Thursday, June 17, 2010

A portrait.

Hello Darlings,

I am thoroughly amused, entertained, and most of all pleased at your responses to my new game. Believe me, we will play again. I will wait for a few days because some were assigned multiple day tasks. Guess what? I realized something today, Darlings. I am addicted to dominating you. Your submission is so arousing to me that I don't even know how to explain what you do to me. I thought I might reward you for pleasing me this much. I have decided to grant you a rare treat. A better idea of what I look like. This way, when you fantasize about being dominated by me you can actually picture me better.

I am regular height without heels but I tower over slaves when I put them on. My favorite pair are thigh high and lace up the back. I always wear black and midnight blue- always silk and lace. My hair is dirty blond and falls down to my waist. Slaves aren't allowed to see my hair when it is down and free. With them it is either braided or in a pony tail. I added a loop to my garter belt so I could always have my whip right within reach. My body is curved in all the right places in all the right ways. I have been told my eyes are unsettling because they can't decide on a color. Sometimes they are blue, sometimes green, sometimes gray, but they are always watching you.

Darlings, keep pleasing me.
Mistress B.


  1. Oh My, Mistress B, you sound so beautiful and lovely. What a vision you have painted in my mind and i just love thigh high lace up the back heeled boots. Are they shiny black? You have to be to die for. And your dress, oh wow and long hair, my gaud, you just totaly consumed me.

    I have been addicted to you and now even more so.

    Your lil sissy kathi

    Thank you Mistress B

  2. I agree Mistress B, you sound very beautiful and like a lovely woman. I imagine looking into your undeciding eyes while you punish me. Your lovely long hair would bouce when you take me as well.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us, Mistress. You sound beautiful. i have even included some details of your appearance in today's fantasy. i hope this makes it easier for you to imagine yourself in the fantasy and that you enjoy that thought.

    Like most hair salons, it was clearly designed to cater more to women than to men - a pink logo, glossy fashion and gossip magazines laid out on a coffee table, adverts for dyes and conditioners lining the walls. But it did say unisex in the window and a free coupon was a free coupon. I'd probably be doing them a favour, really. A lot of people probably got the same coupon in the paper and came in expecting the works - my "short back and sides" approach would save them time and money.

    I went inside and was shown to a seat. The hairdresser, a pretty girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, looked me up and down, quizzically.

    "So," she asked. "What do you want done?"

    I told her to keep it simple, just shorten it and thin it out for the summer. I could see her face in the mirror and she almost looked disappointed at my request. She loved her job, I suppose.

    She made small talk for the first few minutes, mostly her asking questions and me responding curtly. She talked about the weather, asked where I was from and what I did for a living, if I had family in town, my hobbies, if I had a girlfriend. I hesitated to answer her questions as they grew more personal.

    "Oh, I'm sorry," she said, giggling. She had a nice giggle and I briefly smiled, imagining myself giggling like that. "I suppose that was a little too personal. You know, while I'm cutting this, I could easily style it just a little. Would you mind?"

    I figured I might as well go along with it. I wanted to hear her giggle again, I suppose. And when I acquiesced, she smiled a wonderful, white-toothed smile.

    She suggested a few small improvements. Then a few larger ones. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered fashion advice as her ample breasts rubbed against my back. I daren't look around to see if anyone else knew what she was doing. I thought about leaving but my hair was still only half cut and I didn't want to make a scene. And I was enjoying myself far too much. My little sissy dick was straining against my panties, producing a bulge that she could clearly see as she whispered beauty tips in my ear again.

    "Oh, my," she mockingly gasped, exquisitely giggling again. "What is that? You seem to be enjoying our little session, sissy."

    My heart froze as she said it.

    "How do I know? You have a look about you, they always do. You need an excuse to come in - those coupons always work so well for that - and once you're here, you have such a delicious mix of anxiety and excitement. Seeing all these pretty women being doted on is the fulfilment of your wildest fantasies. But what if someone sees you? Could your bluff your way out? Would rumours spread anyway? It's all over your face. Now, stay still. I'm almost done here."

