Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Dream.

Hello Darlings,

I had a dream about all of you, my lovelies. It. Was. Delicious. I wanted to share it with you because it amused me so. My dream was about a party. We were all invited to a Katrina's home with all of her friends. It was a masquerade and none of us knew what the others looked like. You were there in all of your fine sissy clothing dancing and flirting with all of the guests. I didn't know which of you were my slaves so I just watched everyone swirl and giggle while I sipped on champagne.

None of you knew who I was. It was fascinating watching people search as they danced. After awhile I slowly picked you all out. It was thrilling to know you and stay unknown. I was pleased with your outfit choices for the masquerade. I was dressed in a simple black gown with a lace up corset over the silk. My hair was down and I had a simple lace mask over my eyes. I spoke to a few of you but it was impossible for you to know who I was. One of you even asked me for a dance but I declined and danced only with Katrina.

I never realized how exciting it would be to know you, watch you. I just kept thinking, "those girls belong to me." I wanted to come up to you and make you known. I couldn't though. It was too arousing to know you without you knowing me. So I watched the rest of the night.

When I woke up I was smiling, aroused, and happy.

That's a dream I'd like to come true.
Mistress B.


  1. Thank you for having a dream like that about us Mistress B, i am honored to of been in it and wish it could really come true

  2. Your dream is so lovely, i to wish it could be real. How wonderfully stimulating.

    Thank you Mistress B

  3. That's a fascinating dream. Thank you for sharing it with us Mistress. It would be a great honour to be at your party. I am sure I would be nervous and aroused at the same time knowing that my mistress is watching me. I would like to be my best at that night to impress you.

    Hope one day your dream comes true.

    Thank you Mistress

  4. Mistres I agree. That is a lovely dream. Sounds like so much fun! I too would be so nervous and aroused the whole time, jsut like you would want I assume.

    Thank You Mistress B

  5. SissyBabyAmber,
    Me too, Darling. Maybe one day it will.

    I know I was stimulated.

    I'm sure you would do your best. I would enjoy watching you

    I know you would do well after all the dresses I have seen.

    Mistress B.