Thursday, July 22, 2010

New toy.

Hello Darlings,

I am very pleased with all your efforts and have decided to give you the night off. I will tell you a short little story. I was conversing with a friend from work and we were getting into our private lives. She mentioned she enjoyed being submissive and my ears perked up. Submissive? I asked. And she went into detail over what she had always wanted done to her. By the second sentence my hand was twitching for my whip.

After she finished explaining her unfulfilled desires I simply grinned. She thought for a moment that I was laughing at her but I held my hand up to explain. I just offered her my services. At first, she thought I was kidding but eventually she believed me. She is mostly into pain and worship and I haven't done purely pain for quite some time. I will be a tad rusty but I'm sure it's just like riding a bike.... or a sissy slut. *grin*

We will play sometime this weekend.

Enjoy your night,
Mistress B.


  1. Thats wonderful mistress, one more person for me to be jealous of. This woman is so lucky to get serve under your heel.

    Thank You Mistress B.

  2. Mistress B thats wonderful. im happy for you that you now have more play time and a new play partner. i hope you have a great time this weekend.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. I wish I could see her ass after you have whipped it for your pleasure. Mistress would you show us some photos of your slaves and pet's asses being whipped to your standard. It would be so arousing for me to see your whip marks.

    Have a great weekend
    Thank you Mistress

  4. SissyD,
    You will still get my attention, Darling. No worries there. You can imagine you are her.

    I will. Thank you, slave.

    Pictures? hmm. I have never posted anything of my play times have I? I don't have a camera but if my Toy or my Pet have one, your request will be granted.

    Mistress B.