Sunday, May 30, 2010

Persuade Me.

Hello my Darlings,

Excited about tomorrow? I should think so but I was mulling it over and I decided that I am enjoying withholding your release so much that I can’t imagine any reason why I should let you finish. When the only thing that matters here is my pleasure, why would I bother? So tonight (after you complete the task my Pet assigned to you) you are going to play my new game.

Frightened? You should be.

Use your mirror and see what you’re doing like my Pet commanded, looking into your own sissy eyes and watch yourself. For at least 20 minutes. Then clean up and begin to persuade me. I want you to take out every sissy, slutty, submissive thing you have. Think of the dirtiest, filthiest things you’ve ever wanted to do or be done to your body. Are you thinking, darlings? Good. In order to win your release tomorrow you must do your worst to your own body and tell me what things you have done. And if you really want to please me you can tell me your wildest fantasy. Submissive fantasies almost never fail to please me. Your only restriction is that you cannot come. I am still furious with my Pet and frustrated that I cannot punish him in person for two more weeks so you will have to do.

Do you think you can please me? You must be more submissive and feminine than you have ever been in your entire life if you plan to please me. If you fail to persuade me you will suffer an even worse fate than my Pet. I actually hope you fail because then I get to keep the rights to your orgasms all to myself. Good luck, darlings. *grin*

SissyD, do you think I haven’t noticed what a submissive little girl you’ve been? How hard you’ve been working for me? I’ve noticed. You could quite possibly redeem everyone and please me enough to allow your orgasms tomorrow. Good Girl.

I hope you moan for me tonight, Darlings,
Mistress B.


  1. I have done both task Mistress B and i also got dressed up in my favorite dress and knee high boots and fucked myself silly with my dildo, surprisingly i had a harder time resiting cumming while fucking myself, even though i didn't touch myself at all.
    Thank you

  2. Amy,
    Your submissive, feminine, slutty act does please me. Mmmm. I can just picture you on your knees with your tight little behind in the air. -But- Do you really want to know how to please your Mistress? Tell me a story or fantasy to go along with your wonderful submission and I might let you finish tomorrow like a good girl.

    Also, when you end your comments it should be "Thank you Mistress B." Don't piss me off, Darling.
    Enjoying your submission,
    Mistress B.

  3. Dear Mistress B, i have completed your pets lesson and went for 30 minutes not the 20 minutes. i used a butt plug after this keeping it in all night and sliped on clean panties as required. i am delierious with need to cum this morning. your lessons are about to put me over the forbidden edge. Please Mistess let us cum tonight, i cant take it anymore. i promise is will work on my fantasy for you today.

    Thank you Wonderful Mistress B

  4. Kathi,
    Your extra time pleases me. You kept the plug in all night? What a naughty, naughty girl. *grin* I will consider allowing you to finish if your fantasy is amusing enough to me.

    Since everybody appears to need more time to work on their fantasies I will not post until later tonight
    Mistress B.

  5. My fantasy is to have beautiful dominant women force me into whatever girly things they wish me to wear, and the highest heels they can find. Then they would fuck me with dildo and strap ons without letting me touch myself at all so i would cum just from the penetration, finally they would get me cleaned up adn force me outside to a club or bar to pick up a few guys and they would have their way with me
    Thank you Mistress B

  6. Dear Mistress,
    If I had a buttplug or dildo I would ride them or suck them for you. Since I do not, last night after finishing your Pet's assignment I set up a video camera and put on the dress I have and I wore panties on each wrist. Then I filmed myself on all fours and playing with myself with one hand for nearly half an hour. When I was done, I re-watched the tape of me being such a slut and didn't allow myself to touch anything.

    The fantasy I pictured while I was doing this was you, mistress B, sneaking up behind me while I was on all fours, you watch me play for a few minutes then suddenly grab me around the hips, flip up my dress and yank down my panties. You slide an already lubed strap-on up inside me and reach around to grab my dick. I brace myself on the floor on all fours and take your strap-on and your thrusting until your exhausted. It's up to you of course whether I get to come then.

