Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Schoolgirl Slave.

Hello Darlings,

How was your first night of punishment? Five hours of walking the edge? I know I enjoyed imagining all of you panting, slutting with ice in your hot little hands. Did you want to finish? Would you have begged? I bet you would you little sluts. This is your punishment for displeasing me so bend over and thank me. Mmmm- makes me wet just thinking about it.

Remember my pet? Remember how I told you that he would get all of your lost rewards? Would you like to know how I rewarded him today? He and I played sexy teacher and naughty, naughty student. He was my plaything in a too-short plaid skirt, white knee highs, and pigtails. I tied him to my desk- face down, walked around to face him, and make him suck my lovely, thick dick. He has trouble sometimes with his hands tied so I ended up just fucking his mouth. This brought me great pleasure so I untied one of his hands to allow him to give me an orgasm as I fucked him. He was very grateful.

After he finished sucking my dick, I got behind him and rode him as hard as I possibly could. Eventually, I let him finish but he begged me to let him please me more. Being a kind mistress- I agreed and tied him to my bed (face up) and rode him, bit him, whipped him, punished him until even I was near exhaustion.

This could have been you, darlings. But no. You chose to fail me so now you must pay the price. Tonight you must spend at least one hour –two if you really want to please me- watching submissive and feminizing porn. Pretend that each Dominatrix is me: Owning you, pounding you, devouring you. You can stroke yourselves but if you even think about finishing I will be furious. Imagine what I did and will do again to my slave. Envy his multiple orgasms with me on top of him while you sit, frustrated, watching other people have orgasms that you can’t have.

While you are watching your filthy porn I will be forcing my pet to giggle, twirl his pigtails, and put his makeup on. When he is fully my little schoolgirl again, he will be worshipping me from his knees.
Until tomorrow,
Mistress B.


  1. My goodness, you have a lucky pet mistress, if I obey will get the same treatment? I will watch two hours of porn for you mistress B.

    Thank you.

  2. Dearest Mistress B..

    Thank you again for my punishment. You are teaching this sissy avaluable lesson in obey you. How can something that feels so good become such a huge torment. Im scared to death wearing panties to work and in public and this is only the third day. Will this week ever end. It was all i could do to keep control of myself last night and now i have to watch porn tonight. Mistress B your sissy is so luck, i so wish i was her and not me having to suffer so much for you.

    Kissing your booted foot.

  3. SissyD,
    So You want the same treatment as my pet? You havent earned nearly that yet. You've barely my attention let alone my strap-on. Still, Two hours? Thats a good girl. By the way, how's that new underwear? you little panty thief.

    I'm glad you value my lessons but I don't care about your fears. Your scared to wear your panties to work? Maybe I should make you tell a co-worker how much you like them? That would amuse me *grin* don't worry you can keep your secret, for now.

    Remember there's only what I tell you to do and what I tell you not to do. Nothing else matters. You should only focus on your pain and my pleasure. And You better stay in control of yourself Kathi, you may envy my pet now, but you wont after you've endured one of the punishments I reserve for him.

    Oh and don't even think about kissing my boot without asking permission.

    -Mistress B