Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Wondering.

Darlings? Did you think I forgot about you? Of course not, I've been wondering how those orgasms I let you take have gone. Did you complete my task? How did it go, my darlings? Did you stroke yourselves with me on your mind? Were you on your knees every time like good little sluts? How can I know if you deserve a punishment or a reward if you don’t tell me? I’ll give you until tomorrow to confess. Oh and if you did suceed, don't think your reward is going to be easy. The rewards I give are for my pleasure, not yours.

Until then, Mistress B.


  1. im sorry mistress B i was not able to get in all five

  2. Mistress B, i am sorry, i cant get to 5, i only made it to 3 and now im so sore and out of sub space back in male mode. im sorry, please forgive me.

  3. Mistress B, I couldn't get to 5 either. My fourth orgasm was very difficult and I tried for my fifth, I was stroking so hard for you mistress, but I was too sore and tired. I'm sorry Mistress.

  4. This does not please me at all. I am very upset with you, darlings. I am deciding your punishment now.

    -Mistress B.