Monday, June 7, 2010

Step by Step.

Hello Darlings,

Mmmm. You’ve been so good lately. Would you like to please me more? I know you do. I’m feeling a little less soft today and a little more demanding. I have a list for you to do tonight darlings and I want you to please me and do what I say.

Take off your clothes.
Get on your knees.
Put your sissy items in front of you.
(whatever they are: panties, toys, magazines)
Imagine me in the room with you.
(Wearing thigh highs, strapped stiletto boots, and a midnight blue corset with matching panties)
Do you want to touch yourself?
Do it.
I don’t want you to edge- I want you to throw yourself off the cliff with a running start.
Do it now and do it hard. Think about all the sissy things you’ve said and done this last week.

Do it again.

Do not fail me darlings, I want to be pleased oh-so-much tonight,
Mistress B.


  1. Thank you mistress. This was a wonderful assignment, I assume you were feeling kind yesterday. My second was even more intense than the first this time.

    Thank You Mistress B

  2. Mistress B, i so love it when your demanding and at the same time a nice lady caring for your sissy and have her feel good and submissive.

    i stripped as commanded and set out my panties, controle panty, three nightgowns, full slip, garter belt and nylons. All this beautiful nylon lingerie got me so excited, i trembled when i layed my butt plug in the middle.

    i visioned you looking so beautiful and strong dress in your midnight blue corset with matching panties, thigh highs and stiletto boots. Looking down on me telling me to start stroking my sissy clit. After a few minutes i came so hard and strong and caught it in a cup. After i got my breath for a few minutes i took a panty and started stroking again. It took awhile the second time and im well spent and sore.

    i could probably go several days without now im so spent.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. SissyD,
    I was feeling kind and it pleases me that your orgasms were of increading strength. Good girl.

    You are such a sissy slut. I am pleased with your description and wish for this to continue. Good Girl.

    Mistress B.

  4. Oh my, Mistress B, my heart just flipped. Im estatic that you ar pleased with me and want to continue. The Good Girl just brought water to my eyes im so happy to please you.

    May i have permission to kiss your foot or hugg your stocking leg.

    Thank you Mistress B

    ps: i did leave a few remarks on the last posting, please check.

  5. Kathi,
    No you may not. No one may touch me. However, you may continue your efforts to please me.

    Mistress B.