Saturday, July 31, 2010

Response to your pathetic attempt at submission.

Well, that effort was laughable. Nope, I do believe I will take a few days to myself if I am just wasting my time here trying to train you to be proper sissies. It is unfortunate because some of you were doing so well.

Mistress B.

1 comment:

  1. Mistress B, i have to completely agree with you. The responce was bad. i feel im the only one here.

    i thank you for letting me into your life some months ago and that we have grown closer. i dont need this blog to be in touch with you. You and i know how to get to gether in other ways and so it be. Public does not need to know our lifes.

    If i have offended anyone with my thoughts im sorry but i do side with my Mistress and always will.

    Thank you Mistress B, Thank you so much for being my Mistress.