Monday, September 13, 2010

Female Salve.

Hello Darlings,

How sissy have you gone before? A pamper session? A bubble bath? Well, I get in my moods and today I'm craving woman. Katrina is out of town and Mistress Katie is preoccupied with an unfortunate slave. Could you be sissy enough, girly enough for me? I'm not sure you could. You see, women get treated differently under my boot. I am more sensual with my female slaves than my male slaves. Men get a whip while women get a tongue. I can picture my ideal slave now. Chained from my ceiling shackles wearing a mini skirt, delicious makeup, and pigtails. I'd get down on my knees to check and see if she were wearing proper underwear. The would of course have to come off so I'd have a gag for the screaming later. Once they were off I'd take my hands and explore every region of their body because it belonged to me. I might take out Wynonna or my midnight blue vibrator but a lot of the times (with women) I enjoy using my hands.

Could you be that sissy?
Tell me what you would do to earn this honor.

Mistress B.


  1. That much scares me mistress, but it excites me as well.

    Thank You Mistress B

  2. SissyD,
    Don't you know you would be safe with me? I would do wicked things to your body but youd be safe.

    Mistress B.