you Mistress B