Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello Darlings,

How are you all fairing after round 2 of sissy yahtzee? I know I am falling out of my chair with amusement. So I will do something I do not normally do, Darlings. I will give you a choice. Would you like to play again? Leave a comment telling me if you do and if enough people say play again I will make a new list and roll the dice.

Guess What? SissyAli's fabulous fantasies have inspired my dear friend. She requested that I refer to her as Katrina Von Virulence. Katrina is an amazing artist and was so roused by the blog that she wanted to create some images for our enjoyment. Darlings, DO NOT forget to thank dear Katrina.

Mistress B.


  1. Mistress,
    Yes I would love to keep rolling the dice for you because it brings you such amusement and arousal in some cases.

    Thank you mistress B.

    Dear Katrina,
    Your images are lovely, I have not seen much like these anywhere else. I belong to Mistress B and I hope it does not make her jealous but I'm very glad she has shared the blog with you. I hope I can inspire you the same way SissyAli has.

    Thank You Katrina

  2. Mistress B, my vote i gladly hand over to you. My vote is we do what you want to do. Pleaseing you is what matters to me, so if playing yahtzee is what you want then so it be.

    Ms Katrina, i love your art, it is realy nice and sexy, wonderful work. Thank you for sharing these with us.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. SissyD,
    It does please me. I have had a week of wonderfully wicked nights and dreams. Your vote is noted.
    I am not jealous, Darling. To please Katrina is to please me.

    You are so submissive. You make me want to command you more and I will. I love your answer and your voted is also noted. If it is up to me then your vote is to play again.
    Good girl, Im pleased with your gratitude for Katrina.

    Mistress B.

  4. Mistress B, please do command more of me. i am so happy you feel this way. i dont know what i did to make you feel this way, if i did, i would do more of it. You have made me a very happy sissy girl.

    Thank you so much Mistress B

  5. Mistress B my vote is to please you which i believe would be that you would want to play another game of sissy yahtzee, and i will gladly comply
    Thank you Mistress B
    Dear Katrina,
    your Images are lovely and sexy and I thank you so much for sharring them. I would do anything you wanted me to do as long as it was okay with Mistress B
    Thank you Katrina

  6. Your art really is amazing, Katrina. Thank you for sharing it with us. i'm glad that my little fantasies helped inspire you.

    i have carried out my orders from yesterday's Sissy Yahtzee, Mistress B. i wasn't sure of the best way to taste myself but i eventually settled for masturbating into a bowl while looking at Katrina's lovely art and thinking of you. When i was done, i got down on all fours and licked the bowl clean.

    It was a wonderful experience, the inspiration for tonight's fantasy.

    As for Sissy Yahtzee, my vote is biased because i risk getting two punishments. i do prefer it when we are all given the same orders - an entire harem of sissy sluts simultaneously obeying the same commands is a beautiful thought.

    However, my opinion is worthless next to yours and you clearly enjoy it when we play your game. As i live only to please you, i will cast my vote in favour of another game of Sissy Yahtzee.

  7. When they took off the blindfold and I saw the Goddess in person for the first time, I instantly dropped to my knees. Sitting on her throne with her sissy slaves on either side of her, she smiled at me and waved her hand up. I stood again, still staring at the vision of beauty in front of me. The pictures I had seen on the cult's website didn't do her justice, even though they'd been more than enough to get me here.

    She clapped her hands and a dozen or more sissies appeared on either side of her, forming a corridor from me to her. The ones that had been sent to pick me up and bring me here stayed behind me, sealing me in. Perhaps they thought I might try to escape, though I can't imagine why. This was the culmination of all my fantasies.

    The Goddess snapped her fingers and one of the slaves beside her throne handed her a golden chalice. I recognised it instantly, from the lore I had memorised before being allowed to come to the Goddess's temple. The Chalice of Submission. The look of awe on my face must have made it clear that I knew what it was because the Goddess said nothing, simply handing it back to the nearest pet to begin the ceremony.

    One by one, the sissy sluts passed it around the room, each orgasming quickly, slowly filling the chalice with their cum. It happened so fast and the chalice became so full that I knew She must have kept her sluts denied of orgasm for days and had them edging before I arrived. The Goddess was so wise to plan these things and so kind to speed the ceremony for me. I would gladly have stood facing her for hours while my soon-to-be-sisters teased themselves dry.

