Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to be a slave girlfriend?

Hello Darlings,

Amber posed the question asking what I needed in a proper sissy/slave girlfriend. I will address that because it is a good question. An ideal sissy girlfriend would wear proper sissy attire during play times or any time I took them out with me in public. Unlike some mistresses, I do not require 24/7 sissy attire to satisfy me. I do not wear Wynonna everyday to work (although that would be quite a sight) and it does not make me any less of a mistress. In truth, I do not need any adornments to be your mistress. I just enjoy them but that is a story for another day. Playtime panties and correct attitude are necessary. I must always be addressed as Mistress B. no matter where we are and the sissy girlfriend must do as I command.

Seems simple? Apparently, it is not. All of my sissy girlfriends seem to be addicted to my punishments and will occasionally disobey so I will string them up. I usually take to putting collars on my sissy girlfriends when I take them to my luncheons so they are constantly reminded of my unquestionable control.

Mistress B.

ps- no orgasm for you tonight. I have fallen dreadfully behind on my emails and will get to them soon. Do not fret sissies, I am not ignoring you.


  1. I'll admit, it is enjoyable to disobey on purpose sometimes. I'm sorry mistress, I wish I could be better behaved.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  2. It is all right, Darling. I do so enjoy punishing you.

    Mistress B.