Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another night of punishment.


Obviously, my Pet has not reached a decision on your punishment because he has not shown you your sentence. I will allow him more time to decide. How does it feel knowing that the right to your own orgasm lies in the hands of another man? A slave man at that. My guess would be that it is frustrating and possibly humiliating. *grin*

You may not orgasm tonight. Edge again. Think of me. Maybe by the time my Pet decides your punishment, my anger will have worn off.

Sweet dreams,
Mistress B.


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  2. I am thinking of you the entire time mistress. I will edge again tonight just thinking of your punishments. I am so full and under pressure that I think if you let me have orgasm I will ejaculate across the room.

    Once again I am so sorry for upsetting you

    Thank you Mistress

  3. Good morning Mistress B, i have just gotten your post and will edge for you today and tonight and of course i will be thinking of you. i should be back home around 10:30 and will get properly dressed and start edgeing untill 3 this afternoon.

    Thank you Mistress B

  4. Mistress B, im kinda happy to see nothing new has been posted. i have had enough for one day and getting ready to say goodnight. i will check in the morning to see if anything new is here.

    Good night and Thank you Mistress B

  5. Alen,
    That is interesting and almost tempting enough to let you try. *grin*

    Oh, my Darling. Do not worry- your punishments will be deserved and I am sure you will enjoy them for me.

    Mistress B.