Friday, August 20, 2010

One From a Slave.

This is a delicious one written for Katrina from SissyD.

My two mistresses, Karen and Beth, were arguing oer me. They had been roommates when I started dating Beth and after Beth had broken me down into her submissive I was often shared between them. Karen was moving out and to a new town and insisted that I belonged to her while Betty was very stubborn saying that she was the one who had broken me and so owned me.

It's true I had dated Beth and she was the first one to ever tie me down and torture me so pleasantly. After a few months I had moved in with them and soon treated as there pet. Betty was the one that always administered my punishments but Karen was always a little more kinder to me. I would often be allowed to sleep at the foot of her bed instead of on the floor in Beth's room. I was still her pet and she could still crack the whip when she felt like it but I worked to please her because I wanted to more anything. And after the constant cruelty from Betty I only worked to please her out of fear of being punished. Beth had tamed me but I belonged to Karen. When Karen would discipline me with her hand, paddle, or whip I took it gladly because I saw the delight on her face but when it was Beth's turn I merely suffered through it.

Neither one wanted to start over with a new slave so they were argueing over who got me. I had no say in the choice, I usually not allowed to speak at all except for the occasionel "please, thank you mistress, more mistress," so I sat on the floor watching them argue. Beth being the meaner and stronger of the two was winning slightly. The screaming finally finished with the slamming of doors. I was tied on the couch by Beth soon after so that I would not crawl to Karen's room and sleep at her feet again. Beth whispered in my ear, "If she likes you so much then I'll make sure she gets to spend plenty of time with you."

The next morning Karen woke up tied to her bed to the sound of her closet being emptied into boxes. Beth explained to her as she struggled against the bonds at her wrist and ankles, "Turns out its pretty easy to make you disappear. I called that new out-of-state you got and quit for you but everyone here still thinks your moving away so no one will even guess you didn't leave, especially after all your stuff is gone." Beth's plan was to keep me and get a brand new pet all by keeping Karen here. It took weeks to break Karen and I'm sad to admit that I was excited for her to join me as another slave in the apartment so I was persuaded to help. You'd amazed how the mind works, weeks of being severly punished when you misbehave and then being so greatly rewarded after you obey with orgasms or light kisses. It can really change the chemistry of your brain, that and constantly being locked in the apartment prevented Karen from escaping.

I lost track of the number of times Beth would come home to find Karen and I huddled together on the couch. All the defiance trained out of her and she still enjoyed playing with me. Sometimes we would do it on purpose to provoke Beth into punishing us together. Some nights Beth would tie us together face to face and leave us that way overnight. I'm always locked in chastity so there was no chance of anything sexual and the frustration was almost unbearable most of the time but spending so many nights with my face so close to hers and my body tight against hers was still better than sleeping on Beth's floor.

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