Thursday, September 2, 2010

Play with me, sissies.

Hello Darlings,

Guess What? I'm feeling a little wicked tonight and I want to play. I have made a list with Katrina for another round of Sissy Yahtzee. Do you feel up to the challenge? You better because it is what I want. Below is a website where you can roll for your number.

Roll and I'll post the list tomorrow. If any sissy doesn't know what Yahtzee is just scroll down to previous games or ask another sissy in the comments. I have to go back into my playroom. I left my Pet with Mistress Katie and I don't want her to damage him too much. *grin*

Mistress B.


  1. I rolled a 1
    Thank you mistress B

  2. Mistress B, i rolled a 3.

    Thank you Mistress B