    I could hear the cum in the chalice begin to slosh around as it moved behind me and back towards the Goddess, though all her slaves were careful not to spill a drop. There would be harsh repercussions if they did and we all knew it. Once it came back round to the Goddess again, She took it in both hands, rising from her throne and striding towards me. The chalice was almost full of sticky white cum but she moved with such grace on her heels that it barely rippled until she handed it to me. I was shaking with anticipation but forced myself to steady my hands. I knelt once again with the ornate drinking vessel positioned just below my erect cock.

    And then they all descended on me. Every sissy in the room started rubbing me sensually, some massaging my back and feet but most going for my throbbing dick. Before I'd discovered the cult of the Goddess, the thought of men doing these thinks to me would have disgusted me. But these were sissies, not real men. I was not a real man and could not control what aroused me. The Goddess controlled her sissies' every thought and I knew she wanted her new slaves to enjoy the ritual that would strip them of the last vestiges of manhood. I moaned, growing loaded and louder as I neared orgasm.

    And then I came, every drop of my precious semen landing in the chalice. The other sissies backed away instantly, resuming their silent watch around me. I waited until the final drops had fallen and then I picked up the chalice and stood up. It was so full that I had to take tiny, gentle steps as I made my way to the altar. I placed the chalice upon it, exchanging it for the soft white gown that was the Goddess's preferred uniform for sissy initiates. A simple white collar with my name written on the tag completed my ensemble, the only clothes I would need from now on. Unless Goddess promoted me… then I would get to wear silk and latex and rubber and leather and… I stopped that train of thought. Slaves should not be so whimsical and I had a ceremony to complete.

  8. I picked up the Chalice of Submission again and carefully brought it to my lips. It was still warm and the cum of my sisters and myself tasted lovely and salty. Once it hit my tongue for the first time, I knew that I needed more. I up-ended the chalice, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of hot, sticky cum. Any that didn't go in my mouth covered my face and trickled down my shoulders, soaking into my gown. It was in my hair and in my eyes but I didn't care. I just kept drinking and drinking. When the chalice was empty and I had licked it clean, I rubbed my hands all over myself, gathering what excess I could and sticking my whole hand in my mouth to taste it all. When I thought that that was done, I saw the Goddess staring at a few drops that had hit the dirty stone floor. I gasped in my most feminine way, like a 50s housewife spotting a mouse, and dropped to the ground, licking it all up. The dirt on the floor and rough stone on my tongue mattered little compared to the glorious taste of cum in my mouth.

    When I was sure I was done, I stood up again, smoothing out my sissy gown and straightening my collar. I must have looked pathetic - a grown man in a cum-soaked white gown, hair slicked back with the semen of other men. But I knew that was how the Goddess wanted me and I felt wonderful because of it.

    She crossed her legs and gestured at a cushion I hadn't seen on the ground next to her throne. I dropped down to my knees again and crawled towards it. When I reached her side, I curled up at her feet. A wave of pleasure hit me when she tousled my hair with her gloved hand and let me suck the dirty, sticky semen that I had missed from her fingers. I could see the whole of the chamber from here. Sissies filled the room, each with their own way of pleasing the Goddess. Some were dancing to inaudible music, some were fucking each other or just themselves with all manner of sex toys, some were practicing make-up techniques and some were simply standing around, looking wonderfully pretty. I was so glad to be close to the Goddess on my first night but I wondered what my role in the harem was to be.

    A sissy maid in a beautiful frilly outfit came in carrying a tray, setting out a meal on the altar in front of the Goddess. She ate carefully and delicately, watching her slaves perform for her. When she was done, the maid went to pick up the plate but She held up a hand to stop her. Instead, she gathered her table scraps on to one plate, picked it up and scraped the leftovers on to the ground in front of me. I devoured them hungrily and she patted me on the head as I heard her order the maid to bring me a bowl of water.

    It was so clear now. I was the Goddess's little puppy. And I felt wonderful.

    i hope that you have enjoyed tonight's fantasy, Mistress. And you too, Katrina.

    Thank you, Mistress B.

  9. Kathi,
    I will command more of you as it pleases me. Only your submission and obedience can please me. Continue this and I will stay happy.

    Good Girl, it does please me. Your vote is noted. I am eager for you to roll again.
    Katrina is very busy but I will ask her if she has any special requests of you.

    Your response to your sissy yahtzee pleases me greatly. I can just imagine you on your knees like a little sissy slut. Your submission arouses me almost as much as your fantasy. Darling, that was wonderful. Would you like to be my faithful little puppy? Mmmm. I am very pleased.

    Mistress B.