Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sissy yahtzee: Round 4.

Hello Darlings,

Yesterday was my Pet's 23 birthday and I had to give him a special celebration. *grin* But I will tell you about that another day because tonight is about your sissy yahtzee results. What ever your number make sure you please me and show your gratitude for being your mistress.

1- Find a temporary vending machine tattoo of something "girlie" and put it somewhere on your body. Wear it for at least two days and send your mistress a picture of it. (I would prefer it on your lower back or on your hip area but you may place it as you choose.)
2- Pamper yourself tonight: Lotion, self massage, foot soak, bubble bath- whatever is most relaxing for you. Then comment for everyone to see how you spent your night being feminine and sweet.
3- Congratulations! You get one orgasm tonight.
4- Go to a video store and rent a movie. But you must go up to a female associate and ask for help picking out a "chick flick" or "girlie movie". Pick whatever one she suggests, rent it, and watch it. Comment for the rest of us how your trip went, how she reacted, and what you got. (If she asks you can't lie. You have to say it is just for you because you like those kind of movies.)
5- Play the edge game every night for three days. No orgasm for you.

Mistress B.


  1. I rolled a one mistress, I will look for a temporary tattoo as soon as I can.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  2. Thank you for making number 3 a good one for me. I will do it this evening and think of you dominating me.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. what do i have to do for rolling a 6?

    Thank you Mistress B

  4. SissyD,
    Make sure to send your mistress a picture of it.

    I made the list before you rolled. You lucked out. I do not play favorites.

    You'll have to excuse your mistress, Darling. Just roll again.

    Mistress B.