Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can you be feminine?

Hello Darlings,

If you are wondering, I called my Pet this morning to see if he was freed from his restraints and he answered. He thanked me for showing him how vulnerable he really was and that he would never displease me again. The maid at the hotel also sent a message to me through my Pet. She wanted to let me know that I was welcome back anytime because it gave her a good laugh at how vulnerable and defenseless he was. Apparently, she teased him some before she unlocked him which pleases me greatly.

Did you enjoy yourselves last night? Good. But I am still your mistress and you are still my slaves. Your pleasure is not what matters here, mine is. For my own amusement you aren’t allowed to wear your sissy panties today. You must wear your regular underwear and clothing. You must carry the ladies underwear in your pocket so you remember what you are NOT wearing.

The whole day you must be feminine and sexy WITHOUT the makeup, feminine clothing, or lingerie. It is what’s inside that matters, darlings. The clothing and accessories are fun and sometimes helpful but if you really want to be my little feminine sissies it should be internally powered. Be feminine when you walk down the stairs, when you drink your soda, even when you wave hello. I want this to continue for 24 hours after you read this.

Can you be my feminine slaves? Do you really think you can brave facing your neighbors, coworkers, family acting oh-so-very sweet, delicate, and charming? You will if you want to please me, and believe me darlings you want to please me.

Prove to me that you did what I told you to and comment how you accomplished what I commanded. Tell me what girlie things you did throughout the day. You aren’t ready yet to orgasm like a lady so no finishing for you tonight- Just focus on being my feminine little bitch, darlings.

Be pretty,
Mistress B.


  1. Good morning Mistress B...Your demand to go without panties today came at the right time. i was going to ask your permission to wear male underware today because i have a Dr appointment this afternoon.

    i have been acting sissy for you. Limp wrist, walking, manerisms and pinky finger pointing when using a cup or glass.

    Thank you Mistress B for getting me better in tough with my inner sissy.

    Thank you Mistress B

  2. Thank you mistress. Finally an assignment not hurt by my lack of female clothes, wonderful. I will do my best to be feminine for you.

    Thank you mistress B.

  3. Darlings,
    Are these pitiful comments supposed to please me? I think you've forgotten what is most important here: my fucking pleasure. I'm very angry that I must remind you.
    Mistress B.