Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want your suggestions.

Hello Darlings,

Yesterday my Pet disobeyed a direct order. It was the last problem in a long line of problems. I am finally sick of being disappointed in his unacceptable behavior. I am giving his sentence to you, my darlings, as his punishment. He has to suffer knowing his penis, his orgasm, and his fate lies in the hands of other men, women, and sissies. For the moment, I have him locked and am wearing the key to his chastity lock around my neck. He is awaiting my command and I am waiting on you. Tell me, lovelies, what should I do to my Pet?

Mistress B.


  1. Id say permanent Chasity, destroy the key and make sure the lock will never open again.
    Thank you Mistress B

  2. I would say give the key to someone else he knows. Someone who doesnt know what the key is for. Then tell them not to give him the key unless he explains what its for.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  3. Amy,
    You are so wicked! However bad my Pet has been he has always been my most loyal submissive and I am fond of his penis. I even use it on occassion. I couldn't do that to him but it is a beautiful dream. I can't help but wonder, do you dislike my Pet, Darling?

    You are wicked as well! I have never considered outting a submissive before. He does have a brother I could give it to his cousin. She lives near here and talks to him often..... *grin* I think I will.
    Good Suggestion.

    Thanks for your suggestions, Darlings.
    Mistress B.