Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A fantasy for Katrina from Alen.

My fantasy with you and Katrina:

I will wear very sexy and shiny underwear so that my ass looks very curvaceous, and my dick very tempting and big. Then I will come to your place. At the beginning you talk to me normally, but as time goes by the topics get sexier and you start acting and talking in a very sexy way. Then you take off my clothes and start slapping me and playing with my nipples. After a while I become so aroused and start acting like an animal. Then you put me down and start riding my back like a donkey and slap my ass, you would love slapping my ass because it will look very sexy with that shinny underwear. After you finished riding my back, you will start playing with my nipples and clench my head between your legs. You will also rid my head. You play with my nipples so much that they become very swollen. Katrina plays with my ass and fingers me and slaps my ass, I will become so weak and submissive and very crazy, you won’t let me move till I loose my mind and become completely brainless, then both of you will bring your strapons and start fucking me and hitting me in turns and make me scream like an animal.

I will also kiss your legs, kiss your asses and lick your pussies so much that both of you will become very aroused. You will also make me fuck your pussies with my dick very hard, I will fuck one of you and the other one will push me from back and make me to fuck even harder, you will ride my dick so wild till my dick gets sore and while you are riding it you will slap me and hit me like an animal.

Hope you enjoy reading my fantasy Mistress.

Thank you Mistress

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