Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please me.

Hello Little Darlings,

Have you missed me? I’ve been thinking about exactly what I want to do to you. At first, so many wicked things came to my mind but I decided against all of them. You don’t deserve any of those delights just yet. Dirty little boys and girls need to be punished, not rewarded because it doesn’t matter what you want or need. All that matters is that you please me and do what I say.

Are you going to do what I say, darlings?
Of course you fucking are.

What is your favorite thing to do, my lovelies? Watch porn? Wear something naughty? Use some toys? Whatever your treat of choice- I want you to do it tonight. Touch your dirty cocks, dirty vaginas and stroke yourself till you are wet. Moan, scream, think of me but here is the twist- you are not allowed to finish. Get yourself good and worked up and stop right before the end. You better be throbbing, dying, dripping when you finally walk away from the edge or I will be very disappointed.

You don’t want me disappointed, darlings.

Finally, thank me out loud (“Thank You, Mistress B.”), get dressed, and go about your day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you play some more if you please me enough.

Until tomorrow,
Mistress B.

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