Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I want a sissy girlfriend.

Hello Darlings,

You tell me that you are sissy. That you are feminine. But how feminine are you really? Could you really be my slave girlfriend? You'd have to dress pretty and frilly, put your makeup on correctly and beautifully, and most importantly you would have to be girlish, sweet, and feminine.

I have been dying to have someone at my side that I could take to my luncheon date with the girls (Mistress Katie and Katrina) and have my slave girlfriend sit at my feet on a leash. To have her at my fingertips would be ... exhilarating. But alas, no slave has come close to being able to fit my needs. They always do something incorrectly that needs punishment or they can't meet my simple demand to belong to me body and mind. *sigh* If only a slave were out there somewhere.

Mistress B.


  1. what would one have to do to show they may be this sissy girlfriend Mistress B?

    Thank you for sharing Mistress B

  2. Mistress B, you know i would if i were near you. Would be a beautiful thing.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. Dear Mistress B,

    I am humbled to be able to communicate with You. I can only offer my sincere desire to find servitude at the feet of a truly dominant Woman.
    Modestly, I can say that I am intelligent, creative and well mannered. I live full time as a female and have very a feminine persona with sophisticated taste. Skilled at hair, makeup and nails, I am not without talents. My desires are deeper than sexual and I am truly big with an emphasis on well built, rough men.
    Please let me know if any further information is required and thank You for Your consideration.
    Lauren Taylor