Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's A Contest Coming Soon....

I'm giving all of you notice ahead of time. In the near future I will start a contest between all my sissies. I will not tell you much about it now, but I warn you now that you might want to ask to be denied and save your orgasms for when it starts.

Beyond that, I am bored tonight and had a challenging day. Tell me a story darlings. Maybe how you first realized your wanted to be feminine? or a recent fantasy you have been dreaming of?

Make sure its something that will please me.

Oh and compliment me as well. As I said I'm feeling down today. Tell me something flattering. If you can make me blush with your worshipping words to me I will tell you more about the upcoming contest.

Mistress B.


  1. Mistress B, as you have suggested, i am asking permision to be denied or your orgasms.

    Thank you Mistress B for being such a wonderful, caring, sexy, loving, Beautiful Mistress ever.

  2. I first knew that I enjoyed being feminine after stealing a pair of my sister's underwear and wearing it under my other underwear while I was in public. It instantly made me so hard and it was like having a little secret from the rest of the world. As a young boy with a sister, I also ended up in dresses from time to time when I lost bets or was talked into it by her friends that I liked. I did not realize I enjoyed being submissive until much later though, I think I was watching some movie and the girl tied a man to the bed, took an embarrassing photo of him and then left him there to be discovered by other girls waiting in the hallway. These other girls entered, giggling and teased and wrote all over with lipstick and markers. This scene suprisingly aroused me very much.

    Thank you Mistress B for being such a kind, sexy, wonderfully cruel, and beautiful mistress to us.

  3. This past Wednesday Mistress B came to my home for an unexpected visit. She has a key and let herself in, I was in the back yard hanging my laundry to dry. I came back inside and saw Mistress B sitting at the kitchen table. Mistress B said strip right there kathi, I knew I was in trouble at the moment. I asked if I could use the bathroom first and she said no. I wanted to run to my room and put on my panties but couldn’t. I lowered my pants which let Mistress B see that I wasn’t wearing my required panties. Mistress got very mad asking why I wasn’t wearing panties all I could do was stutter. Mistress B sternly told me to finish stripping off all my clothes. She then ordered me over the back of a chair and started whipping me for not being properly dressed, I pleaded for her to stop and after 50 stokes of her cane and lots of my tears Mistress B finally stopped whipping me. I was then told to get dressed in my panties, nylons, garter belt, bra and full slip. I was then told to collect all my male clothes and put them in plastic bags then load them in her car. I asked please don’t make me go outside dressed like this, She just pointed at the door, I wanted to die having to go out like this. After putting all my bagged clothes in her car trunk I ran back inside. Mistress B was looking very mad she then tied me to the stair rail and left me for an hour. She returned and told me she had given all my disgusting male clothes to good will. That now my new life is going to start. I asked her not to hurt me, she laughed and said when I finish you will wish I hurt you. Mistress B then gave me a long woman’s coat to cover up in. She dragged me to her car and drove us to the mall. Looking into my eyes she said we are going shopping for my new clothes. I begged and pleaded not to go into the mall but she wouldn’t listen. We went to Belk’s and I had to try on skirts and blouses, dresses, and shoes. She selected all my ladies wear and I paid for it all. Still dressed only in my lingerie and coat we left for my house and put all the clothes in the closet and drawers. Mistress B then selected a skirt and blouse for me to wear and six inch heels. Mistress B then lectured me as she applied make up on me telling me that from now on I will only dress as I am now and will remain a sissy forever full time. I asked if I could have just one male outfit and she flatly said never again. At this time my training also started, I was to be her ladies maid and learn how to sit, walk, talk, curtsey, house cleaning, cooking, laundry and had washing her lingerie. Mistress B took great pleasure in my embarrassment and loved to tease and denied me for days on end. I truly was her sissy slave for life. All because I did not wear my panties one day. Let this be a lesson, never cross or try to fool your Mistress. You will never win.

  4. Oops, i forgot
    Thank You Mistress B

  5. Kathi,
    Yes you may be denied your orgasms. Soon you will find out why. Your fantasy pleases me greatly. It is charming but I am somewhat alarmed at the thought of you disobeying me and not wearing your panties. I am glad this is just a fantasy because if it were not I would be very displeased and would be forced to punish you for days.

    This is the perfect entertainment for me Darling! Just yesterday I was speaking with Katrina and she wanted to know when my Sissys first knew they had these specific desires. I told her the stories that I knew and now she has yours as well. This delicious little detail in your life pleases me greatly. Good Job.

    Don't you owe me one more fantasy? I do not enjoy waiting on my slaves.

    Mistress B.

  6. Mistress B, you make me so happy i pleased you. i would never think about not wearing my panties, i know how your punishments can be, i have been punished once and dont want to do that again.

    I do hope your day was better today.

    Thank you Mistress B