Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekly Luncheon.

Hello Darlings,

I am going to wait one more day before we all roll the dice again. But I enjoyed myself way too much to wait any longer- so be prepared. I am slightly altering the list and rearranging the numbers. If you have any wicked sissy suggestions for the next Sissy Yahtzee you may email them to me at

Every week I meet for lunch with other women like myself. Mistress Katie has heard all about you and is thoroughly amused at the idea of a domination blog. She prefers pleasuring by bruising rather than by fantasy. These women all swap techniques and wonderful ideas. They all read the blog and all enjoy your submission, Darlings. I'm very proud of you for not embarassing me.

You are still required to be in panties 24/7. Tomorrow we will play Sissy Yahtzee again.
Mistress B.

ps- while I do share stories from the blog with these women, pictures and personal emails are kept to myself and are not given to these women. This is done for your privacy and peace of mind.


  1. That sounds fantastic mistress, I would love a bunch of girlfriends chatting about me and my punishments and thank you for keeping the pictures to yourself.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  2. Mistress i have completed my third night of edging, like you wanted me to, in my panties and it was realy a difficult time this time. I completed another hour. Being in panties all the time now and no relief for so long i desperatly need to cum. Please Mistress, im begging you, please dont add another night to my sentence, i dont think i can handle it. im so afraid i will loose it and i dont want to disobey you by loosing controle. im constantly dripping now. Please dont add another night.

    Your submissive lil kathi thanks you so much.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. i cant not wait to see what the list will be this time, im still in panties 24/7 thanks to the number i rolled, and completed the edge game as a punishment, but i went and rolled and got a 5 this time.

  4. Sissy Amber because Mistress B allows us to talk to each other, as a caring sister, please remember to always thank Mistress B after you post.

  5. That sounds absolutely wonderful, Mistress. i'm glad that you're proud enough of us to show our submission to your friends. i hope we never embarrass you in front of your peers.

    i rolled a 1 for Sissy Yahtzee this time, Mistress.

    i loved the idea of you and other Mistresses meeting so much that i added it into tonight's fantasy. i hope you like it.

  6. They came in once a week, a group of beautiful women meeting for lunch. The other waiters and I sometimes drew straws or simply raced to be the one serving their table, leaning over them as we put down meals, getting a chance to peak down their tops. At least, that's what the others claimed. For me, it was more about that wonderful feeling I got in the pit of my stomach when a beautiful woman gave me an order.

    Maybe it was that feeling that had distracted me as I approached their table with the food. Perhaps if I'd been more focused on where I was going rather than who I was going to, I wouldn't have tripped over whatever it was. At the time, I didn't know. Now… In light of all that happened, I'm fairly sure it was a foot. Regardless, I fell forward, instinctively throwing out my arms to stop my fall and flinging the full plates into the air. When I looked up from the ground, I saw one of the woman sitting at the table, her expensive-looking clothes covered in pasta and sauce. When I met her eyes, she flashed a grin at me. It vanished as she stood up and started yelling, drawing the attention of everyone in the restaurant, including the head waiter. He rushed over, shooting me a death glare as we went, apologising profusely and calling people to help clean up.

    None of it stopped her yelling. Did I know how expensive this dress was? I should be fired for such incompetence. She was going to sue the restaurant and everyone in it. A real song and dance but she eventually calmed down enough to coherently demand somewhere she could go and clean up. The bathroom wasn't good enough apparently, she needed privacy to clean herself up.

    "And you," she said, pointing accusingly at me as I stood up and dusted myself off, "are going to come and help me."

    I was so worried about losing my job or having my wages docked, I was almost grateful for some clear instructions. That feeling in my stomach returned and refused to go again. From behind her, the head waiter motioned towards the back of the restaurant and the employee-only bathroom. As strange a request as it was, I'm sure she could've asked for my head on a silver platter and he'd have gladly given it to her to avoid more fuss.

    I told her she could use the employee's bathroom and asked her to follow me. When I glanced back to see if she was coming, I saw all the other ladies she'd been dining with grinning and giggling, completely unconcerned about their friend's apparent anger. The employee bathroom had a single toilet, a mirror and a sink, along with a door that locked the whole small room instead of just a cubicle. Once we were inside, her expression changed again - back to the mischievous grin I'd seen before.

    She asked if I knew how much the dress I'd ruined was worth and I told her that I didn't. She told me that it was probably more than an incompetent like me earned in a year and i agreed, just wanting to avoid more yelling. She dabbed at the mess absent-mindedly with some paper towels while she said that she didn't really want me to have to pay back all the money. Money meant little to her but she felt I needed to repay her somehow.

  7. "You know, when you took our orders, you said you'd be serving us today," she said, turning seductively towards me. I knew where she was going instantly and I felt my knees start to buckle as that lovely mix of horror and anticipation welled up inside me again. "How would you like to serve me for a lot longer? You'll love it, I promise."

    It couldn't have been coincidence that I was the one they'd tripped up. She'd planned this from the start, blackmailing me into being a slave just because I'd maybe been a little too obvious in my attentions. The thought that this woman, this beautiful woman, had gone to so much effort just to break me and had pulled it off so easily was the final straw. My knees went beneath me and I found myself kneeling before her, staring up into her eyes.

    "Ooh, I'll take that as a yes."

    What she did next surprised me. She reached down under her dress and slowly slid down her panties - lovely black lace ones. She ordered me to put them on but I protested for the first and last time. I said I wasn't really into that kind of thing. In an instant, she leaned down and grabbed the hair on the back of my head, bending me painfully backwards as I knelt. She spoke harshly into my ear but not loud enough to be heard over the din of the kitchen outside.

    "Not into that kind of thing? Not into that kind of thing?! You're my slave now and you'll be into whatever I damn well want you to be into. I could order you to do the most degrading things imaginable - and I probably will - but right now, all I want you to be is my little sissy bitch. What are you?"

    "Your little sissy bitch, Mistress."

    "That's right. So. Put. These. On."

    I did as ordered, stripping quickly and blushing as Mistress saw my dick for the first time and giggled. I slid the panties up my legs and felt that they were wet but not from the spillage. I had aroused my Mistress enough to make her wet and I was permitted to touch her juices with my little penis. I knew it was the closest I would get to sex for a long, long time and I relished it.

    I redressed and helped my new Mistress clean herself up further. She laid her dress out on the floor and ordered me to lick it clean as she towered over me, naked. I dared to steal a glance and felt her heels in my ass. She promised it would be my balls if I did it again, which I definitely didn't. Once the dress was cleaned to her satisfaction, she slipped it back on and told me to give her my phone number. She would call me once I finished my shift and she was done with her lunch so that I could begin my proper training as a worshipful sissy slave.

    I couldn't wait.

  8. SissyD,
    I knew you would. They are all fond of you. *grin* One of them asked if they could borrow you but I wouldn't let them. You. Are. Mine.

    Are you asking ME to change MY plans so YOU can obey? No, no, Darling. That isn't how this works. I say something and you do it. Period. Are you really as submissive as you say? Are you really a good little slave? Then you will edge for one more night and you WILL NOT COME. You do as I say, Kathi. Not the other way around. Obey me.

    Mmmm just imagining you in panties makes me purr. I bet you look lovely. We will see how you fair with the next round of Sissy Yahtzee. Also, you should listen to Kathi and do not disrespect me again.

    It entertains me that you add parts of me into your fantasies. Tonight your fantasy aroused me so much my panties actually were wet like the Mistress in your story. Good girl.

    Mistress B.

  9. Of course I am yours mistress, I would have it no other way.

    Thank you mistress B.