Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Sorry Mistress.

I am Mistress B's pet. She is very upset with me. I disobeyed and my excuses do not matter to her. She is pre-occupied today and part of my penience to her is that I must post for her. As you know, I am locked for the next 13 days until I return and even then I can't be sure she will unlock me. Though she does believe that my situation does help me know how to best continue your punishment.

You only have two days left and believe me when I say you do not want to break her rules now when you are so close. She has left me in an impossible situation. I must decide a punishment for you today that will live up to her standards but also I must ask you to give her your ideas for punishing me. Please be kind.

You still are not allowed to finish tonight, of course. But your allowed to touch yourselves inside your underwear, though your not allowed to take them off while you are. Hopefully you have a mirror or something reflective because you will be watching yourselves the entire time. If your mirror is too to be on your knees then you will stand and play. Watch your hands and what they are doing then look into your own eyes and know what you are. You'll do this for at least twenty minutes or longer if you think you can last without finishing. The longer you make yourselves go the happier mistress will be, and please be kind in your suggestions to her. Oh and trust me DO NOT forget to thank her, always.

-Her Pet.


  1. Dear Mistress B... i did not get this message from your pet untill this morning. i checked last night looking for my lesson. i did however give my self my punishment, the same as the night before. Wearing my panties and nightgown and edged every hour for 5 hours. my panties were wet from precum and my overies hurt, i was lusting so bad im going out of my mind. i did hangup my nightgown and put on fresh panties before i went to bed. i thought you may have been busy and i knew you wanted me punished for a week so i continued my punishment for you.

    i think your pet should have to go through what we have and be kept chase for a week after he returns.

    Thank you Mistress B for teaching me a valuable lesson to not disobey you.

    Thank you Mistress B

  2. Mistress, I also missed this message last night becasue your Pet posted so late however I knew you wouldn't want us to go a night without punishment so I forced myself to edge several times for you. But tonight I will use my mirror to watch my hands and looks into my eyes and know that my orgasms are no longer mine.

    I agree with Kathi, mistress, that your Pet should wait another week after returning to you. Teased and taunted by you throughout that week and then forced to have another 3 days of twelve orgasms like before.

    Also I think you should burn all his male underwear to ensure he doesn't disobey again.

    Thank you Mistress B.

  3. Oh gaud, this is going to be a very tough day to get through. For some reason my panties are driving me insane this morning. this arousal is just plain torcher.

    Thank you Mistress B for my situation.

  4. Kathi,

    Good girl your torture pleases me. But unfortunately, now because you missed the punishment my Pet gave you, you will have to perform two punishments tonight. His and Mine. It will be posted later and you will do it. Want to put your nightgown on? Too bad. Keep pushing yourself and you might orgasm tomorrow. .... Might.
    Your suggestion for my Pet pleases me. That will be three weeks in a row without an orgasm. He will be delerious with the need for release. I accept your recommendation.

    Your self punishment pleases me, Sissy. However, you must also perform two punishments tonight, My Pets and mine. Keep pleasing me and you also might be allowed to come tomorrow if I am in a good mood.
    Your recommendations are wicked. My disobedient Pet will be crying when I am through with him. I accept your recommendations as well. Although, I will not waste my time burning his male underwear. I will, however, sit and watch while he does it while only wearing my stilettos as punishment.

    Good girl. Your discomfort and my pleasure is the whole point her. Continue pleasing me and I may allow you to alleviate that pressure tomorrow.

    I will post tonight, Darlings,
    Mistress B.

  5. Yes Ma'am, i understand i need to do two punishment lessons tonight. Thank you Mistress B for caring enough for me to keep me in line.

    Mistress B, do use IM, would love to chat sometime.

    Thank you Mistress B

  6. I have sent the pictures to the email that you specified Mistress B i hope you like them.

  7. Kathi,
    I do not have the time to IM with you, I'm a busy woman. Instead you are allowed to email me at But you should know that more personal attention from me does not mean I will be more kind, in fact quite the opposite.

  8. Thank you Mistress B for your email address and i understand being busy. i just wanted to be able to chit chat sometime.

    Thank you Mistress B

  9. Kathi,
    Chit chat? I'm not your bff or your girlfriend. I am your mistress. You would do well to remember that.

    I do like your message beginning and ending in thank you's to me though. That pleases me.

    -Mistress B

  10. Thank you Mistress B for keeping me where i belong, your submissive sissy.

    Thank you Mistress B and Happy Memorial day to you.