Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sissy Yahtzee: Round 2.

Hello Darlings,

At the bottom of the page I listed a website to roll the dice if you have not yet rolled. I do not tolerate cheaters or liars so make sure you have a number before you read the results. Also, I would like to reiterate that anything you send me will remain in my private collection.

Two of these were recommended by my luncheon friends. So enjoy, Darlings.
Also, If you have an assignment that was more than three days from round 1 of sissy Yahtzee you must continue with both assignments.

Sissy Yahtzee- Round 2 Results
1-Send Mistress B a sissy picture of yourself. (Your face does not have to be included. Some people just write “Property of Mistress B.” on their chests and send that in.)
2- Find a temporary vending machine tattoo of something "girlie" and put it somewhere on your body. Wear it for at least two days and send your mistress a picture of it. (I would prefer it on your lower back or on your hip area but you may place it as you choose.)
3- Pamper yourself tonight: Lotion, self massage, foot soak, bubble bath- whatever is most relaxing for you. Then comment for everyone to see how you spent your night being feminine and sweet.
4- Congratulations! You get one orgasm tonight.
5- Go to a video store and rent a movie. But you must go up to a female associate and ask for help picking out a "chick flick" or "girlie movie". Pick whatever one she suggests, rent it, and watch it. Comment for the rest of us how your trip went, how she reacted, and what you got. (If she asks you can't lie. You have to say it is just for you because you like those kind of movies.)
6- Congratulations! You also get to have an orgasm tonight..... BUT there is one requirement. You must taste your own orgasm.

Good Luck, Darlings,
Mistress B.


  1. Small Addition for SissyAli: I have an artist friend that attends our luncheons. She isn't exactly like us but her art is about women like us so she is welcome to our meetings. She wanted me to tell you that she is thoroughly enjoying reading your fantasies and is very pleased with you. She is actually considering getting into the trade herself. If she does I will thank you sissyAli because then I will be the one to break her. *grin*

    Small Addition for everyone: Do not forget to thank me. You don't want to be punished for something so easily avoided.

    Mistress B.

  2. I rolled a 4 Mistress B and it was very difficult since Im beginning to chafe from the three mandatory orgasms a night but i would do anything at all to please you
    Thank you Mistress B

  3. Mistress B, i'm glad that my fantasies have pleased others and helped you find more slaves to bend to your will. Mistress B's friend, if you're reading this, i hope you do "get into the trade" as Mistress B puts it. i'm sure she would be as wonderful a mentor as she is a mistress.

    i know i rolled a 1 yesterday, Mistress, but i'm afraid i'm still not entirely comfortable with sending you a picture. i re-rolled as you instructed me to do before and i got a 6 this time.

    i will gladly swallow all of my cum for you, Mistress B, and carry out whatever other punishments you deem necessary for my disobedience.

    Tonight's fantasy will be up in a few hours.

    Thank you, Mistress B.

  4. Mistress B, i rolled a 3 and i can sure us it after the last game. With my luck i was sure i would roll another edgeing. Was glad to see it wasnt there.

    Mistress B, i completed my extra nights edge and it was the hardest most dificult edging i have ever had, i am so close to being on edge most of the time now just from my constant arousal so it didnt take much to get me on edge. i made if for an hour for you and was so wet. My balls hurt now from being so blue. im glad you have not added another night. i wish i had rolled a four or even a six.

    Mistress B, you are so good for me. You are what i have wanted for a long long time.

    Thank you Mistress B

  5. I also rolled a six mistress. I will taste it happily for you. I hope you enjoyed my last photo as well.

    Thank you mistress B.

  6. I rolled a 5 Mistress B, and i just got home from completing it, i went to the video store, of course still in panties 24/7, not sure if she suspected it even tho i think they were showing a bit in the back when i was walking back up front and her behind me, but she suggested i rent the notebook, and i watched it, it was a great movie, she did ask who it was for, so i had to tell her it was for me and i just adore those movies. Thank you Mistress B for this.

  7. My fantasy for tonight, Mistress...

    The night had been going brilliantly. I'd had some reservations about being set up on a blind date but they were long forgotten by the time I found myself in her bedroom, scrambling to remove her dress while she tore off my shirt. It was fantastic, like something out of a movie. Until she stopped suddenly and then back away from me. I asked her what was wrong and then followed her gaze down to my now-undone belt.


    I'd completely forgotten that I'd had my sissy panties on. They weren't even the vaguely-unisex-with-a-pattern ones that I could claim to have got dirt cheap or something. They were my favourite pair, pink and lacy and barely cable of constraining my genitals even when I wasn't undressing a beautiful woman. Wearing them had just become so natural that I must have simply grabbed them while dressing that morning without thinking. I certainly wasn't expecting my date to go this far…

    By the time I'd processed what was going on and looked up from my waist, my date had left - I just caught the door slamming, almost catching the dress she had clutched on the way out. I didn't hear anything else after that, which I suppose was fortunate. She hadn't run out into the night or instantly started phoning our mutual friend, demanding to know what the hell they'd got her into. I sat on the bed and waited, trying to come up with a plausible lie. Suggesting I did it for a bet would probably keep my secret intact but would hardly do wonders for my reputation. Trying to explain the truth would be difficult but maybe she would be sympathetic, at least enough to not tell anyone. The date was unlikely to be salvageable.

    I was sitting with my head in my hands, contemplating just walking out now and denying everything later, when I heard the door open again. Before I could even look up, she spoke.


    It was almost the same voice that I'd had dinner with earlier, discussed politics and films and the weather with. But it was different in some subtle way that made every word a command. I stood.

    She had changed clothes while out of the room and was now wearing the kind of outfit I'd only seen in my wildest wet dreams. A mix of latex and leather with high-heeled boots and her dusty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

    "Remove the rest of your clothes."

