Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday fun for Mistress.

Hello Darlings,

Did you enjoy your orgasms? I know you did. Now ask me if you get to orgasm tonight. *grin* No, you don't. Put your sissy cocks back in your sissy panties for the night and dream of me.

But, since I am feeling generous, I will tell you about my orgasm last night. While on vacation I wasn't able to don any of my Mistress B. nighttime attire and I missed it. So, last night I called my little slut over and made him my playmate for the night. My Pet was very grateful because he was in his chastity lock while I was away as a good slave should be. He walked into my play room and I was in the middle of the floor standing in six inch heels, leather, and all necessary domm accessories. He dropped immediately to the floor like he knew he should and crawled to me with his head bowed. I simply took out Wynonna and pointed to the floor and he took position: all fours with his legs spread. I bent over and kissed the small of his back- a huge sign of affection from me and got to work.

His screams sent chills down my spine and orgasms through my body. It was the best welcome home I could have asked of him. He never said anything but thank you and please don't stop. *grin* Eventually, I tied him to my specialty cuffs. I was very excited about this addition to my play room. They are shackles that hang from the ceiling and I had them installed right before I went on vacation. The woman that installed them just laughed and told me to have a good time. I simply smiled and told her I would.

Those shackles were wonderful and added a whole new level to punishments with my Pet. Can you imagine being tied up with my shackles you little sissy?

Mistress B.

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