    Thank you Mistress B.

  7. My life has changed so much over the past two week ever since I met Mistress B. I have been taken places I never went before and so sexually aroused I cant think straight anymore. I think Mistress takes great pried in keeping me in this state of mind. Mistress has kept me feminized in panties 24/7 and allowing relief only one time. I fantasize that Mistress will keep me chaste for a minimum of a month using a chastity devise that slips over my pantied cock making sure that im kept in nylon and constantly stimulated. Mistress makes me put a panty over my clit then put on the chastity devise and locking it, then Mistress makes me slip on panties over this. Next Mistress makes me put on a nylon cami, after this I must put on a garter belt and nylons so I an incased in lingerie from my neck to my toes. If im staying in the house Mistress has me put on a full nylon slip and a sundress or petticoats and maid uniform with locking 4 inch high heels. Mistress gives me assignment to do around the house and things better be the done the way She wants them done or She will whip me with Her cane. Mistress takes great pleasure in punishing me with Her cane. At times Mistress will cane me for no reason, just because She wants to hear me scream and beg for Her to stop whipping me. If im going out of the house I am allowed male outer clothes but no socks. I am completely feminine under my male clothes. Even when I go to work I am correctly dressed to Mistresses requirements. Mistress does occasional panty inspections and I had better be properly attired to Her strick standards. I am not allowed to stain my panties and if I do, I get whipped for not having respect for my feminine dainties. I know I will be punished when Mistress has panty inspection because I can’t keep from leaking precum. This pleases Mistress because now She has a reason to punish me.

    Mistress has a once a month gathering with her Dominate Lady friends and im responsible for all the shopping for the foods and drinks that i will be serving while dressed in my most feminine serving maids uniform. Mistress keeps me plugged with a shocking device and also one on my clit that is remote controlled and she is very quick to punish me if I drop any thing or spill anything while serving her friends. I must answer the door and curtsey to her friends when they arrive and I am not allowed look them in the eyes, if I do, I will get shocked.

    This evening Mistress is having a lingerie party and just informed me that I am going to be the model. I beg Mistress please don’t make me model lingerie in front of your friends, please and I start to cry and beg not to do this being so embarrassed to be seen like this but it only makes Mistress happy to see me like this. What matters is that Mistress is happy, not how I feel or what I want. Mistress has warned me that that She will remove the chastity devise and I had better not get an erection, show precum or loose control and cum tonight that if I do I will be punished beyond any punishment She has ever had me suffer in order to learn my proper place. I had better show self control and not embarrass Her. I haven’t been released for a month, I know im in for punishment tonight.

  8. Dear Mistress B, im sorry for the long fantasy turned story. i hope i didnt bother anyone with it.

    Thank you Mistress B

  9. My darlings, you are all so wonderfully filthy. You have all pleased me so much that I'm thinking about letting you have an actual orgasm.

    That was lovely. Have you learned to come from just the penetration? Not all sissy's can. From what I've seen, you could make a beautiful woman for me to take out on the town like that.

    Very realistic fantasy, if I caught you like that it's exactly what I would do to you in real life *grin*.

    No need to apologize for the length of your fantasy, it shows you put alot of thought into pleasing me with it and it did. It pleased me very much. You've given me such beautiful thoughts of ways to control and degrade you. You want to be locked in chastity for me? You want to be my house maid? That's lovely.

    Your all welcome, Mistress B

  10. Dearest Mistress B...You have made me so happy from your comment that i actualy have tears.

    Mistress B you are so Super Wonderful.

    Thank You Mistress B

  11. Kathi,
    Your loyalty and sincerity please me. But your praise brings me even more pleasure. Good Girl.
    -Mistress B

  12. Thank you Mistress B, thank you so much.

  13. I have not yet learned to cum by just penetration yet, but that is probably because it turns me on so much that i have a hard time not touching myself while i do it, and do you really think i would make a beautiful women?
    Thank you Mistress B