    "Yes, Mistress," I replied and continued where she had left off. I could see exactly where this was going and I loved it.

    "Ooh, so obedient right off the bat. It took my last little boy-toy months before he responded that automatically. Walk towards me, slave, into the centre of the room."

    "Yes, Mistress," I said as I strode almost robotically away from the bed. She walked around me, looking me up and down, in turn feeling my muscles, smacking my ass with a riding crop and squeezing my balls with her gloved hands as she did so.

    "Mmmm, very nice. Especially with your panties on. Repeat after me, slave. 'I am Mistress's sissy slut'."

    "I am Mistress's sissy slut."

    "'I will do anything and everything I can to please her.'"

    "I will do anything and everything I can to please her."

    "'I will follow her every order as if it was my greatest goal in life. Obedience is pleasure.'"

    "I will follow her every order as if it was my greatest goal in life. Obedience is pleasure."

    "Those words are your mantra now, my little pet, the very core of your being. Say them to me again."

    "I am Mistress's sissy slut. I will do anything and everything I can to please her. I will follow her every order as if it was my greatest goal in life. Obedience is pleasure."

  8. "Good girl. Now, here's what we're going to do next…"

    She explained that I was going to be her personal pet from then on until she grew bored with me. As far as anyone else was concerned, I owed my mutual friend a beer because we were such a loving couple in a whirlwind romance. In a few months, I would move in with her and my job would support her full time as she practised her hobby of breaking men into obedient sissy sluts. I was to help by being the perfect sissy, a model for them to aspire to. I was lucky to have made such a good first impression on our date, she said. She sometimes tired of having no one but mindless sluts around and might let me keep up the masquerade of being her doting boyfriend even if we weren't in public.

    "How does that sound?"

    "It sounds perfect, Mistress."

    "Yes, yes, it does," she said as she pulled aside my straining panties with a deft flick of her riding crop. She grabbed hold of my pathetic sissy dick and started slowly stroking it back and forth. "Repeat your mantra, slave. Get louder and louder as I pull you closer to your first orgasm as my sissy bitch. And then, once your done, drop to your knees and keep repeating it until you get hard again."

    "I am Mistress's sissy slut. I will do anything and everything I can to please her. I will follow her every order as if it was my greatest goal in life. Obedience is pleasure. I am Mistress's sissy slut. I will do anything and everything I can to please her. I will follow her every order as if it was my greatest goal in life. Obedience is pleasure. I am Mistress's sissy slut. I will do anything and everything I can to please her. I will follow her every order as if it was my greatest goal in life. Obedience is pleasure. I am Mistress's sissy slut…"

    i hope you (and your friends) enjoyed tonight's fantasy again, Mistress B.

    As i do not yet know what you wish me to do about the Sissy Yahtzee, i have done nothing save for some edging as i wrote the fantasy. i eagerly await your orders.

    Thank you, Mistress B.

  9. Amy,
    This is the punishment for displeasing me. I do not enjoy having to break slaves I thought were already obedient. You will have my orgasms and you will thank me for it.

    The both of us are pleased. I am throbbing to tie a sissy to my bed because of how much you please me. If you keep writing like you do, I may get to tie my friend up and ravish her body like I have always wanted to do. (She is very beautiful in body and spirit.)Your fantasies never cease to arouse and entertain me. Good girl.
    As for sissy yatzee. It is bad luck for you to roll the picture again but because you have pleasured me so thoroughly with your fantasies, I will grant your wish and allow you to accept your second roll as your punishment. But I feel it necessary to add another punishment. The next time we play sissy yahtzee you must accept two punishments. I am a fair mistress after all.

    It is good to hear that you did not disobey me. I am pleased. I had my Pet explain what blue balls felt like and I do not see why you are so upset- It sounds enjoyable to me. *grin* But you did do as I asked so I will reward you with an orgasm tonight. Make sure to comment on your sissy yahtzee assignment as well as your orgasm.

    Mmmm. Really? This pleases me imagining you tasting it like a dirty bitch. Of course I enjoyed your photo, Darling. Actually, I enjoyed it during my personal time last night. *grin* So, if you decide to send more, know that they will be put to good use.

    *Giggle* This pleases me. Did you enjoy being feminine outside your safety area? I know I enjoyed imagining it.

    Mistress B.

  10. Oh my goodness Mistress, that makes me so happy! Thank you mistress, now I cant resist the urge to send more. I imagine that was part of your plan. Your so wonderfully cruel and intelligent in the ways of controlling us mistress.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  11. Mistress B, lastnight was a nice relaxing evening for me. Early in the evening i took a bubble bath using Fresh Blossom bath jell. i had 4 candles burning and listening to some soft music while sipping on wine. After i finished my bath i slipped into my pink vanity fair full length nightgown and of coure my required panties which are pink and match my gown. i spent the rest of the evening sipping on wine and read my new RedBook magazine. i was nice and relaxed from the wine when i went to bed still dressed. The wine helped me drift off to sleep. Nothing exciting just very relaxed and i felt so good all wrapped in my things.

    Thank you Mistress B

  12. Mistress B, i did not get your message until this morning. Thank you so much for granting me an orgasm tonight i know it wont take much. i can kiss the ground you stand on for allowing me this pleasure.

    You truly are the Best Mistress a sissy could ever dream of having, loving, caring, very fair, strick and beautiful. What more could a sissy ask for.

    Thank you Mistress B

  13. SissyD,
    Apparently, I'm not the only clever one. Yes, I do enjoy varying my control. You are so fun to tease and enjoy.

    Mmmm. That night sounds delicious. You're right- I am all those things and a sissy like yourself can only ask to someday deserve my attention.

    Mistress B.

  14. mistress B,

    how may i become one of your pets? anything you want from me is yours.