Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling better.

Hello Darlings,
I still haven't gotten to your emails but I feel strong enough to post on the blog today. I am getting better each day but I will admit that my life would be easier with many slaves or even just one to do my work for me. My Pet has been on a business trip since my accident and has been unable to return. (He still hasn't told his cousin what the key is for by the way and is still wearing the chastity lock.) My muscles are stiff and I would even let a slave touch me today -all over- to massage out the stiffness.

But alas, you are there and I am here. So, what I can do is tell you a story. Would you like that, my little sissies? When I was a fledgling mistress and my teacher, lover, domme -Mistress Katie- had control over me I was in a similar situation. My Mistress had her appendix taken out. The surgery went well and she recovered nicely but during the recovery my mistress was very stubborn and vindictive. She would sit in her mistress chair (at the time it was pimped out with pillows to accommodate her healing body)and told me to stand in the middle of the room. As I did, the door opened and at least half a dozen people walked in: friends, other toys, a mistress friend of my mistress. They all came to support her in her tough time .... and to help punish me. They didn't need a reason, they just knew it would make Mistress Katie feel better. The stood around the edges of the room and snickered as my Mistress told me to undress. I was hesitant with these people watching. One of the other slaves got a nod from my Mistress and took the whip off the wall and smacked my quads. Do it, she said. Then I stripped. They took turns punishing me for her amusement, sometimes at the same time. Would you let me do that to you, Darlings? I'm sure you would.

Until next time Darlings,
Mistress B.

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  1. It would be with great pleasure to make you happy and feel better to be punished for your pleasure. It is a wonderful thought, wish i were there.

    Thank you Mistress B