Monday, July 5, 2010

Another country heard from...

Good evening, boys and girls.

You've previously met me vicariously through some of my latest work, but never quite as intimately as now.

My name is Katrina.

I know Mistress B has already filled you in on the beginning of our playdate from last night. Unfortunately, I think I may have worn her out a little. She's only just on her way home now, slightly bruised and perhaps a bit wobbly, but she's still the Mistress you know and adore (though maybe a bit more satisfied). You may have earned the right to hear all the tantalizing details from Mistress B, but what have you done for me? Nothing. Not a fucking thing.

Not that it matters. I think your sissy slut minds can come up with plenty of agonizingly immoral scenarios to play out. You see, I don't care about you. I am not your Mistress, and your pleasure means little to nothing to me. However, I do care about, above all else, my work. You have a chance to make me care about each and every one of you. And I have discovered that you, Mistress B's harem of sissies, have become my muses.

I want you to inspire me. Tell me your best fantasy about two wonderful mistresses and yourselves, either in the comments or to Mistress B's email. Make me need your Mistress as much as you do. Make me want my own devoted group of enslaved sissies. If your stories turn me on enough, you may just get some more lovely artwork to ponder.

Make it good, boys and girls. Your Mistress depends on it.



  1. I am going to be a bit late on this fantasy due to some things i must do today but i will write one and post it.

    Thank you Mistress B and Katrina

  2. I will write my fantasy tonight and send it to your email Mistress. Hope you enjoy reading it.

    Thank you Mistress B