Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Haven't Earned My Trust.

Hello Darlings,

How was your night of adult entertainment? I'm sure you nasty little slaves enjoyed it. I don't watch porn myself, its only for dirty little boys and girls like you. Did you play while watching too? I already know you did *grin*. You better not have finished. All I keep hearing from you is how hard it is not to come while enduring my punishments and because I am so kind to you, I want to help. Tonight you're to be naked for two complete hours and one of those hours will again be spent watching your nasty little porn entertainment, but this time no touching. No touching, thats right, after you read this you are not allowed to touch those little dicks or vaginas until you read my next post tomorrow. I hope that makes things easier for you *grin*

Oh and when you turn off your porn, thank me for my kindness.

until tomorrow,
Mistress B


  1. Dear Mistress B...i hope your having a nice day. This sissy completed her assignment last night and have not touch my sissy clit not even when i sit on the toilet. This morning it was difficult to slip into my panties and not touch and i want to so badly. Another day wear panties under my male clothes. i have never exsperienced such high arousal and need of relief in my life. i know i need to be good for you and completed my punishment. You are a wonderful Mistress for correcting me like you are doing.

  2. It was so hard not to touch last night mistress, please, I hope you let us all come soon. I'm not at all used to wearing panties this often. At this point I'd do anything you say to get an orgasm.

    Thank you Mistress B.

  3. Im sorry Mistress B for not asking you about what i should wear for a picture, but Im asking you now and ill do whatever you please

  4. Kathi,
    I started having a great day the moment I read about your struggles with wearing your feminine panties. Your arousal arouses me. Good Girl.

    I am pleased you are struggling so much with your punishment. Just think how it would feel if I never let you take them off. Do not come yet, darling. You still have a few days left of punishment.

    I will consider your options tonight and give you my decision tomorrow. Of course you will do whatever pleases me.

    Until Tomorrow Darlings,
    Mistress B.