Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sissy Yahtzee Results.

Hello Darlings,

I apologize for the delay darlings but you see, my Pet got home this morning and I have been carrying out all of your magnificent suggestions. I pulled out all his male underwear and threw it in a pile on the floor. Under my direction, he took the underwear outside and set them on fire. He won’t be allowed to wear male underwear for a very long time, darlings. Then I told him the second part of his punishment that you suggested. He must wear his chastity belt for another week. *grin* My Pet is not pleased with all of you but I am and, of course, that is all that matters.

I spent the rest of the day being pampered by my little chastity locked maid. He cooked me dinner in five inch chrome stilettos and then he was allowed a rare treat of being in the same room with me while I took a bath. He had to sit across the room with his legs crossed like a lady and his hands neatly folded but I enjoyed having him watch. And that, Darlings, is why my post is so late for you tonight. But I am here now so we can get started.

Would you like to receive your reward/punishments, darlings? I know I have been dying to give them to you.

1- Play the edge game every night for three days. No orgasm for you.
2- Shave your legs from the knees up.
3- Only female panties 24/7 for a week.
4- Send Mistress B. a sissy picture of yourself. (Your face does not have to be included. Some people just write “Property of Mistress B.” on their chests and send that in.)
5- Congratulations! You get one orgasm tonight.
6- Give Mistress B. a different fantasy every night for a week.

Give me updates on your progress, Darlings. You know how comments please me. Don’t like your number? Well, don’t worry we will play again soon with a whole new list as long as you satisfy me with this one.

Your Ringmaster,
Mistress B.


  1. Small addition: Someone needs to explain what the edge game is to our charming newcomer and the photos may be sent to

  2. Mistress, i'm afraid that i'm not entirely comfortable with sending you a photo, even without my face in it. i would gladly accept any or even all of the other punishments in its place. However, if you still absolutely insist, i will send the photo and carry out any punishments for questioning you that you see fit.

    i am sorry for letting you down.

    Thank you, Mistress B.

  3. To those that do not what edging is, edging is bring yourself as close to an orgasm as possable without actualy haveing the orgasm.

    It is very exciting and very agrivating.

    Thank you Mistress B

  4. Thank you Mistress B for my new assignment. It will be done with great pleasure for you, though edging drives me crazy with lust and need, i am more that pleased to do it for you because i know you enjoy my discomfort.

    Thank you Mistress B

  5. I will send a photo soon Mistress.I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  6. SissyAli,
    Usually I would not allow such a request but just this once I will because it is your first direct assignment. You may roll again. One day you will feel comfortable enough with this request to please me.

    To all my sissys,
    The information you send me about yourself or the pictures you send will always be kept private. They will only be seen by me and will never be used for anything but my own pleasure. Your safety will never be an issue here.

    Thank you for explaining edging. Also, good your lust and need pleases me. Give me updates on your progress.

    Good Girl. I will enjoy it.

    Mistress B.

  7. Your welcome Mistress B, my pleasure to expain edging.

    Thank you Mistress B

  8. Thank you for your benevolence, Mistress B. Your message was wonderfully reassuring and i hope that i will soon become more comfortable with such requests.

    i rolled a 6 this time, Mistress. My first fantasy follows.

    I'm at home and there's a knock on the door. I get up to answer it but there's no one there. Looking down, I see a plain brown box, which I take inside and open up gingerly. It contains a pair of plain, white panties, neatly laying flat in the centre of the bottom of the box.

    I panic. Someone knows my secret and I have no idea how. I run to my computer and disconnect it from the network. I erase all my sissy porn, my bookmarks, my browsing history, anything that might link me to my fetish. I don't have many feminine clothes, just a few pairs of panties, but I grab them all and hide them at the back of a drawer. I don't want to get rid of them but maybe someone saw them - saw me in them? - through a window and I can't leave them out in the open. I reseal the box with the white panties still inside and get rid of it in the trash outside. It almost seems a shame to lose them, as the dumpster slams shut.

    By the time I get back inside, the panic has begun to wear off. It was probably just a prank. College kids trying to scare someone. Or maybe some kid with a crush got the wrong address when delivering a gift. No one could have figured out my secret. And even if they did, why leave me a gift instead of blackmailing me? It has to be a coincidence, it just has to be, I keep saying in my head.

    But the next day, it happens again. Plain brown box, plain white panties inside. I check the dumpster - the first box is still there and still sealed. It's a different box, a different pair of panties. I panic again, dumping the second box in with the first. And then I do the same with the third. And the fourth. And the fifth.

    By the sixth day, I'm completely freaking out. I don't know who's doing this to me or why. I know what they want from me, though. They want me to wear this underwear. For the first time, I touch it, feeling my fingers against the soft, smooth material. They're plain but very high quality. A little part of me wants to wear them, has since I saw the first pair, and that part has been growing larger, stronger, every day. I give in, rationalising that it's the only way to find out more about whoever is doing this by seeing the next step of their plan.

    I pull them on and they feel wonderful against my skin. So much nicer than the cheap, designed-to-be-torn-off lingerie I normally afford myself. I decide to keep them on all night, sleeping in them. What harm could it cause? I sleep soundly, despite the mixture of anxiety and excitement for tomorrow's box.

