Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mistress B, still on vacation...

This is an older fantasy from Kathi involving myself and Miss Katrina.

Mistress B called me this morning and asked me to report to her in 30 minutes. I dropped what I was doing and walked down the block to her house. Arriving on time I knocked on the door, Mistress B saw me on the security cam and told me to come in over the intercom. Mistress B met me at the door and undid my pants making a panty and nylon/garter belt check and smiled saying good girl. She told me to freshen her coffee and clean the kitchen. A few minutes later the door bell rang and Mistress Katrina came in, hugging Mistress B hello and they both sat on the couch. Mistress B called me into the living room. Sissy kathi, Mistress B said. We are going shopping this morning and your coming with us. I love going shopping with Mistress B but I didn’t know the kind of shopping we were about to do.

We stopped at a small dress shop on the way to the mall, Walking inside, Mistress B and Mistress Katrina both walked me straight into the lingerie department. Holding up panties to me and slips seeing how they may look. The store owner walked over and asked if she could be of help. Mistress B said yes that I needed to be fitted for a bra, I about fainted when I herd this and turning red and wanted the floor to open up. The clerk then smiled and started measuring me for the proper size. Mistress B and Mistress Katrina both picked through the bra’s until agreeing on one, a pink satin bra with lace across the bottom that matched the lace on my panties. I was told to remove my shirt and hold my arms out. I asked them please to not put it on me but there was none of that. The bra straps were pulled up my arms and the back was closed before I knew it. Smiling and laughing they both said, pink to match your panties and matched it did.

Mistress B told the clerk that she would like me to keep it on and I pleaded not to have to wear the bra. Mistress Katrina said me, put your shirt back on sissy and pay for your new bra. I knew I had better do as told and do it now. We continued our trip to the mall and I pleaded not to go inside, Mistress B told me to get over it and start walking. We went to ladies shops and I felt like every one was looking at me. Mistress B started holding up dresses to me and skirts making comments as to how I would look, Mistress Katrina came up with a sundress and handed it to Mistress B who held it up to me again. I noticed some women looking over at us with smiles on there faces.

I was mortified as Mistress said I want to see you in this, go change now. I begged her not to do this but she just pointed to the dressing room. Hanging my head in shame I went to the dressing room and stripped down to my matching bra and panties, nylons and garter belt. Holding back my tears as I stepped into and pulled up the pink sundress, everything was pink, pink lingerie and pink sundress. Mistress Katrina asked what was taking me so long and opened the door. She pulled me out in front of the mirror and zipped up the back stepping back to look and asked Mistress B what she thought. About this time a lady walked up and asked if she could help and Mistress B said yes that she could ring up the sundress and that I was going to keep it on. Tears were filling my eyes now and I begged not to have to wear the dress. I was told that if I beg any more I was going to be punished.

We all then headed to the shoe department where Mistress B and Mistress Katrina both agreed to a pair of pink high heals which I had to put on and keep on. I was now completely feminized from head to toe, inside and outside. After paying for my new ladies wear, the clerk asked if there was anything else and Mistress B asked if she could please through out my males things as I was not going to need them anymore. I was completed changed into a simpering sissy in public and no where to hide. Mistress B and Mistress Katrina held my hands and pulled me with them to as I reluctantly walked with them through the mall displaying me for all to see as we window shopped for the next few hours. People were pointing and laughing, woman were clapping there hands and saying things like You Go Girls. I just wanted to die and wished this wasn’t happening to me.

We finally left the mall and headed back to Mistress B’s home and they explained that this is my new life, not a fantasy anymore and would never change, I would forever be Mistress B’s sissy slave. When we got back to the house Mistress Katrina looked me in my eyes and said, sissy kathi, you have one hour to bring all your male clothes back to this house. I pleaded for them not to keep me like this but all fell on deaf ears. I knew I had no choice and walked to my house and collected all of my clothes and bagging them up, brought them back to Mistress B’s home. Mistress Katrina then told me to put them in the outside fireplace, I begged some more not to do this and Mistress B just pointed, saying nothing, picked up the fire starter. I knew there was nothing I could do and stuffed my male things into the fireplace and was then handed the starter and told to light them up.

I cried for them to change there minds as I watched the last of my maleness disappear into smoke as I was being strapped to the spanking bench. Both Mistress B and Mistress Katrina picked up riding crops and reminded me I was not to beg anymore and that now my punishment for disobeying them was going to start. I never was allowed anything other than feminine clothes and lingerie from that time on and never allowed any more orgasms, I was milked once a month. I always had panty checks to see if I had any cum stains, if I did I was punished. I was a ladies maid for both Mistress B and Mistress Katrina from that day on. Being constantly trained and corrected when needed.

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