    I sat still, as ordered. There was nothing else I could possibly do. I could feel them now, the eyes of every woman in the room, staring at me. She hadn't even bothered to keep her voice quiet as she explained my secret and there was silence for a moment, followed by laughter. A mix of cruel laughter and giggles almost as sweet as her's. And then nothing. Just the same white noise of small talk and hairdryers that there had been before. I had no idea what was happening.

    Behind me, the blonde straightened up, putting her hands on her hips and examining her work. "All done," she said gleefully.

  4. She had indeed cut my hair. I wanted to stand up and just walk out but I just couldn't bring myself to. I managed to squeak out a few words, asking if I could go now.

    "Did I say you could leave, you little sissy bitch?" she yelled, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back so I could see her eyes as she towered over me. They were different now, no longer bright and exuberant but a stormy, angry grey.

    "N-n-n-no," I stuttered.

    "That's "No, Mistress", you faggot. I am your Mistress and you will address me correctly as you follow my orders. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Mistress."

    Where had that come from? I didn't know how to cope, what to do. Everyone was laughing and giggling again, my Mistress was yelling, it seemed like the whole world was falling apart. So I obeyed. It was the simplest thing my mind could do. Mistress spun my chair around so I could see the whole room, all the women pointing and laughing. I didn't want to look at them so I kept my head down and saw the shoes Mistress had prepared for me.

    "Stand and put them on," she commanded and I obeyed. They fit perfectly, like they were made for me. I teetered a little on the stiletto heels but that was just nervousness - it wasn't my first time in such feminine shoes. I hoped Mistress could tell and that she would be pleased with my performance.

    She turned in front of me and waved her hand, silently commanding me to follow as she walked to a door at the back of the room, past all of the watching customers and stylists. Behind the door, it was like another world. The easy-to-brush hard plastic floor gave way to soft carpeting. There were still women sitting in chairs being attended to but the chairs were expensive recliners and the women wore almost anything but plastic gowns. Leather, latex, long silk dresses, every single one of them looked devastatingly sexual in her own unique way.

    And they weren't being served by pretty young hairdressers. They each had at least one collared slave at their feet - some women, some men, some pretty little sissies like myself, all completely submissive. I stared at them all open-mouthed as I followed my Mistress through another door, into a dressing room. I stood perfectly still in the middle of the room, not knowing what else to do, and she approached me with a pair of scissors. Gracefully, like she'd done it a hundred times before, she cut off my clothes, tearing the fabric away and leaving only my panties.

    "You should really stay still for this last part, little boy," she said before she snipped away my panties and tossed them aside as well. I somehow knew that they had been the last clothing I would get to choose for myself.

    She ordered me to try on several different outfits and parade for her in each of them. A maid's costume, a frilly dress, bondage gear… As I did so, she explained all that I needed to know for my new life.

    I was a sissy slave. My old life was over and my new one was here. I would not leave the salon until my training was complete and I was purchased by a new Mistress. My training would consist of removing the last traces of masculinity from my mind, showing me how to dress and put on make-up like a proper sissy and training me in the etiquette and skills that a modern Mistress expects of a slave. My current Mistress was my Trainer and she would see to it that no one ever came looking for me as she molded me into the ultimate sissy bitch. She had high hopes for me, apparently. Very few prospective slaves came along this easily and I was the first sissy she'd trained who came in wearing panties already.

  5. By the time she left to put on her strap-on (I was not permitted to see her naked), I'd had time to think about what was going on while my body instinctively followed commands. She was going to completely destroy my life, irrevocably change me as a person for her own amusement and profit. It was horrendous. I knew what I had to do when she came back in with her huge, rubber penis.

    I bent over.

    i hope this fantasy pleases you.

    Thank you, Mistress B.

  6. Kathi,
    Is that so? Addicted? Mmmm,I just know it makes you even more desperate. Soon you will be nothing more than my little bitch.

    You read my mind, Darling. You would beg me, worship me, and thank me for the privledge.

    You have thrilled me yet again and now I know that describing myself was the perfect decision. You made my blood run hot, Darling. I may demand a fantasy every day. Good Job.

    Mistress B.

  7. Mistress B, being nothing more that your little sissy bitch will be a big honor.

    Thank you Mistress B