Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Day.

Hello Darlings,

Busy, busy, busy. Strain for those last few orgasms, my lovelies. Today is the last day to have them for the contest in honor of my birthday. Email me your final results before midnight tonight and I will post the winner in the morning.

Good Luck all,

Mistress B.


  1. Hi Mistress

    I emailed you my result. Hope I would be the winner.

    Thank you mistress for your last inspiration, It helped me a great deal to reach my highest number of orgasms in a day since two years ago.

    Thank you Mistress

  2. Hi Mistress B

    I just emailed my last number to you. You have had me accomplish something i have never done in my life. I dont think i can do it again. So many orgasms in seven days.

    Thank you Mistress B