Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slave Worship

"Automatic Body Change

I was on vacation in the islands, enjoying the beach and getting a tan while drinking beer. Checking out the women as they strolled by in there bikinis. One lady with long dirty blond hair tied back in a pony tail stopped and introduced herself to me as Belinda and I offered her a cold beer. We sat and chatted for a few hours then she invited me to join her at a club later that evening. Belinda walked me back to my room and said she would pick me up at 7, giving me a little kiss on my cheek. I offered her dinner before going to the club and she accepted.

Belinda picked me up and she drove us to a nice restaurant, and after we ate we went on to the club where my whole world changed. This was not your usual nightclub but a club of dominant woman specializing in capturing and tormenting men. Before I knew what hit me, I had been striped of my clothes and tied to a frame. A ball gag was put in my mouth to quiet me. Belinda then told me her name from now on is Mistress B and she chuckled at me with a devious grin on her beautiful face. Mistress B and another Domme then put shaving cream on me from head to toe and shaved my body completely of all hair. When they finished I was whipped by Mistress B for moving to much and making it difficult to shave. After 50 lashes she started dressing me in panties, nylons, garter belt and a bra. She then locked 6 inch heels on my feet.

I was escorted to a strange looking chair when I was strapped down. My legs were strapped, my arms were strapped and my torso and head were strapped. I could not move one inch. Mistress B just smiled down on me and my predicament. She then lower the front of my panties exposing a ridged clit and put lotion in her palm then started stroking me getting me on edge. When she was satisfied that she was driving me mad she reached out to a stand next to the chair and pulled a hose over and covered my clit with it, this tube was sucking in pulses and kept me on edge. I then felt something coming from the bottom of the chair pressing into my male pussy and then stopped when in. Mistress B then reached for another hose and it had a mouth piece on it which she placed into and over my mouth with a strap pulled tight and buckled to the head rest of the chair. Mistress B then told me she was all set to start my permanent life change and pushed several button. The dildo in my pussy started moving in and out and the hose on my clit was sucking harder and a fluid was trickling into my mouth, Mistress B explained that the fluid was going to change my body and I will grow tits and produce more cum than normal.

I wanted to scream but couldn’t. She just laughed at me and sat down to watch. After a few minutes I started cumming from all that was happening to my body and cum was being sucked into the hose. I could not stop cumming, cum just kept coming from me, the dildo pumping in and out I was swallowing the fluid and my chest started to itch. I was growing tits. I was desperate to stop cumming. I was going mad from orgasm after orgasm. Sweat was poring from my head. I wanted to scream for this to stop I was totally out of control and could not move. Mistress B stood up and said she would be back after awhile to check my progress. I was so turned on with raging lust I wanted to die but all I could do was keep changing into Mistress B’s feminized sissy slave.

Thank you Mistress B"

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  1. Oooh. I want to take my next vacation on THAT island! Thanks for sharing the delicious fantasy!