Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Amy.

Hello Darlings,

My last post reminded me that I still owed Amy a personal fantasy with the both of us in it. Her only request was that it involved us and my strap on from behind. -Granted-

I was very displeased. My slave had disobeyed me again. She was told she wasn't allowed to finish. That she had to sit there, look pretty, dress feminine, and watch another suck my cock. Simple, direct, easy. But no- she wanted to touch herself- Amy always wanted to touch herself. I glanced over and her hips were moving and she was reaching under her skirt.

Very. Bad. Girl.

I stopped the slave sucking my dick and I stared straight into Amy's eyes- something I never did. Immediately, she knew I was angry. Seemingly calm, I moved over to where she was and braced one sharp stiletto on her shoulder. She winced but didn't move or speak, afraid of what was next. I pushed and sent her sprawling backward. I sat down in my chair and pointed for the slave that was pleasuring me to tie Amy up for punishment. She started to put the shackles on while Amy was face up for a whipping like I normally did but I shook my head. This was one time too many. I twirled my finger in a way to mean that she was to be turned over and spread for me.

I didn't bother speaking because she knew she deserved punishment. She even thanked me, (Thank you Mistress B.) for the trouble. But I didn't just jump on. I kneeled down on the ground next to where she was on all fours. Her eyes widened as my hand reached for her and she whimpered thinking I was going to touch her cock. I laughed at the absurdity of the thought and snapped my chastity lock in place. I stood again and then circled her bent over body. Snapping my riding crop on her inner thigh, waist, back. Each spot earning me a moan or a wince for my trouble.

Eventually, I gestured to my other slave to lift Amy's hips up so I wouldn't have to get on my knees like a lowly submissive. When she was teetering on her own with her ass high in the air, I walked up behind her knowing she could only see my feet. I pushed her legs farther apart. I didn't have to say it, because she knew she was being punished for being a very bad girl. I flicked her cock all locked up and limp and positioned myself outside of her. I slowly bent over her back and opened my mouth. I sunk my teeth into her back at the very same second I pushed myself inside of her.

Some of you have called me a kind Mistress, caring. Not tonight. I pounded her again and again lifting her feet off the ground. I held onto her hips so she couldn't move away from me. I used her body as my play toy because that was exactly what it was. I kept pushing harder and harder into her body until I was nearing orgasm. I threw my head back and laughed as my body shook from the power.

When I was done I walked around to the front of Amy. She had collapsed to her knees in exhaustion. She already had a bruise on her back from my bite as well as finger marks on her hips. I tilted her chin up with my riding crop and asked if she was going to misbehave again. She shook her head and I was pleased again.

I smacked her ass on the way out.

Mistress B.


  1. Thank you Very much for the fantasy
    Thank you Mistress B

  2. That was a wonderful fantasy mistress.

    Thank you mistress B.

  3. As always very sexy, I wish I was there instead of amy and you would take me on with your starp-on. You are very sexy Mistress.

    Thank you Mistress

  4. Amy,
    You won it in sissy yahtzee and I am a fair mistress. You are welcome.

    I knew you would enjoy it.

    If it were you, I would probably use nipple clamps, too.

    Mistress B.