    Tomorrow's box is more panties. But different this time. The same style as the first pairs but in different colours - bright pink, baby blue and black. I lift them out one by one, turning them over and stretching them in my hands. I notice writing on the otherwise-blank labels - the next three days of the week, one on each pair. The instructions are clear and I follow them. The next day, there's no box. Part of me hopes that whatever this is has stopped, part of me fears the same thing.

    Once I'm done with the last pair, the black ones, I get a new box, one that feels heavier as I lift it and take it in. It's filled to the brim with underwear - panties of every kind and colour, even a few pairs of stockings and a bra. I push my hands into the box until I can feel the bottom and then pull them out again, flinging frilly, sissy underwear over my head. I spin and giggle as they flutter to the ground around me. I know I should be scared but I simply don't care. I roll around in the pile of them on the floor, holding them to my face, their smell alone almost making me cum. I spend hours like that.

  9. The next box is empty with only a few cartoonish symbols inside. Little drawings of briefs and boxers being tossed into a box. The intent is clear, as always. But this is where I draw the line. I take the box inside but do nothing with it. Every day for three days I leave it sitting in a corner of my room and try not to look at it. And for three days, no boxes come. I had felt angry at the idea that whoever this was thought they could just order me around, make me do anything they wanted. On the fourth day of staring at that empty box, I realised that they're right.

    I take all of my male underwear and put it in the box, which I carefully seal and place outside my front door. Five minutes later, I look again and it's gone.

    I fear I might have angered my benefactor by waiting so long but a box arrives the next day, this time with lipstick in it. I try it carefully and mess it up, looking like a clown. So I wipe it off and try again. After hours of practice, I get it perfect and smile at myself in the mirror, hoping someone else can see me.

    For a week, the boxes contain make-up. I have to look up guides online and practice a lot but I get better and better. As I have more variety, I learn what shades look good together and what don't. I only wear my lingerie when putting on and wearing my new make-up - anything else feels wrong. I spend my days wondering what the next box will contain and what will come after the cosmetics.

    Sex toys. Sex toys come after the cosmetics. A small, simple dildo at first. Then they gradually got bigger. Began to vibrate. Take on bizarre and amusing shapes. Chastity devices follow, each with their own day of the week. Tuesday onwards have little spikes that make my little sissy dick so sore when I get hard. And I do get hard, especially when my thoughts turn to the boxes.

    Full sets of clothes appear next. Well, I say clothes. Frilly skirts and long dresses, perfectly fitted for me and exquisite against my skin. They get sluttier as the boxes go by. I don't think in terms of days now, just boxes. Eventually, a maid's outfit comes - a full outfit with a beautiful little cap and black high heels. A pink feather duster completes the look.

    Another empty box, now. I open the door in my maid uniform, not caring if anyone sees me and not bothered to look around to see who might have dropped the box. I stopped doing that a long time ago. There are symbols in the box again, like with the boxers and briefs. But it's more than that now. The symbols are t-shirts and trousers, sneakers and walking boots. All my male clothes must go in the box.

    I don't even hesitate, flinging in clothes as fast as I can saunter over to them in my heels, dusting the spots where they lay with my pink feathers. Male clothes are just so dirty.

    The box of my old clothes, of my old life, disappears. But it is replaced not by nothing but by a new box. I state, open-mouthed, as I open the door. It can hardly be called a box, really - a crate is more accurate. A packing crate the size of a bed, lined with soft pillows and silk sheets. It would fit me perfectly in my heels, arms at my side.

    There are no instructions on it. I know what I need to do. What I want to do.

    I step in the box and the fantasy ends.

    i apologise for the length, Mistress. i became somewhat absorbed as i was typing and it became more of a story than a fantasy.

    i would like to thank you again for allowing my request and i hope that this fantasy pleases you. i look forward to writing more for you.

  10. Kathi,
    Good Girl. Tomorrow tell me how your edging went tonight.

    I am in thrall with your fatasy. It took my breath away and I am pleased. I can picture you opening each box and eventually giving in to your sissy desires. Keep this up, Darling.

    I received your picture in the email and I am thoroughly pleased with you. You are beautiful.

    Mistress B.

  11. Good morning Mistress B,

    I do hope you had a good nights sleep after catching up on everything while you were away.
    I on the other hand had a rought nights sleep after my edging for you. I sliped into a nice size 5 vanity fair panty, nylon of course, layed on my bed and slowly started stoking my sissy clitty, it didnt take long for me to be quite along the path to delerious arousal. I made myself edge for one hour because i know you like it to last at least that long. I came so close 6 times and alomost lost control once but i kept from going over the edge for you. i did have a huge wet spot from you know what. I had planned on sleeping in my panties but after about an hour and a half, i had to take them off, i just couldnt take it anymore, i wasnt settling down and i needed to get some sleep. It still took me sometime to get tosleep even after removing my panties.

    I hope you enjoy my torment and dedication to you.

    Thank you Mistress B

  12. Thank you mistress, It makes me blush to be called beautiful by you. I'm glad it pleased you.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  13. Kathi,
    Your discomfort does please me. Mmmmm. You better be careful luv, I might not ever let you take the panties off again.

    Just keep pleasing me.

    Mistress B.