Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be Pretty.

Hello my Desperate Darlings,

Are you throbbing? Suffering? Good. This is your deserved punishment for not obeying me and completing five simple orgasms in 24 hours. I could do 10 mind numbing orgasms in 12 hours and you couldn’t accomplish 5 little ones? So you are going to serve out your sentence (it ends on Monday) and you are going to thank me for every minute of it. Maybe after that -maybe- I’ll let you finish.

My pet got dolled up for me today and took me out to dinner. She was my sweet, innocent little slave girlfriend for the night and she look oh-so-very pretty in her shoulder length hair, backless dress, and my blue stilettos. She looked even prettier in the bathroom, on her knees, sucking my dick. She always pleases me on her knees. She pleased me so well in fact, that I pulled her to her feet, flattened her against the wall, and pushed my dick into her body. I had to put my hand over her mouth because she moans like a porn star.

Do you think you deserve this treatment? Of course not darlings, that’s why you aren’t going to finish tonight either.

Are you feeling pretty today in your panties, Darlings? You’re going to let the most feminine parts of yourselves out for me. Strip down to just your panties and pick up your extra pairs- the most colorful and most delicate. Wind them around your wrists so you can have feminine, delicate bracelets. Let them chain you to your feminine side- be pretty. Do you look pretty darlings? Run your hands through your hair, caress your nipples. I want you to get on the floor on your knees and put on women like me teaching girls like you how to behave. Stay there, on your knees, watching these women dominate and know you won’t be coming tonight. Rub the panties along your body and let your body awaken. Arouse yourself, tease yourself, run ice along your body to feel the cold. Do not touch yourself. Do not finish.

Hope you have half the fun I will imagining your frustration,
Mistress B.


  1. Dear Mistress B, this sissy completed her task you set for me and i did think of you and thank you for being so kind to me. Funny thing, was looking forward to being naked for two hour but when i was, i was craving my panties. Seems i have a need to take them off and then a need to put them back on. i am so confused that in such a state i cant think. I hope tonights assignment wont drive me out of my mind, i dont know how much more i can take. Thank god you havnt demanded i start sleeping in a nightgown.

  2. I've done what you said mistress. I did my best to be feminine for you. Do we all really have to wait to Monday? You've pushed me where I've always to go and I hope you take me farther. I will do my best for you mistress. I hope I can hold out for your reward.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. Kathi,
    If you do not start ending your comments with the words "Thank you Mistress B." I am going to punish you every day for a year. Saying thank you isn't enough you must say it the way I demand it and you WILL DO IT. As for your discomfort, it pleases me. I shudder to think how you will survive the next three days because each day is just going to get worse. You have a nightgown do you? Mmmm, and I bet you mentioned it because you want me to make you sleep in it. I'm sure you do, Sissy. Well, you can't. What you can do tonight is wear the nightgown during your punishment and when you're done take it off and hang it some where near your bed. So it is near you and you know its there taunting you but you CAN NOT SLEEP IN IT.
    Thank me properly tomorrow and I may let you wear it.

    Did you just say, "Do we all really have to wait to Monday?" Was that a whine? Are you whining to me? YOU are the one that couldn't complete my task. YOU are the one that failed me and now YOU must serve your sentence.
    Although, your obedience and your submission always brings my pleasure, SissyD. I am pleased imagining you on your knees for me and always being a subserviant sissy slut. You WILL hold out for my reward or you will have to do even worse punishment than this for another two weeks. How are you holding out in those feminine little panties?
    I know you can please me, darling, do not fail.

    Your loving Domme,
    Mistress B.