Saturday, May 22, 2010

So you want to finish?

Hello Darlings,

All your pleas are so amusing to me. "Please let me finish, Mistress. Please." You should know that begging just makes me mean. So- you want to finish? You're desperate to let your body go to that wondrously naughty place?

Fine. You can come, darlings, but it has to be my way.

You have 24 hours to have 5 orgasms. Your clock starts ticking the moment you read this. Each orgasm must be on your knees like the submissive slut you are. If you fail to complete all 5 in 24 hours, you cannot finish for A WEEK. If I were there I'd bend you over and show you what a real orgasm feels like because you beg for them so often- but your 5 will have to do. Good luck, darlings. I'm already planning wicked things to do to you if you fail. (or if you don't.)

I'm a fair mistress and I ask for so little. If you comment on my posts, observe the proper way to address your mistress. I have commented back to remind you but you still continue to disrespect me. Do not let it happen again.
Mistress B.


  1. I've already had two orgasms Mistress B, thank you for this task. I hope I can finish all of them for you.

  2. Thank you Mistress B for your kindness, i have completed one and will continue for you.

    kneeling to you Mistress B, kathi