Thursday, June 3, 2010



So you enjoyed yourselves did you? Well, that’s lovely. Now ask me if I enjoyed myself. NO I FUCKING DIDN’T. What is your number one goal, darlings? Number one goal: Please. Your. Mistress. I said tell me how you accomplished as I commanded: how you were feminine on the inside and how you felt doing it. Did you tell me? No.

I am furious.

I rewarded you! I punished my Pet for you! I told you a story from my life. What I did in that hotel room was a part of me. Did you appreciate it and give something back to your mistress?? You fucked up. I gave you the opportunity to tell me about your life and you didn’t do it. You could have told me how you interacted with a coworker while being feminine or how you giggled at a joke. I will give you one more day to be feminine and to TELL ME how. If you don’t give me a story from your life you will have to truly suffer my displeasure.

No orgasm for you little girls. I pray for your sake that you please me tomorrow.
Mistress B.


  1. Mistress im sorry i misunderstood what you wanted from me and will do better.

    i had lunch in the employee lounge today and sat with the ladies. We chatted about dresses and what new is comming out this spring, i said i wanted a bright sundress with matching shoes. we talking about bathing suits and i said i would like a bright one piece with matching sandles. we all giggled and laughed. The ladies said they had fun with me and i was kidded the rest of the day when passing one of them in the hall. One lady said she would take me shopping for the bathing suit and wanted to see me in it, i turned red and said let me know when you want to go, then walked away swishing my hips and holding my hands out. This lesson was hard to start but got better as it went along. i wonder how many days i will hear about the bathing suit.

    Mistress B i hope this meets with your approval.

    Thank you Mistress B

  2. I'm sorry Mistress, it took me awhile to find feminine things to do and practice. I did not report back soon enough to. You know about my visit to the dress store, of course. Once I read your last post, from then I tried to walk very lady-like and swung my hips to and fro.

    I was talking to my sister on the phone and she mentioned going shopping I said in a joking manner I'd love to tag along. We both laughed but she didnt catch on. I've even been sitting to use the bathroom every time now, as a lady would.

    Thank you Mistress B.

  3. Kathi,
    Now this pleases me. I bet you enjoyed giggling with your coworkers and sashaying around all day. I enjoyed hearing about it. Good girl.

    Feminine things do not have to be complicated. Your stories are feminine actions and please me very much. Good girl. Keep doing this and keep pleasing me.

    Mistress B.